Entity NPC not working?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NepsName, Apr 24, 2015.

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    @NepsName Well, that will make the entity never collide with players.

    And no, as far I know there is no other way, but I may be wrong, you may want to wait until someone else answers with a different solution.
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    @Konato_K Thanks for the help anyway, but I am not going to dig into NMS if I already know it is not going to fix my main problem, which is the code losing track of the entity whenever a player relogs. Will keep waiting for more answers and at the same time try to test things to try and find it myself :|
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    I did, you asked how to not be able to push living entities, I asked why you couldn't just set the entity's location each time the entity moved. It would be simpler and you don't need runnables to accomplish it.
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    I am pretty sure there is no event that fires whenever an entity is pushed... How would you detect "each time the entity is moved"?
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