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    version: v0.5.3


    WeatherMan allow you to change biome in round area (defined by radius) with command, magic-wand and a sign, controlled by the redstone power.


    Additional videos

    • Change biome around you with command, with magic wand, inside WorldEdit selection or WorldGuard region.
    • Control biome changing (toglle two biomes) with sign controlled by redstone power.
    • Check biome in a your location or inform you about biome changing while you traveling
    • Melt snow and ice when changes to "warm" biome
    • Preventing snow-forming and ice-forming in defined biomes.
    • Control weather locally: for player, for region, for biome and for whole world.
    Why do I want it?

    If you need change biomes, or going to allow your players to do it - you must install WeatherMan :) If you need to "curse" any player with unstoppable rain you can find this plugin useful too.

    How to use it?
    1. Install
    2. Use command /wm set <biome> <radius> to change biome around you
    3. Use command /wm set <biome> <region name> to change biome at WorldGuard region
    4. Use command /wm set <biome> to change in a WorldEdit region
    5. Use command /wm fill <biome> to change biome in your location to new one
    6. Use command /wm wand to enable wand mode (define biome and radius with commands /wm biome <biome>, /wm radius <radius> Right-click with magic wand (default item - ghast tears (id - 370)) and you'll shoot the snowball that will change the biome around the hit-point.
    7. Create sign with [biome] in second line, radius value in third, and biome names in first and forth lines. You can set word "replace" in third line if you need to replace the full biome. Now you can use redstone power to toggle between two biomes.
    • /wm help - display help and command list
    • /wm help <command> - display command help
    • /wm check - check biome in player location
    • /wm list - list all biome types
    • /wm set <biome|original> <radius> - set the biome around the player (size defined by radius)
    • /wm set <biome|original> <region name> - set the biome at WorldGuard region
    • /wm set <biome|original> - set the biome in a WorldEdit selection
    • /wm fill <biome> - replace (using flood fill) biome in player locations with defined biome. Could not be used with "original biome"
    • /wm replace <biome1> <biome2|original> - replace <biome1> with <biome2> inside WorldEdit selection (works faster than /wm fill)
    • /wm wand - toggles wand mode
    • /wm radius <radius> - set the current radius value (will be used in wand mode)
    • /wm biome <biome|original> - set the current biome value (will be used in wand mode).
    • /wth player <player> <rain|clear|remove> - set personal player weather to rain, clear or remove settings
    • /wth region <region> <rain|clear|remove> - set weather in region to rain, clear or remove settings
    • /wth biome <biome> <rain|clear|remove> - set weather in biome to rain, clear or remove settings
    • /wth world <world> <rain|clear|remove> - set weather in biome to rain, clear or remove settings
    • /wth <player|region|biome|world> - list the players, regions, biomes, worlds where weather states are changed
    Commands (console only) (open)

    • /wm help - display help and command list
    • /wm list - list all biome types
    • /wm set <biome|original> <world name> <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> - set the biome at area defined by coordinates
    • /wm set <biome|original> <world name> <x> <z> <radius> - set the biome at circle defined by coordinates (center) x,z and radius
    • /wm replace <biome1> <biome2|original> <world name> <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> - replace <biome1> with <biome2> at area defined by coordinates
    • /wm cfg - show and edit current configuration (see configuration commands)

    Configuration commands (open)

    • /wm cfg - show current configuration
    • /wm cfg wand <item id> - set the wand item
    • /wm cfg radius <radius> - set the default radius
    • /wm cfg biome <biome> - set the default biome
    • /wm cfg meltsnow <on/off> - switch on/off snow melting on biome change
    • /wm cfg meltice <on/off> - switch on/off ice melting on biome change
    • /wm cfg smoke <on/off> - switch on/off smoke effect
    • /wm cfg smokechance <chance, %> - switch on/off smoke effect
    • /wm cfg maxrcmd <radius> - set the maximum radius (changing biome with the command line)
    • /wm cfg maxrwand <radius> - set the maximum radius (changing biome with the wand)
    • /wm cfg maxrsign <radius> - set the maximum radius (changing biome with the sign)
    • /wm cfg nethermob <on/off> - switch on/off spawning of nether mobs (PigZombie, Ghasts) in normal worlds
    • /wm cfg nosnow [biome1,biome2...] - set biomes list where snow-forming will be disabled (empy list - snow will forms at all cold biomes)
    • /wm cfg noice [biome1,biome2...] - - set biomes list where ice-forming will be disabled (empy list - ice will forms at all cold biomes)
    • /wm cfg weather - enable/disable local weather control

    How to turn back to original biomes

    If you need to set back an original biomes at defined area, you can use "original" biome type with commands /wm set, /wm replace, /wm biome (and use wand to change biomes). Command /wm replace <biome1> <biome2> supporting "original" only as second parameter (<biome2>).

