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    NanoBot - Edit Structures, Landscapes and more

    Version: 1.39
    craftbukkit: 1.2.5-R1.0


    NanoBot is a plugin that is able to change, copy, move, remove and rotate Structures and Landscapes. When someone uploads a structure by default, it will appear on this webpage:

    Test server: Offline, Waiting for new server computer. (2012-04-25)
    On the nanobot test server the latest build of nanobot is installed. there very one is allowed to test nanobot. the worlds resets every hour so do what you please. the server is off 3 - 4 minutes on every restart

    nanobot demonstration:

    nanobot tools

    Sumbitted Video or Others (open)




    Latest version
    NanoBot.jar (Alt)

    Ops the upload server is only for them that can code PHP and MySQL (alt)

    Here can you find older versions:

    1. Download
    2. put nanobots.jar in plugin folder
    3. Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    How to use:
    After the plugin is installed run the server or reload it, then got the nanobot folder that is the plugin and then open up the settings.yml file and under premission there are some settings for see how is allowed to use the mod

    op = minecraft own op system
    playerList = all users that going to beable to use the mod most be listed in allowPlayers.txt
    premission = if the server has some other permission plugin you can enable that setting to use that plugin instead

    then the permissions are sorted out restart or reload the server , Enter a command in the chat then hit a block with a empty hand

    nanobot.nanobot = allow the use of nanobot = allow download from a web server
    nanobot.upload = allow upload a structure to a web server
    nanobot.load = allow loading a structure from a file and place it

    The modes are
    Color = Edit only block with the same color (wool)
    Ground = Edit every block that the world generator can make (except bedrock)
    Normal = Edit block of the same type as the fist one you hit
    Structures = Edit structures
    All = Edit all blocks except air and bedrock
    • /nano remove [mode] [amount]
      • Remove blocks
    • /nano copy [mode] [amount]
      • Copy blocks
    • /nano move [mode] [amount]
      • Move blocks
    • /nano change <id> [mode] [amount]
      • Change blocks to something else (like dirt to grass)
    • /nano change <id>:<color> [mode] [amount]
      • Change block to something else but support color
      • /nano change 35:red (change something to red wool)
    • /nano fill <id> [amount]
      • Fill holes
    • /nano rotate <90|180|270>
      • allows the player to rotate structures or landscapes
    • /nano <save|load> <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Save and load Structures or Landscapes from a file
    • /nano upload <filename> [mode] [amount]
      • Upload a structure to a public site where it can be downloaded
    • /nano download <filename> <id>
      • Download a structure from the public site (then use /nano load)
    • /nano tools [tool name]
      • See a list of all tools avaiable or see more info about one tool
    • /nano select [mode] [amount]
      • Selecting a structure or landscape
    • /nano <toss|info|cancel|undo>
      • Stand in water or lava and use Toss to use the nanobot on water
      • Info allows the player to see the information about the nano like then it is done
      • Cancel quits the operation the nanobot are assign to
      • Undo are just like it sound it undo that players last edit with he/she did with the nanobots
    Commands advance:

    now in a command can players use +<block id> to add and -<block id> to remove blocks that aren't on the scan list like
    /nano copy +1 s 1000 will now also copy smooth stone

    I want to thank @Flabaliki for helping with Bug testing the plugin

    Know bugs:
    • Stairs, Signs and other block don't rotate correctly

    full change list (open)

    Version 1.31
    * Select tool works with /nano change

    Version 1.3
    * Players get now the right amount of block edited
    * Color and All mode added
    * Snow layer are now ignored
    * Selection tool added (set id in tools.yml)
    * Some changes to scanning and editing codes
    * Permission bug fixed
    * Sand and Gravel that has been scanned don't fall
    * Config crash fix
    * The throw command now works on water and lava
    * Structures and landscape can now be rotate while move or copying
    * Support for the whole mode name
    * Fixed some bugs with the + and - system

    Version 1.25
    * Fixed a problem with item on walls fell of then they where loaded
    * Redstone torches now rotate correctly
    * Things on walls (torches, sign and more) do not change with the command change
    * Flowers and pistons now count as a on wall block

    Version 1.22 (Hotfix)
    * Fixed the special command -<block id> for real
    * Fixed torches and steps being rotated correctly
    * Fixed a bug that caused the tools to not work

    Version 1.2
    * Change .properties file to .yml
    * File being converted automatically
    * Small order now getting instantly completed
    * Added a blueprint tool
    * Fixed folder rename bug
    * Fixed the special command -<block id>
    * Changed Allowed blocks to disallowed blocks

