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    MonsterBox - Change any Placed Monster Spawner's Type:
    Version: v0.6

    You can now set spawners by right clicking them with eggs! Also, mob spawners can drop their corresponding egg for later setting!

    MonsterBox will change the type of any monster spawner that you are looking at with the command /mbox set <creaturetype>. Some valid creature types are wolf, pigzombie, creeper. Capitalization does not matter. To change the options, just open settings.ini located in the plugins/MonsterBox folder. For economy support please download and install Register
    Please Note:
    For all of you having problems getting monsters to spawn: This only "sets" the type of monster spawner and lets minecraft do the spawning. It will not spawn certain types of monsters (like Steves) because the spawn rate and spawn conditions for a monster spawner of that type is not defined in the minecraft code.

    To use:
    To set a monster spawner:
    Command Method
    1. Look at monster spawner. (Through glass is just fine)
    2. Type in /mbox set <creaturetype>
    Command-less Method
    1. Hit monster spawner with a gold sword
    2. Select the new mob that you want it to spawn
    Command-less Method (using eggs)

    1. Hit monster spawner with a gold sword
    2. Select the new mob that you want it to spawn
    To get which monster a spawner spawns:

    Command Method
    1. Look at monster spawner. (Through glass is just fine)
    2. Type in /mbox get
    Command-less Method

    1. Hit monster spawner with a gold sword
    2. The current mob is at the top of the selection window.
    • Right click a spawner with an egg to change the type commandlessly
    • Spawners can drop an egg corresponding to the type of spawner you broke
    • Spout enabled GUI. Just hit the monster spawner with a gold sword! (configurable)
    • Completely command-less mode of operation with the new Spout gui!
    • Spout is 100% optional on both server and client.
    • Option to assign a price to every monster, not just a group price for setting the type of monster a mob spawner will spawn.
    • Compatible with your existing monster spawner drops from CreatureBox (versions 0.7.7c and below) (Don't run both at once! They will conflict) for an easy transition.
    • Can change the type of monster spawner to any creature that minecraft natively supports.
    • Admins can restrict what mobs a player can set a monster spawner to spawn using permissions.
    • Monster spawners can drop monster spawners (Permissions support. If permissions is not installed it defaults to OPs only)
    • Dropped monster spawners retain their mob type.
    • Scroll over a monster spawner in your quickbar to quickly figure out it's type.
    • Find out which type of monster spawner you are looking at.
    • Restrict users from placing mob spawners using permissions. (if permissions is not installed it defaults to OPs only)
    • Permissions (Both bukkit superperms and the older permissions system) support (if permissions is not installed it defaults to OPs only)
    • iConomy ALL ECONOMY systems supported via the Register plugin
    Permission Nodes:
    • monsterbox.set - the ability to set the type of monster spawner
    • monsterbox.eggset - the ability to set the type of mob spawner using eggs
    • monsterbox.view - be able to use the /mbox get command
    • - if iConomy is enabled this node lets this group/user use the command for free
    • monsterbox.drops - the ability for the player to recieve a drop from breaking spawners
    • - the ability to place any spawner
    • monsterbox.spawn.* - The ability for the player to change a monster spawner to any monster type. (The player will need the node monsterbox.set permission as well in order to set the spawner)
    • monsterbox.spawn.[monstertype] - The ability for the player to change a monster spawner to [monstertype]. (The player will need the node monsterbox.set permission as well in order to set the spawner)
    • monsterbox.eggspawn.* - The ability for the player to change a monster spawner to any monster type using eggs. (The player will need the node monsterbox.eggset permission as well in order to set the spawner)
    • monsterbox.eggspawn.[monstertype] - The ability for the player to change a monster spawner to [monstertype] using an egg. (The player will need the node monsterbox.eggset permission as well in order to set the spawner)
    • monsterbox.dropegg.* - The ability for the player to receive an egg drop of any spawner's mob type when breaking the spawner.
    • monsterbox.dropegg.[monstertype] - The ability for the player to receive an egg drop of [monstertype] when breaking those spawners.
    Download MonsterBox v0.6
    Download MonsterBox v0.5
    Download MonsterBox v0.4
    Download MonsterBox v0.3 (bukkit versions 1060 and below)
    Source Code

