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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Zippyduda, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hello :) Currently I use EssentialsChat as it's prefix works nicely outside of the permissions system.

    The only problem I have is unlike the Simple Prefix, Chat Manager and other chat plugins, I can't seem to find anywhere whereabouts Essentials stores its {WORLDNAME} code.

    My current config is as follows:

        Administrators: '[{WORLDNAME}] &4[Admin]&f &f{DISPLAYNAME}&f&3:&f&r {MESSAGE}'
        Everyone: '[{WORLDNAME}] &a[Reg.]&f &f{DISPLAYNAME}&f&3:&f&r {MESSAGE}'
        Guest: '[{WORLDNAME}] &d[{GROUP}]&f &f{DISPLAYNAME}&f&3:&f&r {MESSAGE}'
    So when a person talks it shows currently as below which is fine:

    [world] [Admin] Zippyduda: message
    But I want to customise the nickname of the world. When you're in the Nether or End it shows as:

    [world_the_nether] [Admin] Zippyduda: message
    [world_the_end] [Admin] Zippyduda: message
    I use Multiworld over Multiverse due to the way it handles portals and The End. I want to be able to customise the {WORLDNAME} part in Essentials to show as:

    [Nether] [Admin] Zippyduda: message
    [The End] [Admin] Zippyduda: message
    Is this even possible with EssentialsChat? Ideally I want a chat system that doesn't tie into permissions whereby I can have:

    WorldName GroupName/IndividualName PlayerName: Message
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    Hello Zippyduda
    EssentialsChat '{WORLDNAME}' prefix will look for your world folder name in your main directory. =)
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    I figured that. I also assume it would just break everything if I manually renamed the world folders.

    Not sure it would work if I rename the folders, delete the config from Multiworld for the old name and load it with the new names.
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    Zippyduda It won't break as long as you update things like your level-name, and the Multiworld configs. (I've never actually used Multiworld, so excuse my lack of knowledge there)
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    Nevermind, ended up finding the ColorMe chat plugin and that works perfectly how I want it to :) Thanks anyway @DeeKay
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