Emerald Economy Plugin! Use ermerals instead of cash!

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    Emerald Economy is a new plugin which provides server admins and owners with a new way to supply the economic needs of all survival servers.​
    Basically, virtual emeralds, the emeralds would be used to buy certain things from villagers and such without actually having the emeralds! A scoreboard would show the amount of emeralds a player has and the emeralds would work the same way a normal emerald would!​
    Try to make the plugin compatible with ShopKeeper (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/shopkeepers/) as you will be able to trade emeralds with the villagers to get configured items.​
    - Possible Commands -
    /emerald help - Displays all commands in Emerald Ecomony​
    /emerald give <player> <amount> - Gives a player emeralds​
    /emerald remove <player> <amount> - Takes emeralds away from the player​
    /emerald reload - Reloads the config​
    -Possible Permissions-
    emerald.player (Allows spending of emeralds and other player permissions)​
    -Example Scoreboard-
    If anyone could make this plugin I would be greatly appreciated thanks! :)
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    OMG! That is the best description I ever seen in my f*cking life

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