    • Right click a monster spawner to get what type of mob it spawns (commandless).
    • Noteblock like monster spawners
    List of Mobs that are verified to spawn (others might, I just haven't tested):
    • Ghast
    • PigZombie
    • Wolf
    • Pig
    • Skeleton
    • Creeper
    • Zombie
    • Sheep (at least in 1.7, not sure about 1.6.6)
    • Cow (1.7+)
    • Chicken (1.7+)
    • Cave Spider (1.8+)
    • Enderman (1.8+)
    • Silverfish (1.8+)
    • Giant (1.8+)
    • Ender Dragon (1.0.1)
    • Mushroom Cow (1.0.1)
    • Villager (1.0.1)
    • Blaze (1.0.1)
    Plugin Not working correctly?
    For me to diagnose the issue properly please provide me with the following information:
    Description of issue and how to reproduce:
    Version of Craftbukkit:
    Version of java:
    Other plugins installed:
    Output of console (If there are any error messages):
    MonsterBox configuration file:
    Version 0.6
    • Added ability for mob spawners to drop an egg for the corresponding type of mob that they are. (Replaces old mob_spawner types method)
    • Added ability for mob spawners to be set by right clicking with an egg. One time use in survival, unlimited use in creative mode. (also to replace the old way for trading set mob spawners.)
    • Removed the message "You are now holding a pig spawner" whenever you flip over a mob spawner in your inventory
    • Updated event handling.
    Version 0.5
    • Added new mobs
    • Made it so that I don't have to do as much updating every time new mobs are added to Minecraft. Should auto sense the new mobs and allow you to change the mob spawner to them without me having to release a new version.
    • Mob Spawners with mobs not added will drop a pig spawner instead of erroring out now.
    • Tweaked Spout GUI slightly.
    Version 0.4
    • Added an option where you can set each mob to have a different price via the prices.ini file.
    • Changed all internal damage IDs to reflect default bukkit still keeping backward compatibility with spawners still in inventory.
    • Added a new OPTIONAL Spout GUI. (I spent several hours tracking down and resolving any and all bugs that presented themselves when running it without Spout, and I can guarantee that it WILL run without it.)
    • New COMMANDLESS options via SPOUT: Hit the monster spawner with a gold sword (configurable) to open up the gui.
    • Added alternate way to open the GUI via command: /mbox set.
    • When the client and/or server does not have spout installed /mbox set now shows a list of all the possible mob types.
    Version 0.3
    • Added new mob types (cave spiders, enderman, silverfish)
    • Added Bukkit SuperPerms support
    • Now supports all economy plugins via the Register plugin!
    • Added a little fix for bug in craftbukkit build 1240
    • Doing the /mbox command by itself now lists out all the possible mob types you can choose from. (Auto generated from your version of bukkit)
    Version 0.2
    • Added permission nodes for each animal spawn type
    • Monster Spawners can now drop spawners (permissions support)
    • You can now view a monster spawner's current mob either in inventory by selecting it, or on the ground via command.
    • Dropped Monster Spawners retain their mob type.
    • Restrict Monster Spawner placing via permissions.
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Devil Boy

