[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    read the wiki.
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    I really like using Voxel but the problem is it conflicts with to many plugins.
    I can't use /whois
    and many other commands. You need to add // or something like World Edit did so you don't conflict with other plugins. You have to many common commands that directly conflict with other plugins. I had to remove it from my server so I could get everything else to work again.
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    LIES!! Lies I say!
    Stop spamming me with useless lies!
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    lol. Well tell me how to get it to stop conflicting and I'll gladly agree with you. Unless your only using Voxel then I guarantee that it's conflicting with something. So far it interferes with Essentials which is a must for any server so that's a huge problem right there. I can't use party chat in Mcmmo because the /p command. I can't use Vampire because of the /v command. I love the ease with which you can use Voxel, it's clearly the best in game world editor but I have to just continue to use World Edit because they understood early on and used the // in front of their commands so as not to cause problems with other plugins. If there is a cure to my problem please tell me what it is because I would love to use Voxel but right now it's removed.
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    TYeah inded please tell the pther shit p[lugind dvdevloper s that their plugins that are used once a fucking day don't need and SHOULTD NOT have one letter coommands!~ Voxelsniper is used hudredths of times a minute every day and tharefore it is essential that it uses short command for the optima leasee of use and effectivencess of the plugin. Vampire is a long 'idiot' plgu in that has never canme to usederstand that it IS NOT USED FOR SHIT and does not require the short abreviation of /v. It' s fjust fucked up to think theat someone is too fucking lazy to trype in /vampre once afucking day, because that is how often you use that shit pluigin. Essentials. I have nog fuckig idea hwat your atalking abut because we use it on our server and we have no pro blermwzs at all.! If you can give me ONE, ONE fucking good reason that those other shit plugin shoudl have the one letter commands than MAYBE, maybe I will think about some stupid command 'settings ' billshit stuff. Untill you can give me a GOOD fucking reason was to wahy they use those fucked up abreviations or command than I don't care wha t the hell happens . I have had this conversation wit hMANY people before and like I told them I woll tell you : If yo ucannot come up with a GOOD fucking reason why the other plugins cannoT change theuir commands or WHY then would NENED them MORE than the ussers of VoxelSNiper than I will MAY BE consiger some changes. But lidkle ty not , because FUCK the other plguuind develipers and theuir stupoid shit!
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    Wow. Relax. Your plugin is awesome and i'm not as skilled as you are. I'm just trying to see if there is something I can do to use it on my server. I agree with the /v but it's also the /p of mcmmo . The Essentials one was my error it was another plugin causing that one. If your set in your ways I'm cool with that. Right now I just install it when I need to do some serious world editing. Instead of a long rant just say that's the way it is. I understand you get bombarded with all kinds of complaints and it probably gets old. I'm sending you guys a donation because i do hate when people that don't even contribute complain and whine.

    Where can I go to Donate. I'm looking buy I can't find it.

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    It would be awesome if there was permissions support :/
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    Yes it is, however when you install it and it generates the folder with 'items.txt' you'll want to edit it with the contents below:

    #Add your items in here (When adding your entry DO NOT include #!)
    #The format is:
    #Default Items:
    These are the items.txt contents I use PERSONALLY and should only be replaced if you are willing to use the names I do. Otherwise, read through and change the names to fit your desires. I don't represent the VoxelBox in any way, shape, or form, (or voxel) and anything wrong with these contents should be edited by the user alone, rather than by me. This is mine, it is simply an example for others to work off of. I take no blame in failures to copy or errors due to the transfer of this example. It works for me, so I had enough faith to show it to everyone else.
    For future updates: follow the same style to add new blocks that Notch adds. I only went up to 1.8.1
    Thank you for reading.

