Error while using the War plugin + Other errors

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by aaronfranke, Nov 25, 2012.

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    I notice I have a few errors on my server, after adding one more arena to my server using the War plugin I was no longer able to connect, so I checked the server.log for errors and noticed I have quite a few... I have bolded some comments I made in the log.
    Console Error (SpaceBukkit)

    Plugin list:
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    Can't get the server to load up - will get this soon!

    Log (Pastebin)
    Anyone help me please?
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    Can you post a link to this VanishNoPickup plugin since I can't find it on Bukkit DEV, as it is causing your error. Try removing the plugin VanishNoPickup and see if that fixes it
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    I use this instead of VanishNoPacket, mainly because of permissions, it is VERY annoying being automatically vanished on login :/

    BTW: The plugin seems to work fine, but it just says errors. It's War im concerned about, it crashes so easily...
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    Plugins might not be compatible with each other. For additional help, please add errors in the console in your post. I am sure people will find it easy to locate the problem if they can examine the console errors.

    I hope this helped,

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    When the war plugin errors come up, they quickly fill up the entire screen. I use SpaceBukkit and RTK with a remote host BTW; but here is what the console looks like:
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    Check to see if it is properly configured.
  7. What version of war you using? use the dev version for 1.4.5 works perfect
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    I was using 1.7.2, will try 1.7.3, what has changed?

    THANK YOU SIR!!! War works perfectly now! No more LAG (both server-crashing and in general)!!!

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  9. no problem im here to help :D 1.7.3 has compatility to mc 1.4.2 but its a dev version but it works smooth for me
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