    WeatherMan translation
    It is possible to use language file to translate WeatherMan messages.

    Available translations (included, you just need to set language in config.yml):
    1. English - default (sorry for my english)
    2. Russian (Русский)
    3. Ukrainian (Українська) - translated by duckman, Rangars Team. Thank you very much, duckman!
    4. German (Deutsch) - translated by PinguinAman. Thank you very much, PinguinAman!
    5. Spanish (Español) - translated by Indeleble, Antica RP Server. Thank you very much, Indeleble!
    6. French (Français) - 50toto50. Thank you very much, 50toto50!
    7. Romanian (Română) - kaZep, b-Zone
    8. Dutch (Nederland) - translated by Martin1704, renzo12y, tommyvanaarde. Thank you very much guys!
    If you need to help me with translation you can find more information here: Additional information

    • weatherman.basic - allows to use commands /wm help, /wm check, /wm list
    • weatherman.cmdbiome - allows to use command /wm set and /wm fill
    • weatherman.sign - allows to create [biome] signs
    • weatherman.wandbiome - allows to use wand and commands /wm wand, /wm radius, /wm biome
    • weatherman.config - allows to receive messages about plugin updates, and allows to setup plugin with command /wm cfg
    How Do I Install It?
    Just copy it in your Plugins folder.

    • Updated to craftbukkit 1.6.1, 1.6.2

    • Recoded according to new weather features that was added to bukkit at CB1.5.1-R0.1. This version is not compatible with craftbukkit 1.5.0, 1.4.7 and older.
    • Updated language files: german, spanish, french. Thanks to everyone who helping with translations!
    Previous versions (open)

    • Added some console commands: /wm help, /wm cfg [<setting> <parameter>], /wm list, wm set <biome> <worldname> <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2>, /wm list, wm set <biome> <worldname> <x> <z> <radius>, wm replace <biome1> <biome2> <worldname> <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2>.
    • New language added: Polish (about 60% translated), thanks to crowdin.net community.
    • Tested with craftbukkit v1.4.6, 1.4.7
    • New feature: Local weather control. You can set personal weather state for: player, WorldGuard region, biome type, world.
    • New command to setup weather: /wth <player|region|biome|world> <{name}|list> [rain|clear|remove]
    • Updated to craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.1 (Tested with CB1.4.5, 1.4.6)
    • Updated to craftbukkit 1.4.5-R1.0
    • Translations are now integrated to jar-file. Included: russian.lng, french.lng, german.lng, romanian.lng, russian.lng, spanish.lng, ukrainian.lng
    • Updated to craftbukkit 1.4.2-R0.2
    • Internal code optimization. I hope now WeatherMan will work faster.
    • Updated to craftbukkit version 1.3.1-R1.0
    • Added WorldGuard region support. New commands /wm set <biome> <region name> and sign (lines 1/2/3/4): <biome1>/[biome]/<region name>/<biome2>
    • Internal recoding and optimization.
    • Bypassed craftbukkit's issue: when changing biomes at large areas some chunks was not saved automatically when server stopped.
    • 1. "Original" biome support (ability to turn changed biomes back to original values). Use /wm set original [radius], /wm replace <biome> original, /wm biome original to set the original biome types.
    • 2. Ability to change disable snow- and ice-forming in specified cold biomes. Added commands /wm cfg nosnow [biome1,biome2..] and /wm cfg noice [biome1,biome2..]
    • New command /wm replace <biome1> <biome2> - replacing <biome1> with <biome2> in area selected by WorldEdit.
    • Added language files support. Now you can add a custom translation to the WeatherMan.
    • Bug fixed: Fixed throwing snowball (sometimes it did not shoots out)
    • New variable (/wm cfg nethermob on/off) to switch on/off spawning of nether mobs (PigZombies, Ghasts) in Normal worlds.
    • Bug fixed: it's possible now to write any supported biome type at the last line of biome-signs.
    • Added WorldEdit regions support (use /wm set <biome> command to change biome in selected region)
    • Players with weathermen.config permission will receive message about new versions
    • Metrics support added
    • Plugin renamed (sorry you need to rename or delete plugin's config folder, and don't forget to delete previous lwgen.jar)
    • Commands and permissions changed.
    • Smoke now have a chance (default - 50%)
    • New feature - replace current biome with other (flood fill). Sign supported.
    • Releasing my awesome plugin


    Like this plugin?

