[EDIT/MISC] The REPLICATOR v1.4: Elegantly Generate and Replicator Designs/Shapes! [953]

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    Replicator - The Elegant and Spontaneous Generation and Replication Plugin
    Version: 1.4 ["TANGENT"]
    CraftBukkit Version: #953

    Welcome to a new era of shape creation! Using this plugin, any OP, or user with specific nodes, can create spontaneous figures out of his/her favorite block! Made a sphere of glowstone, a cage of sand, or even your own shape and block! Being my first plugin, I plan on keeping this up to date, and making sure that everything works out.

    All commands have specific nodes for the Permissions plugin, but can be OP-only if the Permissions plugin is not found.

    The current release of the plugin has four main features:
    1. Create diamonds that are five blocks high, on command! Then, undo in a second!
    2. Create cages that are five blocks in volume, on command! Then, undo in a second!
    3. Generate elegant spheres on command. YOU choose the radius and block! As with the others, you can undo this command instantly! Note: Spheres are created using a complicated mathematical algorithm, and because Minecraft is composed of blocks, the smaller the sphere, the less it will look like a sphere. However, in comparison with WorldEdit-like plugins, where the spheres are comprised of layers of circles, the sphere itself if more genuine and elegant.
    4. Replicate your own design! When this plugin is enabled, a folder in your plugins directory will be made. Store text documents under the specified format to create YOUR OWN Replicator designs! Think your's is a winner? Post it here and have it official added! More info on this awesome feature at the bottom!
    Also, if you ever have trouble, anyone can type in /replicator in-game for help and a listing of all available commands! Need something more? Type /replicator help for a brief summary!

    Please comment below with any requests or bugs that you find, and I'll do my best to cook up a better, more stable release as soon as I can. The download link will be stable; all updates will link to the same location.

    If you want to check up on the changelog or bug/todo list at any time, it is available in the .jar file, as well as the plugin's website, available here.

    Screenshots (More Coming Soon!)
    Show Spoiler

    Space before any Replicator commands.

    A simple /replicator diamond command.

    A simple /replicator cage command.

    Generated a large sphere with the /replicator sphere command, so you could see it's awesome spehereitude.

    A small tower made using the /replicator read command, from a file with the contents:
    5, 0, 1, 0
    5, 0, 2, 0
    5, 0, 3, 0
    5, 0, 4, 0


    A couple liquid-containing spheres made with commands like: /replicator sphere 11 5

    Show Spoiler

    /replicator help
    /replicator disable
    /replicator diamond || /replicator diamond [item id]
    /replicator cage || /replicator cage [item id]
    /replicator sphere [radius] [item id]
    /replicator read [file_name_in_Replicator_directory.txt]
    Details for the read command are in the changelog!

    For all commands, type in:
    /replicator [command, including filename if using read] undo

    If you want more speed, just use:
    /rd || /rd [item id]
    /rc || /rc [item id]
    /rs [radius] [item id]

    -Undo works only by deleting/replacing diamonds (with air), and no cages.

