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    Version: v0.03

    GenOre will automatically or manually generate or regenerate a minimum number of ore throughout the Minecraft world.

    This could be helpful if you would rather have more valuable ores than what is normally generated by Minecraft. It could also helpful if you have done something to remove the ores in the world and would like to "regenerate" them.

    I really think that you should choose your schedule interval and "Chunkstoprocess" settings based on which reason you need to use GenOre.

    If you just want to increase ore counts as new areas are discovered, set the schedulesecs to 30 or 60 and the Chunkstoprocess to 50.

    If you need to generate a bunch of ore because most chunks are missing most or all, set the schedulesecs to 5 and the Chunkstoprocess to 200. After running this for a few hours and most of the world has been processed, try taking these numbers down to something like the paragraph above.

    It is probably not a good idea to run this while using another plugin that changes ores. It may work but it really depends on what the other plugin is doing. It would probably be best to disable the other one while this one is active.

    • Set minimum number of ore that each world chunk should have
    • Randomly puts ore into groups of ore based on the max size you configure it for
    • Runs in the background with a settable timer
    • Can adjust the number of world chunks that are processed each time the timer fires
    • Stores list of chunks already processed so that they are not checked for the minimum more than once
    • Multi-World compatible
    • Can set the min and max heights that you want the ore to randomly generated between
    • Only changes smooth stone to various ores
    • Permissions support (defaults to op if not detected)
    Download GenOre .03


    Older Versions:
    GenOre .02

    GenOre .01

    OP Commands:
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    /genore list - Counts number of ores in current location's chunk
    /genore ra - Regenerates current chunk location's terrain (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS)
    /genore rao - Force ore generation in current chunk
    /genore auto <worldname> - Automatically generates ore in the loaded chunks
    /genore autoall - Automatically generates ore for all normal worlds
    /genore stopall - Turns autoregen off
    /genore saveall - Forces a save of the ore generation data
    /genore status - Shows a status of running generators and chunks processed

    Config: GenOre.txt
    Settings and Defaults:
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    RedstoneMaxY=20 -- Max height for redstone
    RedstoneMinY=3 -- Min height for redstone
    MinIron=80 -- Min number of iron per world chunk
    IronMaxY=65 -- Max height for iron
    IronMinY=3 -- Min height for iron
    MaxGoldChunk=5 -- Max size of gold veins
    MinLapis=8 -- Min number of lapis per world chunk
    MaxIronChunk=10 -- Max size of iron veins
    AutoStart=false -- Automatically start GenOre AutoGenerate on startup
    GoldMaxY=30 -- Max height for gold
    Worlds=<your normal worlds> -- List of worlds, comma seperated
    CoalMaxY=127 -- Max height for coal
    GoldMinY=3 -- Min height for gold
    MinGold=4 -- Min number of gold per world chunk
    CoalMinY=3 -- Min height for coal
    MaxDiamondChunk=4 -- Max size of diamond veins
    MaxLapisChunk=4 -- Max size of lapis veins
    MaxCoalChunk=20 -- Max size of coal veins
    DiamondMaxY=20 -- Max height for diamond
    DiamondMinY=3 -- Min height for diamond
    LapisMaxY=25 -- Max height for lapis
    LapisMinY=3 -- Min height for lapis
    MinDiamonds=3 -- Min number of diamonds per world chunk
    ChunkSchedulerSecs=5 -- Number of seconds to wait before checking for new chunks to process
    MaxRedstoneChunk=5 -- Max size of redstone veins
    ChunksToProcess=100 -- Number of chunks to process (check and generate minimums) each scheduler interval
    MinCoal=120 -- Min number of coal per world chunk
    MinRedstone=8 -- Min number of redstone per world chunk

    Permissions list:
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    Version .03
    • Improved Multi-World detection
    • Fixed certain commands not checking for worlds listed in config file
    Version .02
    • Added chat color
    • Added permissions support
    Version .01
    • Initial Release
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    perfect for custom maps with out ores. like flatworlds. what about trees?
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    I would like to add trees, maybe flowers or mushrooms as well if someone had the need for them. It would also be neat to give the option to repopulate trees on a certain interval as the area around spawn tends to get pretty barren (on my server at least).
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    Brandon Egnell

    Ok um reading this. Question is it like OreRespawn plugin? But i still dont quite know how it works. Sorry.
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    I haven't used OreRespawn before but it looks like it serves a different purpose. In a sense, it is like OreRespawn as they both put Ore in the world. With OreRespawn it will regenerate ore on an interval if the ore was mined while it was active. GenOre will generate the minimum number of ores set for each world chunk. GenOre will process the chunks one time only (unless the <worldname>.txt file is deleted). GenOre is more for putting additional ore into a world that either has none or less than the admin would like to have.

