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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Ahrigumi, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Hi there! so... the title says all hehe, im trying to eject the passenger but doesnt work. (I dont hace null on cmd or errors)
            Player mensaje = event.getPlayer();
            Horse caballo = (Horse) event.getRightClicked();
            UUID uuid = caballo.getUniqueId();
            AnimalTamer propietario = (AnimalTamer) caballo.getOwner();
            String UUID = main.dueƱosConfig.getString("Horses." + mensaje.getUniqueId().toString() + "." + uuid + ".Owner");
            String caballoName = main.dueƱosConfig
                    .getString("Horses." + mensaje.getUniqueId().toString() + "." + uuid + ".Name");
                if (caballo instanceof Horse) {
                    if (caballo.getOwner() != null) {
                        if (((Tameable) caballo).isTamed()) {
                            if (main.color(caballo.getName()).equals(main.color(caballoName))) {
                                if (propietario.getName().equals(UUID)) {
                                    mensaje.sendMessage("You are the owner of " + main.color(caballoName));
                                } else {
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    @Ahrigumi Try ejecting the player 1 tick later, it might have something to do with the fact that the player hasn't gotten on the horse yet.
  3. @Ahrigumi FYI instead of doing tons of nested ifs you can just do 1 and use && for each check.
    Example: if (function() && uuid.equals(player.getUniqueId()))

    Also, it seems your final if won't ever be true, if a name equals a UUID?
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  5. @KarimAKL Doesn't matter if its a string, never complained about it being a type mismatch. The fact is he's comparing a player name to a players UUID

    Look at the code ;)
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    @bwfcwalshy Oh, i thought that's what you meant, my bad.
    But looking at this thread, it seems that 'Owner' is a name, not a UUID, so i would say it's more of an inappropriate name.
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