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    Plugin category: admin
    Suggested name: Enchant403

    What I want:
    this plugin should add a way for the console to give players an enchanted book.
    The book should be the ones that you get from enchanting them, so that they are usable in an anvil.
    If you need more info please comment!
    (should allow for unnatural enchantment lvls with a certain permission)

    Ideas for commands: /eb (player) (enchant) (level), /encbook (player) (enchant) (level)

    Ideas for permissions: enchantbook.give, enchantbook.give.cheat(for the unnatural lvls)

    When I'd like it by: monday?

    does this already exist?
    EnchantAnything does not work, it simply just makes it a book, that is enchanted not, an enchanted book.

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    Can anyone do this?
    Is this possible?

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