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    Many server (smp) players find it difficult to find elytra, shulker boxes considering that others have emptied the end cities. Someone may also want their own proof of having killed the dragon, the dragon egg.

    Is it possible to make the ender dragon to drop on top of the bedrock portal after death: 1x dragon egg, 1x elytra and 1x shulker box with a nice purple particle after the dragon's death? Had been nice with a cooling down of 1hour that can be seen in a boss bar on all players who are in the end (for example: 47min till dragon can be spawned).

    Version: 1.17.1 JAVA
    Command: Dragon - Drop/Reload - Egg/Elytra/Shulker Box - True/False
    Name: Dragon Drop
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    So does it drop the dragon egg every time or just the one time like vanilla

    Edit: I'll assume it drops every time so I will code it like that but if you want it changed I will
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    Drop egg, elytra, shulker box every time after death. cool if you manage to make a bossbar with cool down on 1h
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    What I will do it spawn a chest near the bedrock portal which will have an elytra and shulker inside and egg will spawn everytime in the same location as vanilla

    Edit: but you can make it just as a drop if you'd like in the confiig

    Update: Plugin's code has been done just need to test it
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    Okei, that will work. is it possible to get a cool particle effect around the chest? most important is to get the items and cooldown
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    Yeah the items will either spawn in a chest replacing the dragon egg that normally spawns or it just drops it depending on what you chose in the config.

    Also what do you mean by cooldown. Dragon kill cooldown?

    I'll sort the particles, but what sort of particles in particular?
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    Yes a dragon cooldown for 1h, so you cant kill the dragon 10 times after each other. would look cool with a bossbar on top of the screen saying only for people in the end something like "47 min before dragon can be spawned".
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    I might have to drop out of this project, unfortunately! Just don't have a lot of time to continue on with it. Sorry D:
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