Inactive [EDIT/RPG] Catacombs v2.6 - Random Dungeons (Adventure-like) [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    sounds awesome! will try to test it out asap and report back :)
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    This plugin is amazing! I don't quite understand the catacomb planning parameters though, but still really, really good.
  3. Any planning parameters in particular or all of them?
    I probably could do with a paragraph per perameter rather than one line each.
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    I don't get the #levels parameter, it doesn't seem to mean the number of floors of the dungeons so i dont know what it is. Also the radius? parameter. Not sure what it does. All the rest makes sense, just those 2

    And, just a thought, maybe at the end of the Dungeon you could have a final room that is a safe room with some good loot in it and in it you can teleport back to the top room or a player defined position. I know this can be done with other plugins, but i find it easier to have 1 plugin that does it all. This is just a suggestion

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    this is great/awesome i always build dungeons for other players. And i just started a server several days ago. I will check this out.
    Can i modify the dungeon after creating it? for example create pitfalls/modify loot heheh
    probabbly not but: is there a command to reset the dungeon, such as; to remove all placed torches in the area after a player has visited it and refill treasure boxes

    /cat plan <name> <depth>
    but no /cat build <name> <depth>?

    Catacombs: Looking for Permissions plugin
    Catacombs: Permission system not detected, defaulting to OP
    Catacombs: WARNING: MYSQL is disabled (not everything will work as intended)

    i have permissionsex
    "WARNING: MYSQL is disabled (not everything will work as intended)"
    ? mysql?
    edit: ah wait i found the mysql spoiler. checking it now
    edit 2 ok the mysql seems to be working still no permissions lol

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  6. Laserhog the number of levels parameter passed to the 'plan' command is the number of floors in the dungeon as you guessed. If you specify 1 you get the hut (level 0) and one random floor to explore. If you ask for more you get more until you hit bedrock or hit caves or something.

    The "radius" controls the size of each level. It's the maximum number of blocks each level can extend from it's starting stair well. I find 20 works quite well, this keeps each level inside a 41x41 grid with the stair in the middle.

    There are "final" rooms on each level and at the "end" of the dungeon with good loot, and they should be safe once you've scattered some torches.

    Agreed a recall scroll to get you back to the top might be handy in deep dungeons.
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    Prefix: cat_ :confused:
    could you explain this thing a bit? i got all the mysql things configured but im a bit of a noob i guess
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    My first reaction was :confused:
    Then i was :eek:
    And, finally, i was [diamond]

    Awesome plugin dude,i really love it! Just a few suggestions... maybe hook into wgen,to make random dungeons spawn? that would be awesome!
    Then,a reset button which,when pressed,resets the entire dungeon!
    Also,some more variety in dungeons,but that will come by itself!
  9. Saber,

    One way to modify once built is to use WorldEdit. Another way is to disable the MySQL then turn it
    back on when you are done (more later).
    If you 'unprot' a dungeon to edit it you can't easily get the protection back on. It might be worth adding
    a feature to suspend protection and monster spawns to allow manual edits and then another command
    to re-enable after.

    Remove torches and repopulate is a good idea.

    /cat build has no depth options because it builds whatever depth you planned.

    I'll have to get the link to the permissions plugin it works with (permissionsex doesn't ring any bells).

    MySQL is a database that many servers run and that a number of plugins need. Google XAMPP
    if you want to set one up really easily. Unfortunately currently a MySQL server is really needed for
    full operation at this point.

    Probably fine if you leave this alone. The 3 tables Catacombs will create in your MySQL
    database will have this prefix on the start of their names so you can make sure they don't
    clash with any other table names that other plugins might have used.

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    hey thanks indeed i could leave it alone and it worked!
    i tested it out with depth 10 its great! (too big i know i'll retry)
    the default did generate way too many monsters so i have to look into it

    i do have op so it's no big issue with permissions since only i am gonna create them.

    oh oh i tried to delete the depth 10 dungeon called: d1
    expecting arg#1 to be an existing dungeon name

    arg#1? i used this command:
    /cat delete d1


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  11. Try "/cat list" (this will list all completed dungeons in the MySQL database).
    If the list is empty [] is might mean the plugin is having problems getting to the MySQL server.
    Any messages in the server console?
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    hmm i tried it and it says its empty []
    this was when i built it ;console:
    CONSOLE: true Start(5,12):SOUTH End(4,7):EAST Rooms=13 Grid:Size(18,25)
    CONSOLE: TOP :Vector(-96,45,665) BOT:Vector(-97,38,670) start_dir:SOUTH end_dir:EAST lower:false
    catacombs: Planning a dungeon for d1
    Catacombs: Added new dungeon d1 (0)

    i have http://[ip]/phpmyadmin as adress
    (ip is censord)
    do i have to write it diffrently?

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  13. I wonder if you have an older version of MySQL? I tested with version 5.x.
    All the tables include a line "AUTO_INCREMENT=1" to start the first dungeon
    at id=1 (yours report shows the dungeon id=0). I suspect the AUTO_INCREMENT=1 is
    a MySQL 5 thing.

