Filled Elytra Fly Like Creative

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by krlsmnk, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Travel / Building

    Minecraft version: 1.14

    Suggested name: CreativeElytra

    What I want: When a player double taps space while wearing an elytra: instead of activating the wings, it enables creative-style flying.

    My end goal is to be able to build like I do in creative, but while still using my inventory. This seems like the easiest way to accomplish that.

    Ideas for commands:
    PLEASE NO COMMANDS. I try to keep all player and /commands off my server, as it detracts from the fun and immersion for a lot of my players.

    Optional: Wings furl out when space or shift is being held, like they do when you're gliding.

    Ideas for permissions: Default permission = CreativeElytra. Applied/Stripped permission = normal Elytra.
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    Aha! This works a treat. Nice and simple; works exactly as described. \
    Many thanks.
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