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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by chakyl, Oct 31, 2012.

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    How would I configure Essentials so that when a user dies, they spawn at the spawn of the world they died in, (Multiverse), unless they sleep in a bed? I would also like to know how to seperate beds and homes so that users have to use /sethome to set their home, but still spawn in their bed regardless. Sorry in advance if this confuses anyone :p
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    I'm pretty sure that this is in the config.
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    look into essentials config.yml

    hope this will help you a bit :)
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    Also don't forget to tell Essentias to use the highest priority (if you don't use any other plugins for /home and /spawn)!

    # Set this to lowest, if you want Multiverse to handle the respawning
    # Set this to high, if you want EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning
    # Set this to highest, if you want to force EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning
    respawn-listener-priority: high
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    set respawn-at-home to false in essentials config.yml.
    bed spawn is a vanilla feature and is not controlled by essentials.
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    It's also important to note that Multiverse cannot do anything with player spawns while EssentialsSpawn is installed. I specifically wanted Multiverse to determine which world the player would spawn on when they die on which world.. if that makes sense. I always knew I had to remove EssSpawn, but recently I finally did. I compensated for the /spawn command using BetterAlias.. or any Command Alias plugin will do fine. Just direct it to a warp.

    And while we're discussing beds.. Does Essentials come with world compatibility for beds? I'd rather my players be able to spawn at the bed of the particular world they're on. I have two different survival worlds.
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    by default minecraft only supports only one bed spawn. essentials uses the existing one, it doesnt fabricate one.
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