    Giants and pig-people included? :D
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    I could set them to spawn giants, they just wouldn't spawn. Probably because the conditions weren't right or because minecraft didn't know what to do, as all I do is change the type of monster that spawns. I did get ghasts and pigzombies to spawn though. Place one of these in a bedrock case and set it to ghasts = nightmare!
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    suggestions... allow limiting spawns in a config to say only 1-10 monsters can be carried per spawn and change the requirements to spawn as well as setting how often they spawn or spawn when redstone wire activates on it :) suggestions over :O
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    @Avous interesting suggestions. CreatureBox has those features, and I don't know if that's the direction I want to take this mod, although if enough people ask for it I will probably be adding it. I want to keep this plugin simple, yet powerful, without the overhead of bigger plugins. But hey, who says I couldn't have a light version later on if I do add them. Probably the kicker would be if CreatureBox broke completely on an update of bukkit and it was still unmaintained.
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    Really nice... I will test this to my server
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    Thank you SO much for finishing my request! I love this plugin already, and my users have said it has been a lot easier than using WorldEdit for doing this. (I didn't trust default users with the //set permission :p) My server has benefitted (is that a word?) a LOT from this. Thanks again!
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    You're welcome. :) It was really fun to build. I'm also going to be adding a few more features, like support to pick up monster spawners (permissions support included). If you have any more suggestions just let me know.
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    @Tux2 ;
    Would you mind at all if I use some of the source as a private plugin?
    I'm wanting to develop a basic score system on my server. All that's really left is to create a client-side plugin that keeps track of mobs killed and sends data to the server. And making scores for destroying monster spawners of different sorts. I won't mind at all if you decline :p
    Thanks in advance!
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    @Sabinno I don't think any of my code would be of use to you, but you are free to look around and take what you need, as long as you give credit.
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    I place a spawner and then use the command /mbox set <Creaturetype> but it still continues to create pigs even though i'm getting the green text with "Poof! That spawner will now spawn zombies" for example. Please advise?
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    The regular rules still apply to these monster spawners. The monsters need certain conditions to spawn. Try putting stone under the monster spawner and in a 5x5 flat area around it, then make sure the sun isn't shining on the monster spawner.
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    when i try to spawn wolves it spawns pigs as well but the pigs arent real, like you cant hit them but they move your character and they make noise and are visible... anything im doing wrong?
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    Nope, that's the ghost pig issue and is only done client side. If you were to disconnect and reconnect all those pigs will be gone. Notch supposedly fixed that, but I guess it is still an issue. The only way to get rid of those pigs would be to download a client mod for that, if one exists... as it is happening client side, not server side.
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    Ah right, I was completely unaware that there were special conditions required for monster spawners to operate, so my apologies. I don't suppose there is any documentation on what conditions I need to have in mind?

    Would digging a couple of tiles down, placing a monster spawner on stone and then filling the ground in cause the monsters to spawn on the surface if it isn't dark?

    many thanks
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    Is it possible to make it spawn angry wolves? If it is plz make it make it an option :รพ
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    Short version:
    A monster spawner will spawn monsters in any space that is light level 7 or below around it. If set to one of the peaceful mobs you might need to put it on grass though to make it work. Hopefully that helps.

    @dynero Not yet, as it would have to me a managed spawner to do that... I'll see what I can do to make that happen though.
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    Could you make be able to drop spawners when destroyed? That's the only big thing that I see missing. Thanks!
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    Yup, that's actually in my todo list for the next version. :D I'll add my todo list in the OP as well.
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    what about this pigs are comming out of the box? The most of them are not able to kill :S maybe... buggy MC?
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    I believe that's a bug with MC itself and not bukkit, I may be wrong though.
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    That is a client side glitch where your minecraft client spawns pigs as well. Since they aren't server side you can't kill them. This is a well known glitch. If you log out and back in the ghost pigs will be gone, but your client will start making more upon login. This is something I can't fix server side because they don't exist on the server.
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    CreatureBox went inactive some time ago and hasn't been updated to 818 so I'd consider this to be superior since it is fully compatible. May I suggest you see if you can contact the maker of creaturebox so it can have all of the same features if he'll release his sourcecode to you. Assuming he has actually abandoned it.

    If you cannot contact the author of creaturebox may I suggest the following features for your todo list.

    Can set how often the mobs are spawned in seconds
    Can set how many mobs per period are spawned
    Allow the box to spawn mobs even if light requirements aren't met
    Can change the detection radius that the box uses to trigger mobs spawns (including disable it)
    Ability to turn the spawner off and on via redstone
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    FINALLY! Working spawners! Thanks a ton!
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    Amazing. I may actually have to bring back RPG on my server with this :p
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    Does this work without Permissions, defaulting to OPs only?
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    Yes, it does. Added to first post. :)
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    awesome. im fo sho useing this :D

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