Essentials: Can't ban/mute/kick any of my servers staff

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jaradzoida, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Hi I am currently running a server with essentials installed. My server staff sometimes mute/kick eachother so I gave the admins and mods essentials.ban.exempt and essentials.kick.exempt but If I wanted to kick them for some odd reason I can't. Note: I own the server I'm an op yet I still can't ban them. It says you can't ban that player. Is there any way to bypass the essentials.ban/kick/mute.exempt permission node? Or do I just have to take the essentials.ban/kick/mute.exempt away from my staff?
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    Well it is made to make sure they don't get kicked, but... If you're the owner, try doing it from console, that should evoke the power of Vanilla and kick them anyways.
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    The problem with that, is that I would have to log into the control panel from the server to get to console to kick the player. I don't really feel like doing that every time.
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    The fact that your console isn't always open disturbs me.
    Remove the exempt to ban them. Server doesn't care or know that you own it. If you told it to exempt those people, it does that.
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    I don't play on the same machine the server is hosted on. And I don't stay logged in to the servers admin panel all the time either...
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    My server isn't on my machine either, but console is open 100% of the time, minecraft is not. But this is going off-point. Remove the exempts if you wish to ban/kick them.

    PS. I'm currently at work, I still have my console open on my phone.
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    I'm going to remove the perms from the admins and mods. It seems there is no way to bypass the essentials.ban.exempt or whatever.
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    just negate them.. no point to have exempt permission if you dont want it.
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    If they have essentials.ban/kick/mute.exempt you can still ban/kick/mute them in the console. I tried myself.
    If it doesn't work for you, try updating Essentials.

    Anyway, why the hell should you mute/kick/ban your staff, lol?
    If so, just derank them...
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    I find it a problem that you have to kick or mute your staff.
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    While I should hope it's not a common activity, I can understand why the owner would want an override on staff being exempt. For example, if someone that otherwise has been fine suddenly decides to share their drunken state with the server, you might want that person only temporarily muzzled.

    I thought Essentials included overrides, but maybe not. Not to say you necessarily should switch if you otherwise like Essentials, but I know CommandBook supports overriding exempt. So some dev has thought of and implemented it.
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    Yeah I'd suggest removing ban and kick exemptions from your staff. Maybe just leave those exemptions for your high up staff or Admins only. I trust my own staff not to screw up, but I like to have that option available if they do break the rules (I can always do it from console, but nah). If you're afraid that your staff might kick/ban/mute each other in a fight, well then you've picked the wrong people for staff, or are just paranoid.
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    Just use /Bukkit:kick /Bukkit:mute /Bukkit:ban, takes longer but will buypass that permission,
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    This thread is over a year old; I doubt they're still having this problem.
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    I just saw, i saw this in a google search. Maby other people who search the name thing will see this.
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    I am having the same problem. I want to have ops on my server, but I want to be able to kick/ban/mute them, and I want them to be able to do that to me. Just for fun, you know?
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