    I'll talk to nossr about editing mcmmo's /p command , I don't know whats wrong with essentials compatibility either, I use it as well, and I hope you feel better soon.
    I'd consider Commandbook if you need a global command plugin like Essentials, although, again, I don't have any problems. Mcmmo is the only /whois command override I'm aware of, and as I told przer, I'll post to nossr about /p being configurable.
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    I need help! I can't get it to work. I've installed it correctly and I've put my name in the voxel sniper people thing. But every time i put in a command it keep giving me these shitty examples and doesn't let any of the commands work!
    E.g. When i say /vs it says "Example: /vs -- gives the sniper's settings in a printout"
    It doesn't let me use any of the commands!
    Please help!
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    Conflicting plugins.
  13. No.
    check the capital letter in login name in snipers.txt.
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    seriously this plugin keeps blowing my mind... to the creators: you are freaking send from heaven to demolish all shitty world editing plugins and help the land with terraforming xD
    this in combo with WorldEdit = me gusta...

    additionally: saying it is his "job" to make the plugin work for you would be wrong....my guess is they do this in their sparetime so just be gratefull for the plugin, greedy little whit :)

    well considering people just instantly goes "oh shit, my commandprompt window went weird, it must be a crash and it cannot be anything else" then i completely understand the guys reaction.... instead of going all stupid-customer style, then at least tae 2 minutes to read the freaking prompt, go "what the fuck is exception" and read about it on google :)

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  15. I use the ruler tool of voxelsniper, it produce an "exception", which flood my prompt.
    i report the "crash" to voxel team (producing the log so they can fix the problem of their own piece of software ) and get insulted because :
    - English is not my natural langage
    - I'm not a software engineer.

    next time i've got a problem with voxel, i will post something like "dontwork".
    if they dont want my betatesting, fine.

    Something more to say ?
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    The moderators of these forums need to learn from you, my man! The idiots banned me for two days for composing that drunken post
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    haha i figured you were drunk when you wrote it xD it would at least explain the massive amounts of errors in your spelling :p if it was a prompt u wrote in the prompt would go "unable to read language, stop drinking and go to sleep" xD hahahaha

    anyways now to test my terraforming skills again, again thanks for awesome stuff being wellmade into a good plugin (voxel xD )

    oh and you didn't get insulted, instead you managed to sound like a person unaware of a prompt and coding so the dear gentleman corrected you in a very proffessor-like manor :) and as he said: exception is something that does not conclude under something or varies from something where a "crash" is an un-authorized shutdown :) so i think he was just tired of explaining :)

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    Anything new about multiple material support?
    I and i guess many others would really appreciate it - it would make the plugin almost perfect for everything!
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    What are you talking about?
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    I am not him, but perhaps he is talking about the ability to do /vr stone, gravel, ...

    Some brushes had the ability to do replace multiple materials before the move to performers, but unless I am mistaken, this is hasn't implemented since that transition. Either not implemented or not documented.

    Either way, it would be really awesome to have.
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    There is an exclude performer, but currently it's not finished.
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    thx biggergeek, that's what i mean!
    Are you still PLANNING to add this feature?
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    I thought the exclude/include performers were in place in the last release
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    But with the exclude performer you can exclude only one material as well! (tell me if I'm wrong!)
    Maybe I wasn't clear enough: I am thinking of a feature with which you can set the voxel replace material to two materials such as sand and clay in order to get rid of both materials with one click.
    WorldEdit can do it, but this plugin is way more awesome if you're working with dynamic landscape and advanced stuff such as the shell brush (which is awesome :) )
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    Try using the "/vl" command I'm not sure if it's in the version that's out.
    If it is, basically /vl "voxel list" is a list that is used by bolth the include and exclude performers
    The format of using the command is:

    /vl [material material material....]

    for example:

    /vl stone grass clay 17
    If you wish to remove something from the list you can put a "-" in front of the ID or name:

    /vl -grass -17

    /vl clear
    ^ will clear the whole list

    ^ will add the block you are looking at to the list (just like /v and /vr and others)

