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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by runefist, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Dear guys/girls,

    I would like to make a "mini-boss" and I want to know when it gets damaged.
    I was told that a way to do this is to listen to the EntityDamageEvent and check if the damaged creature is the miniboss. However my concern is that this would run a check every time any creature is damaged and that this might slow things down. Is there a way to listen to only the EntityDamageEvent of my mini-boss.

    If not is there another way to do some action when the boss gets damaged.

    Kind regards,

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    No there isn't, but as long as the first thing you do inside EntityDamageEvent is check whether the entity is the miniboss, then it shouldn't slow the server down.
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    Servers can handle more than you think they can. Just listen to the event.
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    Thanks for the response, and so fast, thanks again! Happy Christmas!
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