Enchanting Table Bug

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FinalSmasher, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I'm getting a strange issue on my server.
    Everytime an item is placed on the EnchantTable the last Enchant (from the three that can be chosen) is the Maximum Enchant value supported by the Bookshelves.

    Using Bukkit 1.4.6 R0.3

    Below is possible to see some screenshots taken in a row:​
    Hope that's a simple problem to solve, and thanks for the help anyway....​
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    FinalSmasher I see no problem here.. That's an intentional feature in Minecraft =p
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    Are you sure?
    I haven't seen this as a new issue on any minecraft update logs...

    Someone has another explanation or comment?
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    it's made that way,because you cant fit all the numbers in the 3 rows.and the enchantment min/max level is adjusted by placing torches on the book shelfs.Or adjusting the amount of shelfs FinalSmasher
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    Older versions of Minecraft the enchanting level was random, and had a chance to get good or bad levels at random. After all bookshelves were on around the table, the enchant had a chance to get into the max (now would be lvl 30).

    That changed ? Now always the last row will show the max lvl possible and the others 2 are random?
    That's what's happening...

    That's a new feature and, as you say, now it's normal? (In other words, they really fucked up the game? It's not a bug?)
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    It has always worked like this.
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    tiwar xDeeKay and especialy lokpique

    To show you that's not true and that, before 30 was the maximum enchanting level, the enchanting level (on the 3 rows of enchant) were RANDOM.

    There was a graph that used to show the probability of a lvl 50 appearing on the enchanting table cross the number of bookshelves.

    I, fortunately, found one on the internet. Here it goes.

    That shows that with 30 bookshelves, you had the CHANCE of appearing a lvl 50 enchant on the table.
    NOW with 15 bookshelves you ALWAYS get a lvl 30 enchant on the last row of the enchanting table.

    I'll ask again and please, if someone understand what i'm saying, say:
    "What you said is true, but now this is NORMAL and that's a 'new' FEATURE that, yeah, fucked up the enchanting of game."

    Is THAT a feature or a bug?

    I promise that's my last post... Sorry for being so stupid, but I really need to know if the fucked up enchanting feature on Minecraft...
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    What plugins is that?
    Mine can only do Enchant 8-
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    Hi ; )
    That's not a plugin.
    You can get references about enchanting here:
    Minecraft Wiki - Enchanting

    And here's how you have to put the bookshelves:

    I'm talking about a problem, relative to enchanting levels, it may be a problem what you're going through, if you put all bookshelves on that position and don't get a level higher than 8, that's almost sure that's a bug. If the levels on your enchanting table show randomly as you put and get your weapon/tool from the enchanting table, that means it's working fine.

    Sorry if i confused you with my problem =X

    lokpique tiwar xDeeKay

    Found another thing on Version History obtained from Minecraft Wiki that supports my question.

    In my opinion, more often means that it should be random, and the maximum level would show with a better chance than before, not ALWAYS, like it's happening.

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    ...Ruined enchanting on the game? You mean spending about 10 minutes scrolling through just to get the highest enchantment level possible we had to do before this?
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    I'm sorry if that sounded rude... in my opinion that was a way of balance the game, not always letting the player get the max enchanting level. You could stay there "scrolling through" it if you wanted. Lucky shots make games really balanced in my opinion =X.

    Answering your question. Yes =/
    But I understand your point. Thanks for understand what I meant.

    Do you have any idea about my questions and about the things I showed ?
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    FinalSmasher All I can say is that your opinions are yours alone. But do realize this was intentionally implemented by Mojang and has nothing to do with Bukkit.

    If you're up for discussion, I'd bring this up on some other forum =)
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