    Version 1.1 (hotfix)
    * Permissions work as they should

    Version 1.0
    * Better scan code
    * Better edit code
    * Added nanobot tools
    * Added allowMaterial in options
    * Added command /nano select
    * Added progress messages
    * Changed /nano rotate
    * Fixed /nano move so it can now move things with out messing them up
    * Added /nano tools to see all tools

    Version 0.81 (hotfix)
    * Fixed the permissions
    * Fixed Save and upload functions
    * Added /nano fill in help

    Version 0.8
    * Added /nano fill
    * Added english number format
    * Added -diagonal
    * Added permissions
    * Change max number of block to edit every second from 250 to 2500
    * Some performance changes
    * Blocked some blocks in the commands
    * Remove the old nanobots.jar file
    Version 0.7
    * Fixed new scan code
    * Added -up and +down
    * Now can nanobot scan air (if +0 are used)

    Version 0.6
    * Fixed amount problem then saving
    * Change upload file location to temp folder

    Version 0.56
    * Fixed undo problem
    * Fixed load problem
    Version 0.55
    * Tried to fix the undo bug (i can't test it for i don't have that bug)
    * Fixed the nano rotate error
    * added new options needPermissionFile and needOp
    Version 0.5
    * Added a experimental setting that stops things from spreading while nanobots work
    * Fixed a loop issue
    * Fixed so - and + option works again
    * Fixed undo so it now should work correctly
    * Fixed so toss works again
    * Fixed some compatibility issues

    Version 0.45
    * Fixed for bukkit build 1000
    * Some performance issues fixed
    * Increased scan speed
    * Some new options added

    Version 0.41
    * Fixed a error that broke the hole plugin

    Version 0.4
    * Added upload function
    * Added download function
    * Added more advance options
    * Added setting file
    Version 0.3
    *Nanobot now logs in the server log
    * who, where and when someone uses the mod
    * Now do the undo file get created when the server shutdown
    Added some missing commands in /nano help
    Added leaves (18) in ground mode

    Version 0.2
    * First release
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    you need to use "nano move" or "nano copy" before nano rotate, but thx for finding that error :)
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    ah okies so would that have to be "nano copy [etc]" and then before clicking the space where you'd place the copy, you type "nano rotate [etc]" THEN place the copy?

    Ah I see, perfect thanks =D now i can finish my village ^^
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    /nano undo does not work
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    any errors? and what os is the server on?
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    not sure I use hamachi tooo host on ? , I noticed though that I was able too find the game object at a diffrent location on the map and i dont know why lol :confused:
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    jolleward I steal plugins as my own

    why it says im NOT OP, but im on allowed player.txt and im using permissions
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    I have my name on allowPlayers.txt and when i type /nano in-game, says : "You aren't OP!" I have mcmyadmin, bukkit, essentials and dynmap
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    You need to be op on the server to use it, but i just updated the plugin so now it is possible to change or add needOp=false and then no players need to be op to use the plugin but they most be listed in the allowPlayers.txt file
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    David T.

    It's kind of like WorldEdit, but looks so much easier to use. :D Nice plugin. I might get it. Also, how does the command know what to replace with the block you select?

    Example: You have a house made of wood and cobblestone, but you want to turn the cobblestone into logs. How does the plugin know that you want to turn the cobblestone into wood and not the logs, How does it know you don't want to turn everything in the area to logs. From seeing the commands /nano change 4 (which would replace with cobblestone) how does it know WHAT to change into cobblestone?
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    I hope i understand right now. but then the nanobot scan a structure or landscape it going from 1 block to all 8 around it and from those blocks it repeats the process but it can't spread to a block it isn't allowed to or the same block twice, so then it can't spread any more the scan are completed. sorry my english are bad :(

    here is a old video then nanobot changed the block on the fly

    Ground, Normal and Structure a just basically a list of blocks that are allowed to be scanned
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    Wish there was a way to see what i was downloading before I downloaded it and loaded it. Also, how do I scan something?
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    Im getting wierd error..:

    Since the new version the save/load feature doesnt seem to run correctly with me.
    Whenever I copy/move buildings and Pixelart everything runs fine without any problems.
    But when using the save/load feature to spawn a building it only spawns the left half of it and the right part get "merged" into the left one. It kind off mirrors the rightern part of the structure and puts it onto the leftern part.

    An image will be attached..:

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    Really nice and simple to use, thanks a lot! I made an entire marketplace for a small village in only a few minutes, just copied a small hut I made and pasted them all over.
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    I fixed the problem :) thx for the image it helped a lot ^^
  18. What is the exact difference between this and WE?
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    I don't know i never seen WE
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    I found out a possible bug, or maybe its intended i dont know...