    I think that's it. Tell me if it works for you!
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    no, unfortunately it doesn't work...
    do you have something like a "latest build" site? Where I can get the pre-release of voxelsniper?
    Btw: Thanks for being awesome! The plugin is great!

    edit: Thanks for the explanation
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    Nope, I don't really release until something important comes up, but since I'm so awesome *cough* I will post a link to the newest thing I've got:

    HIAR <-- there

    Don't ask me what's new, I have no idea... here is the changelog though:

    Changelog (open)

    [4.675] -- begin of changeLog
    [4.676] -- created FillDown.java
    [4.677] -- debugging FillDown.java
    [4.678] -- stupid newb errorz
    [4.679] -- wtf? why this no work
    [4.680] -- trying to fix it again
    [4.681] -- FillDown.java works, yay
    [4.682] -- Moved items.txt to plugins/VoxelSniper and forced /items.txt
                to be removed if plugins/VoxelSniper/items.txt is not present
                Added code to prevent liteSnipers from using multiple commands
                addlitesniper | addsniper | removesniper | goto |
                vs lightning / weather / range
    [4.683] -- Fixed weird stuff in Ball.java
    [4.684] -- Created Set.java
    [4.685] -- Forgot an "=" sign in Set.java
    [4.686] -- Added the green record as a sneak item - left click crouch returns previous brush, right click crouch returns two brushes back.  -Gavjenks
    [4.687] -- Overlay will skip any air blocks when filling in downward, so as not to fill in caves with weird stalactites. -Gavjenks
    [4.688] -- /bms [#] will save current brush into a hashmap with that integer key.  /bml [#] loads that preset.  Can thus create a whole palette of brushes for a particular job, and switch very quickly.  Also allows possibility of having hardcoded sets of presets for certain kinds of jobs.  Also: add functionality to allow people to input a string instead of an integer.
    [4.689] -- fixing various errors with the above. -Gavjenks
    [4.690] -- can now use strings for the presets as well as integers.  more user friendly.  Also saves all your brush size settings, etc. in the preset.  Desired for future: save in a text file or something on the server to survive reloads.
    [4.691] -- added parameter memory to the /b and green vinyl record methods, too.  They will maintain the brush sizes and other things you had with your last brush.  Whenever you declare a new brush, or do /d, or save a preset, it saves all your parameters (in the case of declaring a new brush, it will save them as the parameters for the previous brush.  /d saves your old under previous, and then saves the defaults under current.  Presets save in current.).
    [4.692] -- Changed /b si to /b is, and /b sip to /b isp.   Ink needs to always be in the same place in the syntax, so you don't have to individually remember every acronym.  -Gavjenks
    [4.693] -- Added SplatterOverlay brush
    [4.694] -- Added BlendVoxelDisc brush
    [4.695] -- Added option to exclude air from BlendVoxelDisc
    [4.698] -- Efficiency and visual smoothness tweaks to BlendVoxelDisc
    [4.699] -- Added BlendVoxel brush
    [4.700] -- Added BlendDisc and BlendBall brushes
    [4.701] -- Gave all blend brushes the ability to exclude water
    [4.702] -- Added Line brush
    [4.703] -- Overlay should entirely ignore water in all cases now.  Bugfix.  Gavjenks
    [4.704] -- Overlay no longer ignores single deep blocks.  That turned out I think to hurt more than it helped.  Gavjenks
    [4.705] -- Introduced VoxelFood, I call the Catapult Cafe Calzone!  prz
    [4.706] -- Damn Config version Check. aka. BugFix.  prz
    [4.707] -- Added SnowCone brush - Giltwist
    [4.708] -- Bugfixes to snowcone
    [4.709] -- Force brush added @ request of ridge -GJ
