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    Image splitting utility can be found here I do not take any responsibility for any damage done to your system and/or data. That being said it should be fairly safe to use. Wiki article on how to use it will be uploaded soon...

    This plugin is a tool to allow artists and designers to create stunning terrain through the use of heightmaps and texture files. It works by loading data from various images to define the terrain.

    Here's some examples to show off what this plugin is capable of:
    • Added ice and snow in appropriate biomes (instead of waiting for it to form naturally)
    • Fixed compile version. Will now work in java 1.6 again.
    • Made objects generate on the floor instead of other objects. e.g. flowers won't be on top trees, but on the floor.
    • Reorganised permissions. Details can be found here.
    • Added "config save" command to save current config to file
    • Added "config default" command to set parts of the config to their defaults

    • Fixed bug making the textureCache useless.
    • added config option for liquid type. This allows you to use lava or any other block for oceans.
    • Made the config a little more compact by grouping blocks using the format "<type>:<count>", e.g. "dirt:4" means 4 dirt.
    • Added object generation. Using another texture you can now generate trees, cactus, long grass, mushrooms and more.
    • Added some sample textures.

    As requested I've made a very quick example (took me about 10 mins) of what's possible with this plugin. Unfortunatley I don't have any artistic talent so it may look a bit boring... but here goes!

    Firstly here's the heightmap:
    Heightmap (open)
    As you can see there's a water pool in the top right.

    Next is the block map:
    Block map (open)
    Nothing much to see here, apart from some sand.

    And finally the biome map:
    Biome map (open)
    Notice that the shape of the desert biome exactly matches the shape of the sand blocks

    And finally here's the results:
    Looking up a hill (open)

    Looking down into a jungle biome (open)
    I want to at some point add trees, grass etc into another texture so you can generate those easily.

    A big waterhole (open)
    Looks like something crashed here.

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    Amazing idea. Any chance of providing us with some sample heightmaps we could use?
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    Amazing Amazing and Amazing.
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    chaseoes There's a couple of images on the wiki, although they're fairly basic. I'm working with an artist on this plguin so I'll see if he can conjure up something :D

    EDIT: I've made something myself quickly in the meantime. Feel free to copy the textures and modify (They don't show the full potential yet).

    TheLimaBeanman Thanks!

    New Version out!!

    Added object generation so you can now use another texture to generate objects such as trees, mushrooms, flowers and more. I've aldo included some sample textures to get you started.

    Download can be found --> here <--

    More samples and previews will come soon :D

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    Sweet, approved
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    Awesome! I've been looking for something like this for ages! Will Minecraft populate ores and stuff on its own or do I have to find a plugin to do that? :) Thanks once again!

    2) What if I want to add on to the map? Like another 512 x 512?

    Hi once again thanks for a great plugin.

    A follow up on my 2nd question, will I just rename the files for example "heightmap_513_513.png" for the other regions and so on?

    Also how do you name the object map so that your program understands it? Can you please include a tutorial and information on your wiki page? Thanks!!! << Check it out guys! ;)

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    Hi, sorry haven't been around for a while.

    Zzaarr Unfortunatley there's no ore generation at the moment, although with the help of WorldEdit you could do a random block replace with a small percentage. If you have any ideas on how I could implement it in the textures then let me know. To add onto the map all you have to do is add a few more textures and regen the area using the command "/wcr regen region" whilst standing within the region. Alternativley just stop the server and delete the appropriate region file. For other regions it is just as you said, rename the file to "<type>_<x>_<z>.png" where <type> is heightmap, biomes, blocks, or objects. Finally for the objects the name is "objects_<x>_<z>.png".

    I hope that helps :).

    P.S. if anybody creates anything cool with this plugin then I'd be greatful if you could send me a few pics to promote this plugin a little more :D.
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    This remembers me to SimCity 4 (lol) because there are greyscale maps to create more beautiful worlds :)

    You're really good and if you're really, really good you might build a GUI to easier create those images. [diamond]
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    itsMEE You can do a surprising amount using a typical image editor like gimp or photoshop. Were you thinking about an ingame GUI or a standalone? My experience with either is a bit limited so it won't be anytime soon, sorry :(
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    Okay, I'm completely fine with. :)
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    I've just discovered a bug in the current version where the image cache isn't functioning. I actaully have a fix right now, although won't be able to upload until tomorrow. Expect a 5x increase in generation speed after update :D.
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    Thanks for the reply Samp20! I am loving the plugin!

    1) Is it region? or Block? Ie. 1_-1 or 513_513?