    When using the copy/move commands on a structure it allows me to set a limit to 300000 (300k) for example.
    But when using the save mode it always fixes the limit to 10k regardless of the limit i type in.

    The command used was "/nano save project1 s 300000", it says it sets the limit to 10k
    When using "/nano move/copy s 300000" he sets it correctly to 300k.

    So the error seems to be save mode specific.

    I also realized that its now possible to undo things in subworlds which wasnt working until now as it was only able to find undo data in the main world, thank you very much :D

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    Would anyone mind telling me how I scan something so I can upload it or save it please/
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    The commands are all well explained in the first post above, yet let me give you a simple example (these examples are all in "structure" mode, therefore the mode "s" (for more details on that, read the first post)..:

    To save a structure so you can load it later, type "/nano save yourprojectname s" and then hit one of the blocks in the lowest row of your house/structure to scan it.
    To load your structure, type "/nano load yourprojectname s" and then hit a block on the ground where you want the building/house to be spawned.

    The other commands ( /nano move s | /nano copy s | /nano remove s ) are all used in this way, they don't save the structure on the server hard disk, but rather only move, remove, copy the selected structure. After using a copy/remove/move command you have to click one on the blocks in the lowest row of your structure and when it completed scanning you have to click a block where you want it to be moved/copied. Obviously when using the "/nano remove s" command to remove a structure you dont need to click somewhere else after clicking the structure, since youre just removing it...

    Oh forgot to mention why I actually am looking forward to also be able to set a custom limit in the load/save mode.
    A friend of mine build a castle and is running out of space in the normal world so we wanted to move it to the skylands :D. The problem is you cant copy or move throughout worlds (from main to subworld for example) the only way to do it it is save it to file first and then load the file in the subworld. It has worked this way a lot of times as we have moved a lot of pixelart from the main world to the pixelart subworld already with the save/load mode.

    But now were facing a problem because the castle obviously by far extends the normal limit of 10k :D

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    Thank you
    For some reason I didn' tsee the "hit the lowest block part"

    Thanks again

    Hey guys! I am loving this now that I got scanning working. 1 quick question however...

    I know I can scan ground and I know I can scan structures. But is there anyway to include both scans in one?

    For instance, we built a small castle on a hill and it fits perfectly. But if I save the castle and try to load it it has issues with floating because we don't have the hill. I can save the hill as a ground scan but can't seem to play the castle in the exact spot it was in. If I can scan the whole hill and castle and save it in one file then that'd fix it. Anyway to do that?

    Also, is there anyway to make it so the max scan is higher than 10k? We have a massive structure I'd love to keep that is about 25k. I looked in the config file and didn't see this defined anywhere.

    Thanks alot!

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    House on mountain *with* mountain..:
    Use the structure scanning mode and start the scan on the buttom of the hill and include the blocktypes the mountain is made of into the command..

    Example..: "/nano copy +1 +2 +3 +4 +12 +24 s 30000"
    This command would scan in structure mode (s) and include block types 1 (stone), 2 (grass), 3 (dirt), 4 (cobblestone), 12 (sand), and 20 (sandstone). The 30000 at the end will set the maximum limit to 30k.
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    BRILLIANT! Thank you. I see I can't put amount at the end of save. Is this on purpose or can it be changed?
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    In the newest version of the plugin, you can also set a custom blocklimit in the save mode.

    Thanks for the updates, its working nicely.

    Today I copied a castle from a friend into the skylands with the save/load mode in structure mode including all the glowstone, glasswater, lava and other stuff he used in his castle and it worked perfectly... After 1 min. he was done scanning 95k of blocks, skipping the air this time therefore being much faster. The good thing about the fact that he now skips air is, apart from the fact that its going much faster now, that the maximum limit can be a lot smaller now.

    In the attempt before with version 0.55 he also scanned the air which resulted in the server scanning around 300000 block but copying only half the castle because of all the air. But now he skips it and very quickly scanned the WHOLE castle this time without the air and came up around 95k of blocks.

    Very good job.

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    Damn, I thought about making this plugin too.
    Well, to late :)

    Its a bit like the Advanced Duplication mod for GMod
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    can we get a copy of the conn.php? thank you.
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    I have now added it in the .zip file, just redownload it
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    bad version number in .class file :(
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    Can you add the option to select the area by hitting the corner blocks manually? The auto selection is nice 80% of the time but occasionally it screws something up and Id rather set it myself.

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