EnderSlot (Permissions for amount of EnderChest Access)

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    Suggested name: EnderSlots

    What I want: I want to be able to only give certain players access to a enderchest. The access should be limited by permissions. Also I would like to limit the amount of slots a player can use. Say I can give a certain rank access to 9 EnderSlots while a other has 15 Slots. Slots meaning the inventory spaces, so the maybe the amount of itemstacks that can be places in a chest.
    optional** Let OPs and players with the appropriate permission check and clear other players chests .

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.
    /enderslot check
    /enderslot clear

    Ideas for permissions:
    Enderslot.9 #This would give access to 9 slots
    Ederslot.15 #This would grant access to 15 slots/inventory spaces to be used
    Enderslot.* #Grant access to all slots of a chest
    Enderslot.Check #Grant Player to check other peoples Chests
    Enderslot.Clear #Grant Player to clear other peoples Chests

    Thank you for reading :)

    Is this too difficult/impossible to do?

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    Hmm anybosy want to help?


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    Dont bump Until after 24 hours
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    Well ok. Bump
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    You would have to handle the enderchest yourself, then just grab the permission.
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    This is a great idea. Waiting for someone to do this. :D
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    good idea.. waiting for it.. :/
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    No developer out there?
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    hmm still nobody. Please tell me if you think its possible.
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    I can try if you want?
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    Sure I'd love that. Thank you :)
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    I'm experimenting with it right now, I've got a few hours to kill. If it ends up working, I'll upload it for you, maybe on a BukkitDev page or something.

    I might not be able to limit the slot usage, (yet), although I'm pretty sure it's possible, just might be more ahead of me right now. I'll totally try and make that feature work, but it might take a bit longer to do that part if I can figure out how.

    I'm sure the other player chest access is possible, so I'll try and figure that out too.

    Edit: Facepalm, the name I chose is the exact name of another plugin, EnderChestBlock. It does what you asked for, but it doesn't allow the use of certain slots or allow you to view other players' chests. I'll keep working on it if I can find a way to.

    Edit 2: After looking through all the Ender Chest plugins for ways to get other players' chests, I found Ender Chest Control, which happens to be exactly what you want. It's lucky I didn't start much work on my version, as this is much more developed and has more features.

    So please at least try to use the search function... even if this doesn't have the slots feature you want, you should at least have asked the dev of ECC for a feature like that first, and if he/she won't add that, just ask for the slot feature alone, as ECC has everything else you asked for.

    If there's anything I missed, let me know.
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    Sorry but this isnt really what I want. The Slot Control is the most important feature with this request.
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    After I am done with my crafting plugin I do plan on making an EnderChest plugin. It has already been started and it will personalize the use of enderchests, such as each player getting to use their own enderchests and not have to share the same one globally. I was trying to think of more features and I will definatly consider putting this one in after I finish the per player personalization.
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    Well, I was thinking about this and was wondering: Why even use the enderchest for more people? Why not just use a normal chest with a private sign to add your friends.
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    Could you at least read the rest of my post before bluntly disregarding a matter I spent two hours of my life on...?

    I suggested that you contact the maker of Ender Chest Control and ask him to add the feature you want. The general idea is to ask a dev with a similar plugin to add a feature you want first, and if he/she won't add that, then you go on this forum and ask here for specifically that feature, ergo, my suggestion was that since ECC has everything you want except for slot control, you should ask the dev to add that feature. If he declines, then you ask here for just that feature, as it would be pointless to recreate the entire plugin.
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    I did read your post and I just said that it wasnt what I wanted. The feature to block the use of the Enderchest is something I managed to do in a minute, but the Problem I have is how to limit the slots and thats why I made a request.

    I didnt ask the maker of Ender Chest Control to do it, as I think this is almost a seperate plugin and really the only thing that is similiar is to access the EnderChest through Permissions which like I said is about 1 minute work...
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    Look at my sig, enderchestplus will be getting the features OP posted sometime soon.
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    Thank you :) Hope you find time to add it soon. Maybe this helps you https://github.com/ellbristow/ChestBank it includes limited slots for chests
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    Nick Jones

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