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    WoW! :O

    This works perfectly!
    This plugin is the best in changing biomes! ;)
    Thank you very much!
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    OMG !
    I love this plugin [diamond]
    Anythings work perfectly . Thank you !
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    The radial biome change works perfectly. This is exactly what I was looking for my server. Well done.
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    How about trees and lakes that are different in different biomes?
    Does it spawn them automaticly?
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    Trees, terrain it not regenerating. Just changing biome and melting snow and ice.
    Spawning trees requires total regeneration of area. May it will be possible in future versions of LWGen...
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    Can you make one that you can put the biome to normal
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    the commands didnt work for me, the only command that worked for me was the help command and it wasnt very helpful at all
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    Any errors in log?
    How about permissions? You need to setup permissions to get access to commands.

    I'll think about it. If it possible I'll add this feature to LWGen.

    Polish LWGen tutorial. Thank you very much Treekt :)
    Video created by Treekt

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    Sweet Jesus!!! :O
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    • Plugin renamed (sorry you need to rename or delete plugin's config folder)
    • Commands and permissions changed.
    • Smoke now have a chance (default - 50%)
    • New feature - replace current biome with other (flood fill). Sign supported.
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    /lwm doesnt work for me...
  14. Offline


    Sorry there was an error in description. Right command is /wm
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    So useful to get snow and ice out of an area you built in ages ago
  16. Sweet mother of God, I've found you!
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    /lwg now doesnt work for me :p
  18. Offline


  19. Offline


    Does this actually change the biome, or does it change the weather?
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    WeatherMan allows to change biomes only. It's not possible to change weather "locally". And there's a lot of weather-plugins, so I did not include weather-changing command in plugin.
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    So this plugin could be used, for instance, to change a chunk to "forest" biome?
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    Yes. You even can change any biome to "hell" (nether), and there will be spawned PigZombies and.. Ghasts.
    In End or Nether you can set the forest and sometimes ago you will found creepers and zombies there :)
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    it still doesnt, it shows:
    [WM] /lwg <biomename> <radius>

    when I do:
    /wm set Tundra 150

    whats wrong???

    pls put the command so I can have Tundra biome!
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    Thank you for your message.

    1. There is an error in command description. I'm sorry.
    I will fix it today and upload.

    Right command usage is /wm set <biomename> <radius>

    2. Biome tundra is deprecated. It's not possible to set biome to tundra (and for rainforest, seasonalforest, savanna, shrubland, icedesert). You can check actual biome list with command /wm list

    If you need snow biome you can use taiga instead of tundra: /wm set biome taiga 150

    And you can use /biome fill taiga to replace current biome (in your location) with taiga
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    Amazing! Thank You :D
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    You should add Worldedit support so that you can select an area and change that selected area. Great plugin by the way!
  27. fromgate

    I have NEVER seen more beautiful plugin than this is and I really MEAN IT.
    Thank you very much! After ive done with my girlfriends birthday purchases I will donate you from the leftovers. THANK YOU once more.


    O wtf, i type /wm set BIOME <- it keeps saying type /wm help
    it wont work?
    using bpermissions

    Help is kind a useless-.- u should have better HELP page for this /wm help
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    This is the only biome-changing plugin that I know of that works, nice job!
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    Looks awesome man! But I have a question, How can I let my players designate a specifc area to change the biome? I'm asking this because I'd like for them to be able to not be conformed to a circular area that the biome got changed. I'd like to make it so they can be in a jungle biome but make a snow base, or something along those lines without it being a circle.

    Maybe add a feature that lets you select a particular amount of land then change the biome?

    Also, does this change just the top layer or does it change further down?
    Last question, for the jungle biome change.....can I make it so that when the biome changes the trees are full grown? and have perms for those that can/can't have full grown trees? I just don't want people to be changing the biomes to get quick wood. Maybe make it so trees and such are an option in the config or something like that.
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    Having problems with this as well.

    When I use the commands it seems everything is working by the text I am receiving. However on my screen nothing has changed visually.

    however, another player said that there was a void for a second, then everything came back. Then said a small area seemed "lighter".

    also, when changing biomes in the nether, does it only change the top most layer?

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