Elemental Arrows [Request]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by robbert, Jan 23, 2011.

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    in SP i have the mod "Elemental Arrows" and i thought can i add it to my SMP but i can't find any Plugin for it. so my request is can you make the mod "Elemental Arrows" a plugin for my bukkit server?

    here is the "Elemental Arrows" mod:

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    I would relay like an elemental arrows server mod as well.
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    you cant afik
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    sorry i don't understand that. what's afik?
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    Basically, that's a client mod and you can't port over that sort of functionality into a server mod. I haven't actually tried it, but if you make new items/block types then there's no way to port it over.
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    yes yes yes, I would like to! I hope you find someone
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    i didn't know that... that's a shame because it would really made my server complete :/
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    ... because of the texture issue in order for it to work there would to be a server plugin that worked along with a client mod. So even if they made it it is annoying everyone has to download the same client mod... the only other way is if the plugin somehow told your computer to automatically download and install the client mod.
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    Edward Hand

    As I think Flayr was trying to say, its not possible without a client mod.
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    me asking a dump question again :D how do you do that client mod then??
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    Runecraft adds different functionality to already existing items. It's a server mod.

    Could you not just do something similar for this?
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    I would like this mod too.
    It's not a problem for anyone to add the plug-in to the server, and next to mod his client.
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    Everyone, its possible to port a client mod to Bukkit by first using MCP to port and then put it in the main server jar.
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    MultiArrow. Search it!
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    Guys, jesus.. Look at the date of these posts...

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