    I guess an example of how both plugins could be used in conjuction would be as follows. An admin starts a brand new map and mines the heck out of a chunk, leaving it with little to no ore (but still some smooth stone). He then sees the OreRespawn plugin and would like to respawn ores throughout his whole world. OreRespawn would not respawn the ore where he has already mined. This is where GenOre would come in. He could use GenOre to put some new ore into those mined chunks before enabling OreRespawn. He wouldn't really need GenOre any more after this so it could be disabled.

    If I am incorrect in how OreRespawn works, please let me know.
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    Brandon Egnell

    i could actually never get OreRespawn to work ^.^ so i was thinking this is kinda similar that i could use this too. but now i have an idea that would work now... Considering orerespawn doesn't respawn placed ores >.> but someday i shall get it work ^.^
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    does this work with the nether?
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    can you add permissions?
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    No, it currently only replaces smooth stone with ore right now. You would want it to put regular ore in the nether or the stuff native to the nether like glowstone?

    Yes, I am adding it on the next release.
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    Brandon Egnell

    hey if you could tell me the difference between permission and essentials group manager... or even if there is a difference. that would be great
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    The glowstone should regrow in the nether :)
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    wow, great!
    but is it possible to add a function like cron?
    would like to run the orenrespawn on time per week or one time per month
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    MC 1.6.6, CB820 (MultiVerse recommended build), GenOre 0.02,

    list, autoall, ra, status, saveall, stopall - work fine

    rao, auto <map name> - Returns "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command."

    Was looking forward to replacing oreRespawn (since it likes to spawn ore outside the cavern it was mined in, and on the underside of floating buildings, or inside other buildings... =P lol
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    I will look at adding this. I suppose I should add a command to clear out the list of previously processed chunks for this too.

    Also, the way that it currently works, it takes a number of the loaded chunks and processes them if they haven't already been processed. So if you want to run this on a time schedule, it would work best an interval. It won't get all of chunks in the world until they have been loaded which may be never if players don't travel the entire map. But in that case, if nobody goes there they shouldn't notice it.

    Thanks for the information. I will try to replicate it this evening. If you get a chance, can you tell me what the "Worlds=" shows in your GenOre.txt file?

    OK, .03 should fix the problem you had. You may want to delete your GenOre\GenOre.txt file so that all of the normal worlds are picked up. You could also just add any other worlds (comma seperated) to the Worlds= in GenOre.txt as well.

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    Works like a charm. Thank you very much. Any chance for SkyLands support now? XD hahahaha. Great plugin. Really helps keep those hungry miners happy. =)
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    Glad it worked for you. I haven't done much with Skylands. It would be a little work because of how I iterate the chunks in the block but would be possible I would think.
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    OMG clay!!

    I generated my world in 1.6 and there's no clay. Would it be difficult to have this mod generate clay in all the places it's supposed to appear in the next version?
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    It would be different than the current algorithm I use to do this. I will take a look at it. It may be a little tricky but I will give it a try, no promises though.
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    Matt Gill

    Will this delete houses on top of the land? because generating single chunks it seems like it does. Any way around that?
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    Doing a /genore ra will regenerate the terrain (minus the original ores i believe) in the current chunk to like it was originally. Be careful with this. I use it on my server outside of the spawn area as it gets demolished by creepers. If you have a building it will disappear.

    /genore rao will just generate ore for the chunk you are currently standing in. It shouldn't delete your buildings. I believe the worst that could happen is if the building is made of smooth stone, some of it may be replaced by ore.
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    Anti X-Ray crashed and deleted all my ores. The day before we were planning on just deleting the world and starting fresh, I found this plugin. It worked great and we're still running that same world. So thanks a ton for making this.

    Here's a bug I found--at around 750 chunks complete, it comes to a crawl and hogs all the memory to the point it crashed the server.
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    This could happen because the way that bukkit doesn't always let go of chunks and/or blocks after a plugin is done working with them. If you have issues like this, you may try lowering the "Chunkstoprocess" setting to something like 10 or 20 and see if it helps. It will take longer to regen the ore but it may keep the server from running out of memory and crashing.
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    Okay, thanks.
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    Thanks for plug.Really helped for recreating ores killed by Anti Xray
    Have a request.Can you make ores generated in netherrack too?
    Would be really intresting
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    Hey can you add an option for delete ALL ORE of a map ? Because i have create too many ore on my map and i don't want that, if you can just add this will it be cool :D. Big thanks :( @MrSelfDestrukt

    (SOrry for my english, i'm french)
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    You mean generate regular ore in the nether? I may be able to do this. I have had a request to generate glowstone in the nether as well.

    Sorry for the long delay in getting any enhancements in. I have been extremely busy with things and have just been trying to take care of any bugs that come up. I will start working on some of them soon. For some of them, I may create other simple plugins that perform these functions.

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    Can you add a possibility to config the blocks that are being replaced. Because now only stone is being replaced. And maybe a function to remove all ores from your world.

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    Update it to 1000+ Please.
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    Alright, I did some testing and didn't have any problems using it with 1000.
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    And with PermissionsBukkit?

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