    - means feature or issue removed.
    + means feature added.
    * means bug of feature fixed.
    *Created first plugin, detects portal placement.
    +When portal is placed, finally, it is changed into a wood block, and a neat structure takes its place.
    +Made complex structure branch off, with partitions.
    +Structure finally traps player, almost makes it impossible NOT to die.
    *Fixed all bugs associated, especially the infinite loop.
    -Scrapped killing player/branched idea, and worked on diamond.
    *Placing portal will AT LAST create a weird looking diamond out of wood.
    +The diamond is jump-insidable (by accident)!
    +Added commands! No more stupid portals!
    *The "plugin.yml" has a use, and can be easily read and understood.
    +Arguments and Quickcommands added! Make diamonds out of glass, use only four total keystrokes!
    +Added help menus and a Quick Reference, and a more organized if/else branch system.
    *Made the diamonds spawn one block up from current block, waaaay better.
    *Diamond creation more streamlined, only "valid" blocks spawn, no more apparent bugs.
    +Cages added (on request from poolshark)! At your current target, a sloppy about 5x5ish box is made!
    +Added, after hours of tedious work, an undo function, and streamlined code more. Determined the only way to implement undo as of now is to make the undo replace the last Diamond placed with air. But, the "last diamond placed" thingy is still neat, in my books.
    +Released changelog/etc online, and made a mental note to create way more structures ASAP, focus more on video-making next Thursday, and have undo be a necessity.
    *Cleaned up code, again, and added OP support. Permissions coming next update, but sending off to Bukkit Plugin List now!
    *Finally got approved on the Bukkit list! Cool!
    +With much help from my brother, added incredibly perfect spheres (just 9 lines of code)! You get to choose your radius, too.
    +Added a  "disable" feature, so I can disable the plugin easily, even though I still can't update seamlessly! >:(
    *Fixed a wall of the cage spawning one block lower than the rest.
    *Doesn't allow undos without a structure creation first. (Almost overlooked this one!)
    +Added an awesome feature where the user can create his/her own unique structures from an external file! [Ω]
    +Added support of the all-loving Permissions plugin! [∆]
    -Got rid of cages being made of liquids, as well as diamonds.
    *Modified the general layout of the plugin.yml, adding the nodes for Permissions (for fun!).
    +Generates a folder on first run, and then stores a temporary "readme" file.
    +Added fancy brackets around the log info messages!
    *Fixed a bunch of misc. errors, making sure that the plugin handles everything, and no "Internal errors" pop up. Hopefully that's all, but I'm relying on a few forum-testers to prove me wrong!
    +When making a sphere, if the user specifies for a liquid (id#8-11), a glass sphere will be made, with a sphere of the specified liquid inside!
    Ω - By creating a readable, .txt, file in the Replicator-generated directory, you can create your own structures! Every line will be a new block placement, with the following format:
    		[item id], [x additive], [y additive], [z additive]
    Where the additives are the additions to the current block you're looking at. So, to make a three-block high column of wood…
    		5, 0, 1, 0
    		5, 0, 2, 0
    		5, 0, 3, 0
    ∆ - If you have the Permissions plugin enabled, then the nodes are:
        Without the Permissions plugin enabled, Replicator will default to OP.
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    By diamond do you mean a rhombus? I keep thinking of the in-game item. Your changelog talks about portals. What do you mean by that? Portal blocks? Also, what is the replication function? It doesn't seem to be copying anything.
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    Cool I'll Test when bukkit's ready for 1.6.5
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    wait wait, create a wooden diamond? How on earth..?
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    it works grate. i like it
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    You need to be supporting 818 before your plugin will be approved.
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    Ok Made a video if you need help understanding the plugin.
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    Replicator Bug Report : By Jeiop

    lf you replicate any shape like diamond or cage with the ids of liquids such as lava and water , it will spread can you please add something like glass to hold it ? or maybe prevent the spread ?

    Replicator Bug Report 2:By jeiop

    when you put the id 96 For Hatches , most of the hatches drop

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    Sure! Working on it now.

    Well, that's just because having hatches connected to nothing makes them fall... same with torches and redstone, and the likes. Can't quite help you there, but I don't want to remove it, it's nice for spawning a few items and doing crazy stuff. :/
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    Thanks , And I was just posting it so that you could make your plugin better , BTW I use your plugin on my mmorpg server , and everyone likes the jail cell structure and diamond structure :) Keep It up
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    Hey! Everyone!
    Just update the plugin, a ton more features, and added a lot of requests!

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    Off topic:
    I can code a better site for you ><
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    Man, whatever. Do it if you want, I'd be gracious.

    Don't have it, just @reply me on Twitter? Insanj?

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    btw this is WE just a shitty version
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    Sure! Just send me anything at insanj@gmail.com.

    Not sure... just e-mail me any information, don't want to clog up this thread any more. :p

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    I mean I need to charge fees for your website.
    I would delete my post.
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    I know, I know, just e-mail me any details.
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    I will talk to you tomorrow, I'm tired.
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    Oh, sorry, it's only about noon here...
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    how do you make your own shape? also, could this be used like, create a building, and generate duplicates?
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    Update header to latest RB please. I will be using this for a new plugin so tanks a million.

    Im sorry but since when was the one .class file considered the source? This makes me very upset :(
    -1 [diamond]
    EDIT: You put the source out there like a good dev. +2[diamond]
    I see how your doing this. Not bad. A little/alot confusing but still it works and that's what i wanted. I'm going to use this to create a fortress that levels up into bigger fortresses with stronger blocks for a survival plugin.

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