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Do you think that Minecraft can be used in education?

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  1. Hello guys, there is this new craze sweeping my school and it is Minecraft.
    I have recently started a server with school resources and am the host and monitor of this world that we have built to be an educational experience. We have lots of ideas and ways of implementing new ideas into this server to make it a fun educational world that can be accessed from anywhere. Home, school, around the world if you can play minecraft you can be learning. but what is learning when I can log into another server and play games, well this server so far is games with an incentive to learn. To get kids to goof off with out knowing they are learning. Do you think it is possible and any ideas to try and see what would be capable of in this world?
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    Of course, and it has been done in schools before. Is your school actually on-board with this idea?
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    Its a good and fun way to learn, but it depends on what are you trying to teach. What grade level are you trying to teach? What are you trying to teach them(Coding, architecture, elementary(not saying that minecraft is a elementary game), History, Math, ext.)?
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    If your looking to convince you school to open this up more or allow it more take a look at MinecraftEDU (link). They offer special promotions for educational use, custom client for Students & Teachers, and some more but im lazy.

    MinecraftEDU works with Mojang AB to bring Minecraft to the classroom more affordable and easier.
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    Well if you are building a building, there is some maths involved, so I suppose it can be used in education. Possible Redstone too?
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    "Today's Math lesson: Building a calculator."
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    Coding is education > Bukkit coding is the same, Bukkit is based of Minecraft.
    All schools should teach code..
    In 4th grade >.<
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    If you want to teach them Logic, heck yeah... but anything else, eh.. People want to just do their own thing on MC, and trying to combine it with school might backlash.
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    There is no such thing as 'Bukkit coding', there is though 'coding using the Bukkit API'.

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    That is what I mean, But I just shorten it to 'Bukkit coding'.
    Because you are coding with the Bukkit api.
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    Lets put this into perspective here, if I were using the Google Translate API; I would not say I'm 'Google Translate coding' as that wouldn't make much sense would it? It makes more sense if I say 'coding with the Google Translate API'.

    I hate the word coding, it should be removed from the English language.
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    Ok ok, I failed.. you win. Off topic? Ya!
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