Solved Error Can't Reach Server from public ip address.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ShurPetra69, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Hi everybody, i have a problem with the server... well i'm going to post all my server details and later i will explain my problem.

    Well, i already explain all my configuration and other points...

    My Problem: I can't connect to my server from my public ip address. By LAN y can connect with no problem but if i try to connect with my public ip address i only receive "Polling..." and on a moment "Can't Reach Server". I have no idea what i cant try. I hope anybody can help me because i've been for two days trying to resolve this error but i can't resolve it. Today i've deleted all and try new server installation since zero, but i receive the same error. Thank you so much and all answer will be welcome.

    PD: I'm spanish, sorry for my bad english. ;-)
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    same prop here :/
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    try putting your publicIP on
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    When I hosted my server from home I just placed my server machine in the DMZ of my router. That way i didn't have to mess with port forwarding. All incoming connections that were meant for minecraft and http were sent to my machine. If this is a dedicated machine just for your minecraft server, you could try this.
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    you have to enable nat loopback,or have a router/firewall that supports reversed nat. But i never got why you have to do an lan-wan-lan connection anyways? ShurPetra69
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    EDIT: I already resolved my connection problems. All port checkers reports me that the port 25565 are open and the services is running on it, but users can't join on my server by public address.... I already try with v1.4.6, 1.4.7R0.1 and 1.4.7R1.0... i don't know what i can do more, this situation is totally maddening. All posible solutions are welcome. Thankyou

    Ah! I've already read "Troubleshooting: Common Problems with Solution
    Sticky" thread, i tell it because i'm sure somebody will mus't ask me...

    Yes and the server crash, it said me that other server are running on this ip/port.

    If you only have server and nothing more important on this computer i think the same, but it's totally not recomended if you have any personal data on it. This is not my case, im hace other data on my computer, well, are only downloads, games, and a little bit more of that, but i don't want to leave free access to any of this files.

    I would like to run public server, for this reason i must test if i can connect by wan, i already know i can connect by lan XD.

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    It means your router does not support loopback connections.

    Ignore everything everyone said here about setting your IP in the, it will only break things on you.

    If you are connecting locally, use the local address, as your router is simply blocking you from connecting BACK.

    Think of it this way... when you walk from the living room to the kitchen, do you leave the house and come back in? Because, that is exactly what you are tryimg to do when you use the external IP from within the network. Your router is simply blocking it. This is increasingly common for routers these days.
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    Thank you so much, i've been very stupid. All frieds can connect to my server, only i must connect by lan and they by public ip. Thank you so much.
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