    If you know how to run a MySQL query or have myphpadmin we can fix it (I'll also
    patch the code to allow for this).

    I suspect any new dungeons you create will be ok (the next will be id=1 etc).

    If you have phpmyadmin change the "did" (dungeon ID) entry from 0 to 1 in
    the cat_dungeons table and for all the entries in the cat_cubes table.
    Change manually in the tables or try these queries.

    UPDATE cat_dungeons SET did=1 WHERE did=0;
    UPDATE cat_cubes SET did=1 WHERE did=0;

    then let's hope it figures out the next dungeon is number 2.

    I'd expect http://<whatever>/phpmyadmin/ to work.

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    Note: i have a backup of my world before i built the dungeon (minus 2 buildings but thats ok), so if we can't fix it, it's ok

    hmmm the entries are not there.
    in phpmyadmin the database mcdb2 shows a (0) indicating their is nothing there.
    i must have done something wrong but what??
  15. If the MySql failed to create the tables I'd expect to see some caught or uncaught errors in the server's log window/file
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    Oh sorry i forgot to mention those errors (wasn't sure that they were errors)

    well there were these weird (kind of like this): ! # sdfkndfsn
    in console. about 20 of them sorry cant post them because they are already out of the console.
    I could however recreate the problem and post them then. But they seemed to be very random
  17. Don't worry about the "weird stuff" I think these are just the maps for the levels
    it generated (see below).
    Show Spoiler

    18:31:05 [INFO] Natural=Cuboid (-144,59,223) (-144,65,223)
    18:31:05 [INFO] [Catacombs] Stopping CatLevel <8x8
    18:31:05 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !XXXXXXX!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !Xoot..X!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !XA.:..X!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !XT:.:t+!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !Xf.:..X!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !Xoot..X!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !XXXXXXX!
    18:31:05 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!
    18:31:05 [INFO] false Start(3,3):WEST End(3,3):null Rooms=1 Grid:Size(7,7)
    18:31:05 [INFO] TOP :Vector(-144,74,223) BOT:Vector(-144,65,223) start_dir:WEST end_dir:null lower:false
    18:31:05 [INFO] [catacombs] Planning a dungeon for fred
    18:31:19 [INFO] Natural=Cuboid (-158,59,228) (-144,65,243)
    18:31:19 [INFO] [Catacombs] start x=12 y=12
    18:31:19 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !XXX+XXX!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !X..t..X!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !X..:..X!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !Xt:V:tX!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !Xo.:.oX!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !XoATfoX!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !XXXXXXX!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!
    18:31:19 [INFO] true Start(3,3):SOUTH End(3,3):EAST Rooms=1 Grid:Size(7,7)
    18:31:19 [INFO] TOP :Vector(-146,74,231) BOT:Vector(-146,65,231) start_dir:SOUTH end_dir:EAST lower:true
    18:31:19 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !               !
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! ############  !
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #M..##.....U  !
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #.m.##....;^U#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #...##.....U.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #,..##.....#.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! XAX##X...M.#.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #,,,,A,....#.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #XAAXX#####X.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #.,,M.##..,$,#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #...c,####DX$X!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! ####XwX##D*D,#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #..,A,....:#.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! #..,A,.....X.#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] ! ####X.Cc..,+,#!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !     #######X##!
    18:31:19 [INFO] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18:31:19 [INFO] true Start(12,12):WEST End(11,4):NORTH Rooms=9 Grid:Size(15,16)
    18:31:19 [INFO] TOP :Vector(-146,65,231) BOT:Vector(-147,58,239) start_dir:WEST end_dir:NORTH lower:false
    18:31:19 [INFO] [catacombs] Re-planning a dungeon for fred

    At the top I'd expect something like this as the MySql gets set up and builds the tables.
    Any real issues usually have [SEVERE] rather than [INFO]
    18:29:54 [INFO] [Catacombs] Looking for Permissions plugin
    18:29:54 [INFO] [Catacombs] Found and will use plugin Permissions v3.1.6
    18:29:55 [INFO] [Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL
    18:29:55 [INFO] [catacombs] plugin has been enabled!
    Also try "SELECT VERSION()" in a query window in phpMyAdmin if you get a chance.
    N.B you might need capital 'M' and 'A'
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    Hey I am quite new to the whole "server control" thing, I am an admin on a Clanforge minecraft server, and really want to get this mod up and running, but this mod isn't in the default list of addons the server provides, and whenever I upload it, it never appears on any list, so I suppose what I am asking is, can anyone help me figure out how to get this added to my server, and get it working? thanks in advance!
  19. As I understand it it can take a little while for the plugin to get from this forum to the main release forum. You can speak to the admin who controls which plugins are included with the server and see if you can get it added. Or just add the Catacombs.jar to the plugins directory, start the server, shut down the server, edit the default plugins/Catacombs/config.yml file to add Mysql details (apologies if you don't have one but it's a requirement at the moment), then restart the server and off you go (in my experience that's a pretty standard plugin install sequence).

