Err... "Server out of date" After recent MC update!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RoundEye, Feb 22, 2011.

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    So... I'm pretty sure I just downloaded the most recent build of bukkit, but I still get the "Server out of date" error when connecting.

    I guess we have to wait around for a new build? ...
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    dark navi

    Yes. Please wait until a Bukkit build that supports 1.3 is out. :)

    With all these low lives, it shouldn't be that long.
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    bukkit shouldn't throw the out of date error. It just wouldn't load. Notch didn't upgrade the minecraft_server file to 1.3 yet seemingly.
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    Wow, the update was released, what, ten minutes ago, and people are wondering why bukkit isn't updated yet?
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    dark navi

    No, people are clarifying if they need to wait or if Bukkit already supports it. Wow, the update was release, what, ten minutes ago, and people are already flaming people out for things they didn't say?
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    Because they expect all the devs to update the CB.jar immediately, like paid people 24/7-dedicated to the job :p
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    If anything the level of dedication is higher - people were working on this as soon as it hit the download server - before mojang even announced the update! It just takes time and care to perform the steps to update CraftBukkit.
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