    2) Also with generating a biome, will it generate the trees and all that other stuff that comes with the biomes normally?

    3) What about the other biomes and the technical biomes? Are they available for generation as well?
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    1. It's region. For example the texture "heightmap_0_-1" will generate the region "r.0.-1.mca"
    2. The biome purely sets the grass color and weather. If you want to add trees then you can use the object map to place them wherever you feel like. For reference the documentation for the object map is here: That contains a list of all tree types as well as a few extra non tree objects such as flowers etc.
    3. You can add other biomes, although you'll have ot modify the configuration file to add them. There should be a section in the config.json that looks like this:
        "biomes": {
          "69a41b": "forest",
          "c9c3b7": "taiga",
          "f8f55f": "desert",
          "3f47f2": "ocean",
          "b26a9b": "mushroom island",
          "1ca52a": "jungle"
      You can add more to it if you wish. The reason I didn't include all of them is because currently with bukkit certain biomes are invalid and will crash the server. You can probably get away with a few more than are on the list already though. The bukkit javadocs has a complete list here Just convert the name to lowercase and replace "_" with " ".
    I hope that helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Also it might be worth you waiting a few mins whilst I upload the latest version. There's a new config option that allows you to specify what block to use for oceans. Of course only water and lava make sense, although you could have an ocean of lapiz if you feel like it :D. Also there's a bugfix for the texture cache so map generation should be a lot faster.

    New version is up Fixed the texture cache and added config for liquid type for oceans, so now you can have lava oceans or any other block you wish.

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    Thanks Samp20! What do you propose for things like clay and gravel blocks? I tried adding it to the blocks in config.json but it didn't show up.. hmm
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    Could you show me your config please? Also make sure you've created a blocks texture with the correct colors. For example if you have an entry in the blocks like so:
    "636363": {
          "middle": 1,
          "blocks": [
    (The "clay:4" means 4 layers of clay). To use those blocks you would need to use the color 636363 (Grey) in the blocks texture.
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    Another way for you to do this would be to assign height, block type, and biome to different RGB values.
    For example, if you want a grass (not dirt) block to be 14 blocks high and in a biome assigned to the value of 3, you would set the RGB value to 14 2 3.
    Just a thought. Your way is still nice, and if you implemented this way you couldn't do as much as you could with yours.
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    zeaga You said it yourself, you can't do as much with it as the current implementation. If it were to be implemented though it would probably be part of a simplified mode. The other problem with using rgb for the block ids is that there's very little contrast in the colours between nearby block ids. You'd have to be using the colour picker tool a lot to see what block you've placed.
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  20. is it possible to make with multiverse a world which is completely the 1 with picture with lava water?

    wilderness, dead like land, all water is lava instead, lava is still lava :p
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    Of course you can :p
    You won't be able to make an "infinitley" large map, but you can make it as large as you're prepared to design/create. To change the water to lava change "liquid" in the config to "stationary lava"
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    It's looks like a nice plugins.
    Can it use another way to create the map?(like some simply command)
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    Unfortunatley not. You have to tell Bukkit (or Multiverse) to use the WorldCreator generator for your desired map, and then upload the textures and config to the <world-name>/data folder. The Wiki explains it better :)
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    Thanks for your help:)
    It's very useful.
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    Hi, I've recently been using your worldcreator, everything works amazing, been able to make some amazing things using photoshop. However, every once in a while I'm getting an error, I obviously tweaked something I shouldn't have but even when I restore everything back to the way it was and delete all player files and region files I keep getting this error:

    I'm a noob at bukkit so I'm hoping its something obvious that you can see at a glance, but if not don't worry about it I'm probably just doing something dumb.
    Thanks for your time.
  26. Eum...I can create a world of only white wool, but I want a world full of green wool. How do I manage that?
    And is there a way I can spawn trees made out of wool? xD
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    Hi, from first glances it doesn't look like you're using the latest version (1.4). Give that a try first. Also from the error it looks as if you're using a texture that's smaller than 512x512. Make sure it's exactly this size. I should probably code in a check for that.

    If that still fails send me the texture's you're using (or other ones that still produce the error) and I'll try to reproduce it myself.

    The answer to both unfortunatley is it's not possible. The Bukkit terrain generator doesn't support data values, and so you can only have the default white wool. That being said you could add a layer of coloured wool on the surface using the Object map. For the trees I'm also using the default tree populator, and so to allow for coloured trees I would have to code the generation from scratch, something I'm not planning to do anytime soon.

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    yes i want to know how to get the first map picture u put up thnx

    hey whats the seed for the sand picture

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