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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by EliteEquestrians, Sep 21, 2019.

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  1. Hello, i'm the owner of EliteEquestrians and we are in need of a custom plugin :)
    We are currently using the plugin called 'HorseOverhaul' but that is causing our server to crash quite alot. Here is what myself and the other owner of the server are hoping that the plugin could include:

    In a horses stall their must be a haybale and a cauldron full of water. Possibly the haybale could dissapear after a little while as if the horse has eaten it. If horses don't eat/drink they get sick and die. Since the horses can eat we were also hoping if the horses could defecate, (maybe brown carpet) which has to be broken with a shovel. (as if you are picking up manure.)

    Horses can get ill/get injuries. If a horse isn't checked over by a vet it could possibly die. A horse could be healed by a vet by being splashed with a splash potion, or whatever you think would be best. Horses with injuries/sicknesses are slower than regular horses.

    Horses have genders, when they are born/spawned they are either a mare or a stallion.

    we were also hoping that there was a way to teleport horses with a player, check their stats and set their stats. (speed and jump) maybe you could hit them with a saddle to check their stats or something?
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    @EliteEquestrians And how would it work? What are the commands? What are the permissions?
  3. we are hoping for the commands to be something like:

    (the command prefix is equine)

    /equine tp [horse name] (to teleport your horse to where you are standing)
    /equine list (lists all your horses you have owned)

    sitting on horse commands (commands to use while you are sitting on a horse, to affect the horse you are sitting on.)
    /equine rename (renames horse)
    /equine trust [player] (alow another player to ride your horse, can only be done by the horses owner)
    /equine deltrust [player] (unadd trusted player from riding your horse)
    /equine setstat [jump/speed] [blocknumber] (only accesable by OPS, to set the horses stats)
    /equine tame (tames the horse you are sitting on)
    /equine setowner [username] (this is used to sell horses, to change ownership, and can only be done by the horses owner)

    all commmands can be used by every rank except for
    /equine setstat [jump/speed] [blocknumber] only OPS can use this command.
    and all the other commands only work on a horse you own, you can't change another horse owner by another person.

    please note:
    because we are an equestrian server we are hoping that only the owner of a horse can ride a certain horse, so nobody can steal eachothers horses etc. Of course OPS can access others horses and monitor them and ride/edit them.

    there might be possibly some other commands that i have forgotten, but if anybody is willing to create this plugin it would be so so much apreciated! We are hoping to be able to come into contact with our creator. <3
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