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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by iceblue1188, Sep 10, 2015.

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    I need a plugin on my server that lets you get enchant books that go over the default minecraft books.


    /eb <Enchant.Name (Enchant options below v)> <Level (Enchant + level options also below v> ; lets you get an enchant book from one of the enchants below, and any of the levels between 1-(Max level for that enchant). ; Permission: eb.spawnin (Ops should beable to use by default, and anyone with permission * should beable to use it.
    To put the enchant on item, you must take the book and click the item with the book to apply it. If you have a sharpness 5 on a diamond sword and apply a sharpness 10, it goes to sharpness 15.
    Highest levels enchants can go and the enchants that apply to this plugin:
    Sharpness : Highest level: 50
    Efficiency: Highest level:100
    Protection: Highest level:100
    Fortune: Highest level:75
    Unbreaking: Highest level:150
    FireAspect: Highest level:50
    Looting: Highest level:75
    Smite: Highest level:50
    Feather Falling: Highest level:75
    Projectile Protection: Highest level: 100
    Blast Protection: Highest level: 100
    Thorns: Highest level: 50
    Bane of Arthropods: Highest level: 50
    Power: Highest level: 50
    Punch: Highest level: 50
    Flame: Highest level: 50
    Also, please make it so sharpness can only go on swords, protection on armor, etc. Also, one acception is sharpness and fireaspect should be aloud on axes. To be able to apply the book to the sword should have the permission eb.apply
    I need this asap.

    Thats it! Please make it so this plugin supports each enchant! If you put this on a dev page, please link me it. Idk if theres a craftbukkit for 1.8 but i need it for 1.8..
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    Bump - I really need the plugin..

    Forgot to mention, to make this plugin leightweight dont apply the fishing books to the plugin.

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    @iceblue1188 I can make the command that gives you the enchanted book. But do you really need the sharpness 5 + 10 = 15 part? You could always keep the regular Minecraft features where 10 and 10 makes 11...
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    Hmm, yeah i kinda need that part.. But if you cant do it, its ok. Ill deal with the regular minecraft fetures :
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    Thank you SO much :D. Really excited to see final product.

    EDIT: instead up to 500, can you make it 100 so it doesnt get to op? Or, can you make it configurable?

    Whats a cosmicpvp?
    I wanted this idea because i have a server and my server has lots of money in the economey, i want to bring that down by being able to buy enchant books. Im gonna make it so you can by netherstars and trade them for the enchantbook by using "Shopkeepers".

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  7. @iceblue1188

    Without a cap on the Enchantment Protection Factor, high enough enchanted diamond armor means total invincibility. Thus, Mojang added a cap. Basically the max protection you can get is by wearing Protection V, anything above will not add extra protection.

    What this means/why this is important:

    You're asking him to literally break your server's order. Sharpness does not have a cap while protection does due to how enchanting works, meaning that you're basically going to let players enchant their swords over and over again by adding from kills to get total instakill, no matter the armor being worn. This will drive all your players away within a month to two months, effectively ending your server.


    Maybe instead you should sell RPG levels. McMMO is a good one, and you can also use SkillAPI if you're fond of using custom abilities. Just don't let them max out on damage.
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    Just tested it, and a sharpness 50 one shots someone with no gear, but does 1 heart to someone with full prot 100. So i belive it can workout.

    Hows the plugin coming so far? Also did you see my comment from before, ill reqoute:

    "instead up to 500, can you make it 100 so it doesnt get to op? Or, can you make it configurable?"
    When i say that i mean instead of the highest level you can get an enchantment upto is 100 instead of 500, or make it configurable, or possibly do both.
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  9. @iceblue1188 Have you tested to see if it makes a difference with prot 100 vs prot 5?
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    Bro, some people are gonna be more op then other, thats the point of factions, is to raid and be raided. Also, some people dont have to pvp.. My server is factions mixed with prison.
  11. @iceblue1188 I understand that, "bro". That IS part of factions. I'm also extremely knowledgeable as to how protection works, and what kills factions servers, and I know what you are doing will kill yours or severely reduce it.

    I equipped a set of Protection V, and found that it provided no less protection than Prot 100 (Which was what I was told from the wiki, and what I had said before). When you're hit, you'll be protected by the enchantments to an extent of 50% or 100% of their capped EPF. The sharpness 100 sword dealt 4-8 hearts damage, random based on the protection probability. What this means is when a player has a high enough sword, they can kill anyone in ANY armor. If they give themselves Strength II, they can instakill a p100 player even if they have a god apple.
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    K proof please.
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  13. My experiment can be repeated. Either understand that there's no reason for me to lie and I'm simply trying to prevent you from making a huge mistake, or repeat the test I did.
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    i dont think it will be a mistake. Ill be sure to make it expensive.
  15. Making something expensive doesn't make it not overpowered. You're selling an all-armor 1-3 hit kill. And if you're already trying to make it really expensive, you know it's not good to begin with. Take /god as an example. Even if it costs $1,000,000, many players would agree that it's unfair for everyone else and just gives the rich a permanent advantage.

    Once someone gets the required items to buy this sharpness 100 sword, they can kill anyone and dominate the server so long as they have the sword in hand, just like with /god. Result: Everyone playing normal for a month or two, then once the sword is bought everyone will be slaughtered and will leave. Not only that, but the player who bought the sword could probably get the value they bought it for back again from killing players.

    If you want this to happen to your server then I can't stop you, but believe me when I say this will screw it up.
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    Honestly, good point. But, if you look at the thread, you can get past sharpness 50 but u can get prot 100.
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    @iceblue1188 Sorry about the really long wait. I would recommend you let some one else make this for you, as it may take me a while (not because it is hard, because it isn't that hard. It's because I have a lot going on)
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