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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gh0stKitty, Jan 23, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16.4+

    Suggested name: EM (I don't really mind what its called)

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that allows players affected by the command to have Silktouch on all blocks as long as they have nothing in their main hand.
    This is a less needed feature but when the player holds shift for 3 seconds and then punches, they should be teleported to where they look with an enderman noise/particle affect
    The player should be able to do /s to make enderman noises.

    Ideas for commands:
    /EM on (Playername)
    /EM off (Playername)
    /S - Only for use if /EM is on for you

    Ideas for permissions:
    Only op's can use the commands to affect players

    When I'd like it by: 2/2/2021
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    Hi @Gh0stKitty.

    The plugin can be found here.

    I believe I added all the features you requested, let me know if anything needs changing!
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    Hello there,

    I managed to quickly write something for you. It includes everything you mentioned, however I do want to warn you that teleport function can be a little wanky (weird) at times.

    As you wanted, the commands are locked to op's only and are as follows:
    /em on | off (playername) -> toggles enderman status
    /s -> makes enderman ambient sound (ENTITY_ENDERMAN_AMBIENT) if player has enderman status enabled

    Holding shift for 3 seconds and releasing it will teleport you in direction you are facing. Maximum distance is 24 blocks (same as enderman), however if you are facing towards a block that is less than 24 blocks away, you will be teleported to that closest block (hope that this explanation makes sense).

    Everyone with enabled status also of course has silk touch (hands only) as requested.

    If there will be any issues with the plugin feel free to message me (post here) and I'll try and fix it asap ^-^

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    Thank you so much!!! The teleport definitely seems to be buggy but That should be fine!
    Is there anyway you can show a message in chat when the player is ready to teleport?
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    No problem at all.
    Yeah, of course. Here is the the new fix which will show you when you are ready to teleport :)

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    Thank you so much!!
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    @NewtyMan Hi there, I saw this thread while looking for a plugin like this for a private server me and some friends are doing. I was just wondering - would it be possible to make it so that water damaged the enderman player (normal water and rain) unless they were wearing armor, and if you look at endermen they dont attack? I have not the slightest idea with java stuff so if this is too much work then say so and we'll do without it, but if it is possible and isn't too much work I would be very greatful!
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    Here you go. There are now two new lines in configuration file called:

    -> A normal integer (number) which represents how much damage per second will enderman player take in water
    -> You can calculate final damage with (number * 0.5) -> 1 = 0.5 hearts || 2 = 1 heart || 3 = 1.5 hearts || ...

    -> If set to true, the player will need full armor set to not take damage in water
    -> If set to false, player only needs one armor piece to not take damage

    Also looking at enderman no longer triggers the attack (if player has enderman mode activated)

    NOTE: You will need to delete current config file, so that the plugin can generate the new one (delete "Enderman" folder inside "plugins"). This means that you will need to set all enderman players again.

    If there are any issues, questions or further requests, feel free to post them ^-^

    Kind regards

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    Thank you! I'm incredibly grateful for this!
    One last thing however, would you mind fiddling with the teleport a bit? Feel free to leave it as you've done a lot already, but a lot of the time when the teleport is used the player teleports a block to the right/left of them instead of teleporting in the direction they are looking. Just a little bug which is nothing unplayable but more of a QoL if it was fixed. Again, feel free to leave it because you have done a lot. Thanks again!
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    Hi i dont think you were able to get my last message so ill just message one more time but Since this is opertaor required i think is there a perm that could work within a permission pluggin so the people on my server can do it themselves
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    @NewtyMan Hi, I just downloaded this today, is there a way to fix the directional teleport?
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    Hello to everyone,

    I am sorry for late response on this project. I have updated it now and included both requests that were made (explained below).


    New permission to use /em command --> enderman.set
    Drastically improved teleportation

    New config.yml entries:

    • max-height-difference: maximum height difference between current location and final teleport location (if difference between your and final teleport location is higher than this, it will try to teleport you closer)
    • teleport-distance: maximum teleport distance in blocks

    @RawkBuild To enable this plugin, you just install it like any other plugin (drag it into plugins folder) and then use commands described in original release message.

    @BonelessWoof @Zdiamondwolf I apologise for tagging you, but I thought this would be the best way to alert you to this update, since your requested features were implemented.

    Feel free to post any questions, issues or further requests here and I'll respond to them as soon as I can (a few days max, I promise :p)

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    Hi. So i installed the plugin you sent @NewtyMan and all of that. But it doesnt load. My server host software is PaperMC. The server's version is 1.14.4, but I have updated it to 1.16.4 for the plugin to work, and I also of course, launched minecraft 1.16.4. But it still doesn't work. I really need help and i'd be sooo greatful if you can help me Mr. @NewtyMan! Hopefully you see this and reply!
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    @BarryIsEpik Hello, if you get in touch with me through private messages I'll try and help you out with your issue. If it turns out the issue is something with my plugin, I will post the solution here for everyone to see, otherwise I will keep it in private, to not clog up this thread.
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    Hi @NewtyMan , so no it was a problem with me. I wasn't doing it on the correct version haha. It works perfectly now tho :D
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