    [4.710] -- Added noUndo Voxel brush -prz
    [4.711] -- Fixed liteSniper -prz
    [4.712] -- Added SetReplace brush -prz
    [4.713] -- Edited WarpInStyle a bit -prz
    [4.714] -- Stupidity error; Fixed items.txt problem. How come it was working on our server? o_O  -prz
    [4.715] -- Added Shell Ball brush - Giltwist
    [4.716] -- Added Shell Voxel brush
    [4.717] -- Added RandomErode brush -Giltwist
    [4.718] -- Blend Ball now uses arrow/powder to determine air mode - Giltwist
    [4.719] -- Added Blend, Line and Overlay brushes to LiteSniper. - plusnine
    [4.720] -- Got rid of debugging stuff in Vsniper.  /bms and /bml should work now for saving and loading brush and parameter presets (will get wiped with a reload currently.)  Green record is broken still -GJ
    [4.721] -- Erode brush gunpowder much more usefully flips all your fill vs. erode parameters to do the opposite thing at the same intensity, rather than just changing order of calculation -GJ
    [4.722] -- Added gavinsecret brush.  Only a "secret" to non developers... It is a brush to generate massively complex 3d mazes automatically and paint them right into minecraft.  It's purpose is hidden and it is password protected to avoid people knowing what it is from the brush list and nagging me and/or making tons of stupid mazes everywhere.  Just meant for personal or approved use on a project impossible to do by hand -GJ
    [4.723] -- Fixed directional biases in line brush.  Count on Notch to make the X axis calculate differently than Y and Z.  Also fixed some rounding errors -Giltwist
    [4.724] -- OMG, really Notch?! Every quadrant needs a different offset? Rar.  Line brush REALLY fixed now. -Giltwist
    [4.725] -- Updated items.txt generation code for 1.6 - Giltwist
    [4.726] -- Added Meteor Brush - Giltwist
    [4.727] -- Erode brush bugfix -Gav
    [4.728] -- testing gavinsecret - Gav
    [4.729] -- Added LoadChunk brush - Giltwist
    [4.730] -- Added /vupdate command for non-snipers -Giltwist
    [4.731] -- Added triangle brush - Giltwist
    [4.732] -- Added Redstone Rotate brush (SET) - prz
    [4.733] -- Added the following tools to the liteshiper suite: blob, random erode, tree, load chunk
    [4.734] -- Added test version of antifreeze brush, to permanently stop ice from reforming by blanketing with a layer of invisible stairs -GJ
    [4.735] -- ink ball replace specific brush -GJ
    [4.736] -- Made right click crouch with dooplicator do a /d reset at feather's request.  -GJ
    [4.737] -- Trying to fix green record and brush preset slots so they save parameters correctly ... again -GJ
    [4.738] -- Made force brush use /b instead of its own dumb radius parameter, and fixed some problems with antifreeze brush hopefully (blankets ice with invisible stairs then melts it to stop reforming)
    [4.739] -- Work on Maze brush, fixed some infos and things.  -GJ
    [4.740] -- Antifreeze brush now works great and ready to use on server.  -GJ
    [4.741] -- Maze brush first draft done. -GJ
    [4.742] -- Adding generation for new tree types. -Ghost
    [4.743] -- Created Sit brush - prz
    [4.744] -- Chunk coordinates brush for debugging other things - Gav
    [4.745] -- Added powder fucntion to ib and ibr to just make (or replace) balls of that type and id.  So /ib /v 35 /vi 14, powder, will make a ball of red wool.  Arrow acts normally.  -Gav
    [4.746] -- added ink blob brush - Gav
    [4.747] -- added strong ink blob brush - Gav
    [4.748] -- added blob replace brush - Gav
    [4.749] -- added new blocktypes for Patch 1.7 (29, 33, 34) -plusnine
    [4.750] -- added precision ink ball replace, which sahould be able to handle any redstone or piston shenanigans you want.  full control of replace v and vi and set v and vi.  -Gavjenks.
    (I will also make a spreadsheet for choosing which brush you need soon).
    [4.751] -- added Eraser brush - Giltwist
    [4.752] -- testing -prz
