Error in time get Location in config

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by @DriftCoder, Aug 18, 2015.

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    I changed the spigot version of my server to 1.7.10 and now my plugin not this longer able to take place this in the configuration file:

    Console error:

    My Config:

    What can it be?


    Now my configuration file this way:

    And this now generating a new error on the console!

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    "Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.configuration.MemorySection cannot be cast to org.bukkit.Location"
    Somewhere you try to cast config.get("path") or config.getConfigurationSection("path") to Location
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    @@DriftCoder Instead of getting it make an instance of Location and grab x,y,z and world values from it.
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    @@DriftCoder when you store a raw location in a config it looks something like this,
          ==: org.bukkit.Location
          yaw: 97.19986
          pitch: 29.399996
          z: -262.666333779758
          y: 101.0
          world: world
          x: 205.94143219928873
    Your setting it to have its own format. Java cant adopt and suddenly change things. So it gets confused and reads it as a "MemorySection".

    When you use config.set("Lobby", player.getLocation()); the correct format is applied as shown above, as the location is in its raw state. I suggest you add the raw location to the file so you can easily extract it using,
    public Location getLocation() {
        return (Location) config.get("Lobby");
    In this case you can cast it because the location is in its raw state.

    If you dont want to do it that way, you can just store the x y and z in the config, then when you get the values add it to a new Location(x,y,z,world) manually (as @MCMatters said). However the other way is more precise
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    What are you adding to the config? Show me. You can't add the Location class to a YAML file.
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    You can use my LocationUtils class if you want. It's much simpler and has a few other features too!
    Use this to serialize/save it:
    config.set("path", LocationUtils.serializeFully(location));
    Use this to deserialize/load it:
    Location loc = LocationUtils.deserializeFully(config.getString("path"));
    EDIT: Added JavaDocs comments in the class
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    @CraftCreeper6 I added the line

    to my configuration file, read more up on the topic

    @FisheyLP but because I'm getting this error only in version 1.7.10? before pulling back the version of the plugin, while still at version 1.8 worked perfectly ... I really need all this aew if so I will have to change all methods of using this plugin

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    I don't believe you have to serialize it (Ive added a raw location in one of my plugins and it worked fine).
    @@DriftCoder is having the issue on compatibility.

    I suggest maybe you update 2 versions of the plugin, one built along side 1.7.10 and build along side 1.8. Unless there is some sort of backwards compatibility or simple mistake Im missing.
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