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    So I've noticed as of late on my server whenever I or anyone else (OPed or not OPed) can write in books, sign and title it but it will never save the book, it just becomes "written book" with it being blank and not able to edit. Also noticed this issue with the default /kit color. that book as well is blank. Then I went to add enchanted items to my kits and the items show up when you do /kit designer but the enchantments aren't on them even though the meta data is added in correctly. I'm at a loss, I'll list the additional plugins I have on the server below but I'm not sure any would conflict with these issues. Server is 1.7.10 modded pixelmon server if that makes a difference.

    Plugin List:
    • Announcer
    • MOTDC
    • BorderVisualizer
    • Multiverse
    • Buycraft
    • Multiverse Portals
    • CasinoSlots
    • Questioner
    • ColoredTablist
    • SKQuery
    • Coreprotect
    • Skript
    • Essentials
    • Towny
    • EZRanks
    • Vault
    • FancyRoulette
    • VotifierRoulette
    • Floauction
    • Votifier
    • GriefPrevention
    • WarpPortals
    • GroupManager
    • WhatIsIt
    • Holograms
    • WorldEdit
    • LagMeter
    • WorldGuard
    • Lockette
    • MaxBan
    • MarriageMaster
    Thanks for the possible help! <3

    EDIT: removed all plugins and redownloaded a new download of essentials, dtools, kit color, etc still do not work. Not sure where to go from here. Wondering if it could be a cauldron issue.
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