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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aphyio, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Custom Books

    Minecraft version: Java Edition 1.16+

    Suggested name: Engraving Book

    What I want: I would like a book that when you apply by anvil, the sword will automaticlly add a lore called "Engraving Attack" So, basically, when you got Engraving Book applied to a sword, and you kill your enemies, the enemies's username will be automatic added to your sword.

    For Ex:
    Diamond Sword
    Fire Aspect 2
    Sharpness 5
    Engraved Sword

    {player names here}Aphyio, Maechi, EddieTheTeddie, Addeve, Tunny13, Applebranch, Devastator_
    Basically, its like that

    Ideas for commands: To get a book do /enb {player name} or to just apply, you need to hold a sword and do /enb add {player name}

    Ideas for permissions: players cant use the command except ops.

    When I'd like it by: 2 weeks.
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    If anyone is confused, ill show you an examples:


    Sword Applied:
    Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 11.49.16 AM.png
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    Can anybody do it?
  5. I will try, but i cannot tell if i will make it or not i'll try to keep you updated
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    Hello, I've got few questions regarding that idea for a plugin:

    - the names will be engraved on the item, not assigned to the player who did the kill, right? So let's say you have three different weapons - or even better, three identical weapons, will each of them have a separate engraved list?

    - if a player drops his weapon imbued with the Engraving enchantment, and someone grabs it, will it be possible for this someone to use it and kill other players, perhaps even the original owner/enchanter? Will their names be added to the weapon's engraved list as well?

    - after playing for a good while, and killing many other players with the same weapon, the engraved list may grow considerably. If that happens, should the oldest name be removed to open space to new ones? Or should the list be just cropped visually, but all names on it still be accessible through commands?

    - will there be a counter of how many times each player has been killed by that one weapon? Should that counter show on the engraved list, perhaps in descending order?

    - will an engraved weapon get any extra perk/handicap/boost, depending on the number of unique players it has killed?

    - when someone has a weapon in hand, should a nearby player see a any special effects around it, in case it has already killed him/her?

    - must the player names colored in the engraved list? how are the colors defined?
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    Like, if my Nametag is Aphyio, my name wouldnt be there unless if i give someone the sword and let it kill me, it will be on the sword engraved. So, basically, If i kill someone for ex, a player named Spooky_Dev, and I killed, Spooky_Dev, the name of the Spooky_Dev will be on the sword. And each of the sword applied would have sperate engraved list.

    Yes, it was I was thinking.

    No, It can just fill up all of the names so yeah. Also, it would be a good idea to add a command that where you hold an engraved sword, you do /enbnames which show all of the names you have engraved. Pls make it that it can be accessible to everyone

    Yes. I would like it

    Nope. Nothing.

    Yes, If a nearby player is near and haven't engraved, make particles red and if engraved applied to the sword, make it that particles green. Also, make it only visible the player when holding the sword.

    Well, I would like to add a dependency of Essentials. If you have colored nicknames from Essentials, it will be the same color engraved on the sword. If it doesnt have a colored nickname, just make it white.
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    Hope this helps you out!

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