    The plugin has been working robustly for me for several weeks and it's live on my server. Having said that most of this thread so far has been trying to help one brave soul that's been having problems with the plugin connecting to his sql database so there may be an issue yet that I've not seen (Saber I'll help you figure out what the problem is if you are still interested and what to send me some more details I've been running tests and haven't recreated your problem yet). It would be good to hear if anyone else is having success or problems.
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    Excellent plugin !
    Can you add some features for the next version ?
    • room with lava
    • some plates near a dispenser of arrows. Doesn't need to be well hidden, just for the sense of danger
    • some plates near a piston. Doesn't need to be well hidden, just for the sense of danger
    • some parse soulsand to slow
    • a room separated in 2 parts by a 2 block wall of web with squeleton behind (arrow go through the web)
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    i think im gonna retry it today
    is probbably what didn't happen
  22. Toro, thanks for the great feedback.

    Rooms with lava already exist. Here are the key percentage controls if you want more.
    Remember if the room is 100% lava (with no walkway) you'll get stuck because you
    can't place anything other than torches in a catacomb.
                    PoolPct: 15        - % chance room contains a pool
                    FullPoolPct: 40    - % chance the pool fills most of the room (2 block walk way)
                    LavaPct: 30        - % chance pool is lava rather than water
    I was thinking it might be nice to have some traps too. Connecting all the redstone up
    makes it more difficult than most of the other features of a dungeon which are limited
    to a single block. I'll add it to the ToDo list.

    Slow sand and web partitions are good ideas that will help keep the adventures on their
    toes when they run into a room madly planting torches.
  23. Released version 0.3 of Catacombs.

    * Added Soul Sand into the floor in some rooms to slow movement down
    * Increased the number of initial mushrooms in rooms that contain them
    * Integrated with iConomy. If iConomy is present it will add looted coins to
    the users balance. Set "Admin.GoldOff = true" in the configuration to disable
    Monsters in dungeons dropping gold. ...Gold.Min and ...Gold.Max can be used
    to configure the amount of coins dropped (N.B these are currently whole numbers
    not fractions.
    * Added a "/cat reset <name>" command to reset a dungeon. This command closes doors,
    clears torches, refills the chests. Chests in the hut are left unchanged, other
    chests are cleared before being restocked. Mushrooms, spawners and webs aren't
    restocked if they have been destroyed.
    * Added some extra tidy up during dungeon delete. One up shot of this is the
    trap door in the top hut is now destroyed correctly.
    * Changed block place,damage,break routines to integrate better with other plugins
  24. If you fancy larger dungeons like the ones in the Adventure 1.8 trailer and can't wait for the release then simply find a suitable location and change some of the config.yml parameters. You get wide corridors and big rooms (bring lots of torches!)

    These appeared to do the trick

    N.B This is not a complete config.yml file. You'll need to edit an existing config.yml and manually find/change the values listed below
            DoubleWidthPct: 100
            room: 4
            Width3Pct: 100
            Width2Pct: 0
            Max: 15
            Min: 6
            Max: 20
            Min: 8
        CorridorPct: 20
        RadiusMax: 100
    Here is a couple of pictures showing the kind of levels you get (given enough space).
    Show Spoiler

    A map

    A bigger room
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    Very interesting, I like.
    A quick idea/suggestion, however! Would it be possible to have these create themselves on terrain generation, to avoid the need for a command to create them? Ideally, these would be rare since they're 'special'...

    Will be giving this a shot on my local version of my server for a bit to see what comes of it. ;3
  26. Bdl2,

    How about a command that could place a dungeon somewhere randomly within the explored world. You might specify the number of levels deep it is (or that might be random). Maybe the command could place several. Being able to limit the random placements to be within a given distance (radius) might be handy.

    /cat scatter <depth> <radius> <number>
    /cat scatter <depth> <radius>
    /cat scatter <depth>
    /cat scatter
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    Does this plugin still work? When I use /cat plan nothing comes up at all when i use the full command, not even in console, MYSQL Is all good and set up but if I type /cat plan <name> 5 for instance it says a 7x7 room was made but no finished so I'm pretty confused.
  28. Wextell, the plugin searches the space underneath the block you are standing on to see if there is a solid natural space it can build a dungeon in. When you are in a good spot it will say there is room for a 7x7 room (the "hut") and then 5 more regions below that (because you asked for 5 levels) and it will list the dimensions of each level and the number of rooms on each. See the list of block types in at the top of this thread for which blocks are natural.

    I have had some issues when standing on snow, so try and find a grassy area or stone or something. As far as I know the plugin still works.

    There is usually additional info in the console on the server giving me some clues as to why the dungeon couldn't be built. Feel free to paste them in here and I can have a look.

    Obviously I've not tested with 1.8 yet because we are waiting for the new release of bucket.
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    Uhh sorry, I'm a bit of a kneub at this stuff, but what's MySQL and how do you configure it? Says MySQL is disabled, then when i go in game i get an error saying: Expecting arg#1 to be a planned dungeon name, and nothing happens .__.

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