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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jason2k, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Plugin name: Ender chest
    spigot/bukkit version: 1.8.9

    This is an enderchest plugin that allows players to treat enderchests like player vaults. When they click on an enderchest or execute a command they'll be able to open up an enderchest and depending on their permission level they can have multiple pages. Before they open an enderchest there should be a gui stating open enderchest. All the enderchest player data should be stored in a enderchest playerdata folder.

    page permission levels:

    commands: /eec, /enderchest
    (opens eec) - perm: ec.cmd

    commands: /ec view [playername]
    (allows to view another players eec and edit it) - perm: ec.view

    screenshots of the guis:

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    So just another private vault (/pv 1-8) but with a gui?
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    Kind of it's a recreation of a plugin from an invite only server, that implements playervaults as shown into enderchests and has a gui before it. Also it has the scrolling through pages feature instead of /pv 1 /pv 2 etc.
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    This is the plugin

    So the permission to give a player multiple pages is enderchestvaultsize.<Integer - number of pages>,if a player has multiple permission it will detect the highest number of pages from all the permission.For example a player is in a group with the permission enderchestvaultsize.1 and another group with the permission enderchestvaultsize.3, in this case the player will have 3 pages.

    /enderchest (alias - /ec) - Permission: enderchestvault.use
    /enderchestreload (alias - /ecreload) - Permission: enderchestvault.reloadconfig
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    Thanks! The plugin is great and works amazingly.
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    Im going to post the plugin as a resource and will update it for versions 1.8 thorugh 1.16.1

    This is going to be the link once it gets approved: link
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