[EDIT] NTheEndAgain v0.1.0 Beta - the End / 8000+ downloads ! [1.5.1-R0.2]

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  1. NTheEndAgain
    • Respawn Dragons
    • Regen the End world
    • modify Dragons Health, XP drop, and other things
    • Multiple End world support
    • And a lot more ! See additional features on the website

    I'm now only supporting the BukkitDev Page and the Dedicated Page on my website.
    All downloads are still on BukkitDev - and only on BukkitDev.
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  2. thanks it's what i am searching for ! But the name of my end world is survival1_the_end does your plugin will reconize it ? (i haven't test it yet)
  3. The plugin takes the first world he found that is an End World.
  4. Updated to 1.1-R1
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    There is already a plugin that does this; EndReset.. But it's a nice plugin :) Thanks :D
  6. If you have some ideas... The first thing I can add is to allow multiple ender dragons.

    Updated !
    Version 0.2
    • Multiple EnderDragons !
    • Respawn him/them some seconds after his/their death !

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  7. great i test it !
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    I am going to try this it would be perfect for my server
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    Can you min and max nbEnderDragon:
    After killing dragon(s), plugin will randomly take number from min and max and add x dragons on next reset.
  10. Updated !
    Version 0.3
    • Added minimum and maximum values for EDs number.
    • An "actual" maximum number of EDs to be spawned will be calculated with these 2 values at reboot and after all EDs are dead on respawnType: 4
    • Added command /nbenderdragon or /nbEd
      • Return the number of EDs alive and the Actual Maximum number.
      • Permission : N3W_TheEndAgain.nb
    • Some fixes
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    You have HardCore mode and End plugin which I use together.
    Main problem is users can use pumpkins (Remove Pumpkin blur) and enderman will no longer attack players in The End. Is it possible via plugin to turn that feature off ?
  12. Mercury
    Now planned in the HardCore plugin.

    I also plan to make dynamic/enhanced difficulty with the ED.
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    interesting, will wait :)
  14. Quick fix update

    Version 0.3a
    • Bug fixed : ED will not spawn if there is nobody in the End world (End not loaded)
    • Bug fixed : /nbed command will return 0 if there is nobody in the End world (End not loaded)
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    Todo : Add a reward (item id or money BOSeconomy support :p )
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    You already get more than 100 exp points (levels) for killing oO
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    How is it going ?
  18. I'm waiting for Bukkit to correct every bugs concerning the ED.
    For now, I can't get the event of someone hiting the ED.
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    Nice, please update to r4
  20. Topic updated to 1.1-R4

    I do not have much time right now, but I will soon (a few days / weeks) do some updates.
  21. Update : Version 0.4
    • Bug fixed : Respawn types 3 & 4 now works correctly
    • Custom XP reward system : No drop, only those who hit him will receive XP points in proportion to the damage done !
    • Custom XP quantity !
    • Custom "The ED respawned !" messages (with colors) !
    • Custom "You received XP" messages (with colors) !
    • Works with CraftBukkit 1.2.3-R0.1
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    Please tag me when you update to R7
  23. The 0.4 version of my plugin depends on some BugFixes done for 1.2.3 CraftBukkit version. The plugin works well with the very first one 1.2.3 version, but after 10 min of tests on 1.1-R7, it seems that everything that work on CB 1.2.3 does not work with R7. But their is no risk to use it, it will just be an extended 0.3a version :

    Version 0.4 with CB 1.1-R7
    • Bug fixed : Respawn types 3 & 4 now works correctly Buggy with 1.1-R7
    • Custom XP reward system : No drop, only those who hit him will receive XP points in proportion to the damage done ! Buggy with 1.1-R7
    • Custom XP quantity ! Buggy with 1.1-R7
    • Custom "The ED respawned !" messages (with colors) !
    • Custom "You received XP" messages (with colors) ! Buggy with 1.1-R7
    I don't know if I should tag it with R7 md_5
    I think we should just wait for the 1.2 RB
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    Approved Ribesg
    Changed title
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    Awesome plugin. I would like to request a feature be added that forces despawning of the end portals generated with the dragon egg, and the associated bedrock. Maybe turn those blocks into air on ED spawn? I would like to not have the end littered with these portals, but not have to regenerate the end on server restart.

    edit: The custom xp system prevents anyone from getting xp off the kills if enabled.

    edit: i r bad gremmur fix
  26. DaZirra
    It's working great on my server but we are in 1.1-R7 now. I didn't tested to much 1.2.x.
    I'm sorry but I can't look into it until at least 4-5 days.

    For deleting portals, it's planned, but I don't know yet the right way to do this. I said, I have to look into this.
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    Still a great plugin. I knew this was not compatible with 1.2.5 and the latest release of bukkit, but I only run a private server for me and my roomate, so was willing to try it. From my experience the only things not working are custom xp and associated messages if that helps you at all. Reliably spawning 3-6 EDs for me with option 4. I just use SafeCreeper to prevent ED from damaging terrain to make it manageable.
  28. Update : Version 0.5
    • Bug fixed : everything broken with 1.2.x updates now works. Compatibility with 1.1 is not guaranteed.
    • Custom difficulty depending on how many players fight the EnderDragon
    • Added the ability to prevent portals from being created on ED death (Egg still spawn !)
    • Works well with 1.2.5-R1.0 !
    Please report any bug on BukkitDev !
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    I have an idea :D
    Custom Drops?
    Eco support?
    Dont tested your plugin but i do it if i have time :D
    Sounds awesome!
  30. Update : Version 0.5a
    • Some debug ouputs removed
    • Added ability to put multiple messages for expMessage1 and expMessage2 (the same way that respawnMessage)
    • Little bugfix of respawnmode 4
    • + v0.5 changes
    Please report any bug on BukkitDev !

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