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Should it be Tokens or Orbs

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    Plugin category: Economy or Op prison

    Suggested name: Enchantment tokens or Enchantment Orbs

    What I want: In this plugin you will earn E-Tokens by mining a certain amount of block (this number could be changed in the config). You will use these to get upgraded enchantments to add to you pickaxes. (explosive +1 5 E-Tokens) the cost for upgrades could be changed in the config. You could also earn them from DropParties and voting. In this plugin you could also include a shop so you could buy custom things in like pickaxes and kits by using E-Tokens to buy them. This plugin is very good for op prison servers and could be good for factions like you could add a pvp version so you could kill 10 people for 1 enchantment token. This plugin could be expanded in future with customs messages and different features like a lucky chance to get 2 for mining or earn one when you rankup. The reason you can withdraw is so you could sell them in chest shops. The withdrawal version would be a Emerald/Slimeball that you can click on and it will erase from your inventory and add it to your balance. also you cannot make them they are going to have to be completely custom so you could not rename it to be them. (same could be with slime balls)

    Ideas for commands:
    /Etokens balance
    /Etokens redeem [#]
    /Etokens withdraw [#]
    /Etokens help

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: A.S.A.P

    Could This be in 1.7.9 or 1.7.10
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    All conversations must remain on the Thread.
    Also, all Files must be posted here as well.
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    I am just clarifing that the rules clearly state that you are not alowed to take the conversation to skype.
    And files need to be posted on here because they can contain malicious content and to ensure that your Server is secure, there are plenty of people on these forums who check any posted links.
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    And if he feels like continuing it, he can feel free to post a link in this conversation, but not on Skype.
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