    [4.753] -- stupid people spoonfeed changes -prz
    [4.754] -- Added info and info2 parameters to GT brush - Giltwist
    [4.755] -- Eraser brush now ignores gravel.  Arrow nukes water; Powder keeps water. - Giltwist
    [4.756] -- Stuff -prz
    [4.757] -- Added Ink Splatter Ball brush - Giltwist
    [4.758] -- Fixed typo in Erase brush - Giltwist
    [4.759] -- noUndo Set brush - prz
    [4.760] -- Performer stuff -prz PS: Can we skip to b4.8?
    [4.761] -- Wow, it worked without errors ... Also, FIX for liteSnipers being able to select Id's they were not supposed to be able to select -prz
    [4.762] -- More performer stuffz -prz
    [5.000] -- Performer overhaul complete
    [5.003] -- Added pInkSetUpdate - Giltwist
    [5.004] -- Added pInkUpdate - Giltwist
    [5.005] -- Bugfix - prz
    [5.006] -- Added pSetNoPhysUpdate - Giltwist
    [5.007] -- Changed all set/s performers to material/m performers to prevent confusion with the snipe/s brush - Giltwist
    [5.008] -- After discussion with Gavjenks, began conversion to MIC performer naming framework - Giltwist
    [5.009] -- Added several more performers. Much easier to see what's missing with MIC system - Giltwist
    [5.010] -- Old code - new code fix for Ocean.java
    [5.011] -- Added some more no-physics performers.  Proposed change to sneak.java in comments - Giltwist
    [5.012] -- Got rid of some redundant vm.voxel messages, and set shift right-click powder to set /vir - giltwist
    [5.013] -- Fixed redundant notification in shift rc powder, made /d reset replacedata to 0 - giltwist
    [5.014] -- Fixed set brush undo bug with powder - giltwist
    [5.015] -- First attempt to put quick-delete on shift-right-click paintbrush - giltwist
    [5.016] -- Attempt to fix range error on quick-delete - Giltwist
    [5.017] -- Added /p -przerwap
    [5.018] -- /d now resets all the brushes to default -przerwap
    [5.019] -- Fix for liteSnipers having all brushes - przerwap
    [5.020] -- Double-printout fix for /p -przerwap
    [5.021] -- Attempt at fix of randomerode -Gav
    [5.022] -- Added global brush parameters -b# -r(#) -l   ()-optional  -przerwap   Also, code cleanup in some places.
    [5.023] -- Typo'ish thing -przerwap
    [5.024] -- More bugfix -przerwap
    [5.025] -- Derping -przerwap
    [5.026] -- EntityRemoval.java -przerwap
    [5.027] -- Derp
    [5.028] -- Added pExcludeMat -psanker
    [5.029] -- /ve command -przerwap
    [5.030] -- Typo -przerwap
    [5.031] -- Bugfixes with pExcludeMat and /ve (not allowing removal)
    [5.032] -- None of the voxel brushes worked for people, cause the for loops were going from -bsize and then subtracting to even more negative.  Fixed them, but I don't know how to update to the server, so it's not there yet.  -Gav
    [5.033] -- Still moar bugfixes for the exclusion performer and command -psanker
    [5.034] -- added preliminary 1.8 blocktype IDs and friendly-names. - plusnine
    [5.035] -- Added pNoUndo, fixed /ve -psanker
    [5.036] -- Made snipe brush capable of /u as per forum request - Giltwist
    [5.037] -- Renamed NoUndo to MatNoUndo and added InkNoUndo and ComboNoUndo.  Do we need replace versions? No physics? - Giltwist // No. This is for bombing structures, like in Quercas (for helper snipers / titans / admins). Peter also wasn't sure that he wanted ink and combos, but ok (psanker)
    [5.038] -- Revert to NoUndo (przerwap); added new Spline brush and spline engine for future use; *CRITICAL UPDATE*: Added a Y-bounds check on ALL performers (notch has dumb code where if a block update happens < 0, it gets mirrored to 128 and on down); Added a disc mode to Drain; Added CleanSnow -psanker
    [5.039] -- rewrote undo - przerwap
    [5.040] -- typo - przerwap
    [5.041] -- sign+noteblock stuff - przerwap
    [5.042] -- ironing out stuff (null checks) - przerwap
    [5.043] -- fixes to CleanSnow -psa
