Enchant Glow on Chests

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by malikdbuseck, Jan 11, 2017.

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    So I have come to find out that a chest can not have a enchant glow effect with an enchantment added to the item. Is this wrong if so how do i fix this, if not whats a work around?
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    What is your issue?
    1. Do you mean that the chest block does not have the enchantment glow on it? If so,then there is nothing wrong. Blocks cannot have enchantments on them
    2. Are you saying an item in the chest does not have an enchantment? If so, is your question that you want to add an enchantment to the item?
    3. Are you trying to add an enchantment without the glow? If so, you will have to use the item's lore.
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    Asking if when adding a custom chest item in my inventory are you not able to give it an enchantment so it can glow.
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    You can add an enchantment to a chest item, yes.
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