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    A little bit about me. I am co-owner of Savage Realms and am owner of the newly launched Savage prison.

    What we are looking for. We are looking for a plugin that can tie into the enjin shop/donation api that they allow ultimate users to access. The plugin would need to have a config (no hard coded ranks only). It would need to be able to execute just about any console command (pex eco bcast,etc) We would like for it to give users there packages within minutes of there purchase on enjin. You may say just use buycraft? well we have and to be honest a 60% redemption ratio we have been getting is VERY annoying i really hate having to wonder did this person get there package or did buycraft f%*$ up.

    When would we need this. As soon as you could code it.

    Thanks for taking a look go ahead and reply to this if you want to take this challenge on :)
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    I Seriously like this idea... Sent PM :D
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    Ugh, enjin is baddd
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    if you sent me a pm on dev.bukkit my username is hungoverfurbal i did not get your pm if you sent it to hungoverfurball

    never mind i got it on here sorry :/

    Coldguy so far is very interested in coding this. But as always if you think you can get it done faster (or already have it done) please contact me on here. or bukkit dev username hungoverfurbal

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    Add frost.brood on skype and please say GoldenGaming told you about him. He is coding a new shopping system already, and he has coded a minecraft voting system in the past used by legendarycraft.
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    Does his system cost?
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    I wouldn't pay for anything guys... Enjin is releasing an official Bukkit plugin that does this soon..
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    Enjin said they we're not going to make any minecraft plugins...
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    Really? I heard the same:

    I might be wrong, but I thought that Enjin was releasing a plugin.
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    Im probably going to release one, then talk to enjin about promoting it.
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    Enjin will not promote any exernally made Bukkit plugins. I know this from experience. They are going to be releasing an official Enjin Bukkit Plugin with all sorts of awesomeness.
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    I can't wait. :)

    Hopefully it has some features that us Advanced-plan people can use...
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    Everyone are allowed to use their plugin, not only advanced.
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    This would be wonderful!
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    Enjin already has this, and its months old.
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