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    Suggested name: Endurance

    Every 10 thousand blocks you run/walk your speed goes up by 10%

    The Healthy Foods:Every time you eat 3 of these foods in a row, your speed gets increased by 1%
    - Steak
    - Cooked Chicken
    - Cooked Fish

    The Unhealthy Foods:
    Every time you eat 3 of these foods in a row, your speed gets decreased by 1%
    - Cookie
    - Pumpkin Pie
    - Cake

    *** All other foods are not affected by this plugin ***

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: Tomorrow or Monday
    Thanks :)
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    why isnt bread healthy.

    or lava buckets :D
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    The point in making a request is to see if someone is nice enough to make it for you
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    Tell me if something's not right
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    I never said he wasn't allowed to request it.

    Actually, it isn't. The point of making a request, is to get the plugin that would do what you desire. I just think it's a bit rude to ask people to make a plugin so specific that only you can use it, for free.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    That is pretty much why this forum exists though...
    Plugins are based on preferences, if you don't like one then you ask for a new one. Never seen anything like this before though so why say that he needs to hire a dev?
    Certainly if izarooni was into making this.
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    I quite understand the purpose of this forum, but I just think there should be a rule against asking for plugins nobody else can use, unless they have the exact same requirements as you.

    In this case, there's 3 healthy foods and 3 unhealthy foods, and the "10 000 blocks". If you were to make it configurable to any food could be set to be good and / or bad, and you could set the amount of blocks to be run for a set increase in speed, that'd mean others could use it too for their servers, if they didn't have the exact same idea.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    TheMcScavenger A developer can choose to add that. He doesn't has to follow the request letter by letter.
    And a rule like that would probably strip away 90% of the requests on here.
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    It would get rid of all the requests by people that are only thinking about themselves, yes. It wouldn't get rid of all the requests by people that understand the purpose of the rule, and modify their plugin to allow others to use it too. They can then just configure it themselves to suit their own needs.

    In my opinion it's not about whether a developer has the opportunity to change the request and make it useable for others, it's about the person that requests the plugin, and whether he's only thinking about himself. There'll be plenty of plugins out there that other people don't really need or want, but they will have the choice. And seeing as this is a community, I think it's odd to allow requests for a single person, that others can't use.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    TheMcScavenger Feel free to suggest the rule. Curious what the rest of the community and the moderators / admins will think of it
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    TheMcScavenger can you relax? I did not request a plugin just so only my server could use it. Otherwise I would have had to pm a developer. I posted it here so other server owners might like the idea.

    This plugin gives Minecraft a more realistic feature. Junk food slows you down, healthy food makes you fast.

    I don't know why you complain so much, because I did not ask you to make it.

    izarooni Thanks for making this! I began testing it out, but noticed I ate 3 healthy foods and didn't notice a speed change. The 1% may just have been too small, but could there be a message that just lets you know the speed went up? Thanks

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    Hmmm.... You know what could've solved this issue? Customisation! Now not even you are happy with the plugin you requested.
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    TheMcScavenger I never said I wasn't happy with the plugin. Never. All I said was that I did not notice a speed change, and wasn't sure if the plugin was working.

    Please stop putting words in my mouth, and just mind your own business.

    But because you don't:

    Customisation would not have made a difference because I still would have posted a comment saying:
    "I ate 3 healthy foods and didn't notice a speed change."
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    Sorry can't change. Just deleted all my projects and too lazy to make them again.
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    I'm not at all putting words in your mouth. I'm simply concluding that you made a mistake by requesting a specific feature without testing it, meaning you should've asked for something different. I also am minding my own business, seeing as you continue tagging me.

    As for the customisation, you could've just changed the 1% to 100% to see whether the plugin was functioning properly. If you would've then posted about it, that would simply be spam.
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    Again like I have said in previous posts, if the developer wants to go the extra mile and make a customized plugin, congrats. I come up with simple plugin ideas that help make the game more fun. If you have a problem with them dont make them. Do not download them. And dont comment on them.
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    Removed post advising monetary offers.

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