Essentials Group Manager vs PermissionsEX or what?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Marsman75, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Starting to get up my server after intensive reading here on forum and in the plugin infos.
    Now I'm rethinking my permissions on the server and there is one thing I don't understand.

    My PermissionsEX permissions.yml looks like this LINK

    I have added EssentialsCore but not the EssentialsGroupManager.

    My plan is to use Multiverse and setup 2-3 worlds with all 3 worlds(normal, nether, the_end) in them, do I need the EssentialsGroupManager or can I continue my path without it?

    I have setup the permissions file by "world" since I want different groups with different permission in the different worlds. Whiuh lots of different there ;)

    I don't seem to understand its purpose or advantage for using the Essentials GroupManager (or other similar) plugins...

    Help/suggestions/thoughts needed/wanted, will I encounter problems ahead? or something?


  2. I use group manager because it's pretty simple once you've got it down. I recommend it and so do a lot of my friends that own servers.

    If you don't want to switch then you should be fine with permEX

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  3. stay with pex if u dont wanna fk up ur server and spend time and time here fixing it and either fix it and develop ur way into understanding group manager or eventually goin back to PEX
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    Yeah, you guys say all I been thinking...

    I just started to think ahead and was not sure if PEX is sufficient enough to handle the groups system when it gets more advanced. I really like PEX since It's not that difficult once you understand the settings.

    Thanks for answers and thoughts.

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    you really have no idea of how groupmanager works, dont you? works fine if you bother knowing how a YML works.
  6. yes i do but i dont have multipal worlds so groupmanager is a waste of time for me
    that is very insulting and i think i no yml better then u do
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    if you know YML, then youd know how to use groupmanager fine. it wont mess with the server, nor it doesnt work if you only have one world.
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    Pretty sure he was saying that it'd require messing around for Marsman. After all, that's the point of this thread. Helping Marsman.
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    no matter what permission plugin he uses, he will have to mess with it. trying to force his choice to one plugin wont make it any easier.
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    Yes, that's true, but he did say he's already familiar with PEX. So what's actually being said is that it's not worth going through the 'mess' a second time.
  11. thank you whaling
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    ok guys,

    My point is, I do not mind change plugin, I will not mess my server because of a plugin change, you just haveto set it all up correct way and it all works.

    My problem is that I am not familiar with groupmanager and how PEX works with multiple worlds until now, had some problems with PEX and two world settings but not looked at the problems enough to say more about it, yet.

    I only need/would like to get info from ppl who are used to multiple worlds and permissions for groups and sush things...

  13. if you read the pex wiki it will show u how to set up for multipul worlds
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    I use group manager and it works fine for me i have never had any problems with it
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    I think Pex is best its a easy and good system for your server!
  16. Hum well from my experience(Don't know if PEX fixed this or not) but pex breaks the whole bukkit system , u may not know it but PEX constantly gives off memory leaks
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