    [5.044] -- Rewrote sankers' Exclusion stuff - przerwap // thx -psa
    [5.045] -- Forgot a line of code in EntityRemoval.java - przerwap
    [5.046] -- nullchecks /u - przerwap
    [5.047] -- Added pIncludeMat (uses /vn or /vin) -psa  --> LOL sanker, why did you copy pasta the ExclusionList class to a new name? lol -przerwap I was lazy and didn't rename ExclusionList
    [5.048] -- Added Extrude brush (as per request of Featherblade) -psa
    [5.049] -- derp herp -prz
    [5.050] -- ??? & extrude code fix -psa
    [5.051] -- extrude overhaul and removal of /vn and rename /ve to /vl for a generic voxel list to act upon (from a request of Featherblade) -psa
                --> FB doesn't know what he is talking about, ask Gilt for his opinion but I will tell you that I wouldn't want to clear my list every time I wanted to go from exclusion to inclusion -prz
    [5.052] -- Added the feature that when crouching and left or right clicking with arrow at the sky or void or edge of render, it will set your /v or /vr to 0, respectively.  I also changed the message from "invalid target" to "You clicked the sky or void" so that people doing this would not feel like it was an error when sneaking, but people getting it normally would still understand what they did wrong.  Would be more elegant by adding an argument to getTarget() for true/false on the error message entirely, but I assumed you wouldn't want me to be changing the argument structures in Brush.java...  -gav
    [5.053] -- Added /vs printout command, toggles back and forth whether the game chat spams you with less important things like voxel and replace and data values, etc.  Still will always printout performer, brush, and size. -Gav
    [5.054] -- Copy Pasta will bite you guys in the ass someday :P  vMessages printout toggle was printing out /vs lightning status -prz  (also going to restructure some stuff to fit the idea above. But am going to modify the above idea to my view. -prz
    [5.055] -- Done as promised. Needs testing ... Uploading to server -prz
    [5.056] -- The set___() in vSniper.java prinited the apropriate vMessage.__() so duplicate vMessage.__()'s in Sneak printed stuff out duplicate, so I removed them -prz
    [5.057] -- Added Ring.java aka Ring brush /b ri (ir#.#(innerRadius))
    [5.058] -- Derp code -przerwap
    [5.059] -- Added SetRedstoneFlip brush.
    [5.060] -- Added hardcoded limit to Set brush (set to 5,000,000)
    [5.061] --
    [5.062] --
    [5.063] --
    [5.064] --
    [5.065] --
    [5.066] --
    [5.067] --
    [5.068] --
    [5.069] --
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    That's all I want, thx :)

    edit: seems to work :) :)
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    Oooh .... right ....

    So, apparently a lot of things changed since 5.019
    One big thing is that sometime between then and now I rewrote all the undo code so it's now much faster/cleaner and also stuff like signs keep their data
    Looks like performer brushes don't loop around the world ..
    1.8 block ID's (if you delete items.txt)
    That exclude/include performer stuff

    Yeah ... I guess a lot can change in 41 builds.
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    I already changed the items.txt :)
    the undo improving thingy is awesome, should help many of those small servers hosted on a pc!

    maybe it's me...
    How do you set the voxelmaterial to the materials in the voxellist?

    one thingy that you could change:
    if you add more than one material to the list at once, you get two messages (like this):
    added 1
    added 1 2

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    Ha, didn't notice that before. Well I wasn't the one to write it. But I surely will yell at someone when I find em! Maybe slap them around a bit for not testing what they write, or something like that.
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