[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    I am recieving this error, when i attempt to use the ocean brush, Arrow, or gunpowder, I have been using the other voxel brushes all morning and i did a correct install, aswell as a reinstall to make sure.

    Any ideas?
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    You should receive an error log with the error itself. I'm positive.
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    Just wait for the next update on the release.
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    thank you przer.
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    Thanks a bunch- i was looking in the wrong spot! **Facedesk**
    Awesome plugin, finally some competition for WorldEdit ;)
    Good work!!
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    I don't consider WorldEdit competition.
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    Lunar Delta

    Oh, snap!

    (I agree.)

    I love WE, and I would be loathe to lose it, but there are things that Voxel Sniper is incredibly good at that WorldEdit simply can't do easily. Like, rapid and easily customizable terraforming, among other things. Every now and then I get into an argument with a die-hard WE user who refuses to try VS, and I often end up giving demonstrations.

    Most of them end up using VS later.
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    Glad you like it. A lot of people have put many hours of work into this piece of software.
    And we are still moving forward, adding new features, new brushes, new possibilities.
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    /b b iu will take ANY block types with ANY ink values and give all of them the ink value you have written in /vi #

    You can't see it - but not only are the shrubs and water being changed, the grass etc. is also being given ink value 1 or whatever you types in.

    If you want to only affect one kind of block, do /b b imu. That changes the ink value of only one specific material, specified by /vr #.

    /b b imu might not work, because we haven't coded every combination with u's and p's at the end. if it doesn't work, just use /b b im and relog to see what you did for now.
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    Lunar Delta


    I would be extremely sad if there wasn't a Voxel Sniper. I'd get rid of almost any other plugin before getting rid of it. If I can, I will donate soon. I don't ever visit the Voxel Box, but a group of people that produce stuff like this deserves a little thanks, IMO.
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    If I could put a quote on this, I would put "When I watched a video, I was amazed how VoxelSniper did advanced work to make it look natural. Better than WorldEdit!"
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    Nice, thanks :) it was confusing me because I was already doing /v 31 to select tall grass so I was assuming it was specific for that. I'll give that a try, cheers.
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    After scouring the wiki and not finding answers to my issue, I decided to come over here…
    I’m having trouble setting vr #. Whenever I do, say, /vr log, VoxelSniper gives me Replace material set to 17 (LOG). However, when I do /vs, I don’t see anything about log replacement. VoxelSniper also prevents me from doing commands like /b b mm. Is there something I’m missing?

    When I do /vs, I get this:
    VoxelSniper current settings:
    Brush set to Ball
    Brush size set to 3
    Voxel set to 0 (AIR)

    I apologize if this question has been answered already. I really did try to look up answers on the wiki and looking through the video tutorial but they’re both outdated. :/
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    i cant download it, wheres the link?
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    Performers don't work properly. I can't use
    " /b s p" for No physics snipe
    " /v 18, vr 0, /b b mm" for replacing Air with Leaves.

    Basically, performers don't go through properly.
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    What version of VoxelSniper are you using?

    On the right on the wiki.

    Actually, it's good you came across this because I totally forgot to print the Performer info when you do /vs

    On a side note, we are aware that the tutorials are beginning to become outdated and we are working on a new video to explain the performers once they are settled down and up to our expectations.
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    hey i have a problem :S
    when i type /b d for the brush type it says:
    /b select-radius
    Example: /b 5 -- sets a brush radius size of 5 (11 space across).
    Example: /b idr -- sets an ink disc replace brush

    and when i write /b 5 it says the same -.-

    pls help me if u can
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    Read installation instructions and/or your console.
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    @przerwap VoxelSniper 5.006

    I'm pretty sure, because some performers work, like s, r, i. But I can't use m, u, p.
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    5.006 is the old version before they were renamed for the new system Giltwist&Gavjenks came up with.
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    I'm confused. The thread says 5.006, the Wiki says 5.006.
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    The documentation is ahead of the public release
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    So, I should wait?
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    Voxel Box

    VoxelSniper 5.018 totally overhauls the performer naming system, bringing you many more options and a a more precise organization. There are also several minor brush fixes.

    Choosing a performer

    The m/i/c system of naming performers: <placement-option>[replacement-option][extras]
    • placement-option is mandatory and can be material(m) [for /v], ink(i) [for /vi] or combo(c) [for both]
    • replacement-option is optional and can be m [for /vr], i [for /vir] or c [for both]
    • extras is optional and can be update(u) [for graphical glitch], physics(p) [for no-phys] or up [for both]
    • To change your performer without changing your brush use /p <performer>. If you don't specify a performer, it will assume the m performer.

    • To place a disc of logs, use /b d m
      • You use m in this example because you are only placing a material - in this case you'd have used /v log to select that material.
    • To change an existing disc of logs to redwood logs, use /b d i
      • You use i in this example because you are only placing ink on material that is already there; you'd need to set /vi 1 in this case.
    • If you'd like to make that disc of redwood logs from scratch in one click, use /b d c
      • The c stands for "combination of material and ink." You'd also need to set /v log and /vi 1
    • To replace a ball of stone with a ball of dirt, use /b b mm
      • The first m means that you are only placing a material, just like in the disc examples. Just like before, you'd need to /v dirt for this. The second m means that you are only replacing a material - likewise you'd need to /vr stone for this.
    • To replace a ball of stone with a ball of redwood log, use /b b cm
      • The c means that you are placing both a material (/v log) and a data (/vi 1), the m means that you are replacing just a material(/vr stone)
    • To rotate a collection of cobblestone stairs and wooden stairs (all with data 2) to face a different direction (data 3) without disturbing that data 10 cloth right next to it, use /b b ii
      • The first i indicates that you are placing data (/vi 3) and the second i indicates that you are replacing only a specific ink (/vir 2)
    • To snipe in a half-tall water block, use /b s mp
      • The m means that you are placing a material (/v 9) and the p means that no-physics will be engaged.
    • To place a square of half-tall water block, use /b vd mp
      • The m means that you are placing a material (/v 9) and the p means that no-physics will be engaged. That's right! Performers means you aren't limited to single-block no-physics sniping!
    • If for some reason, your snipes only become visible after logging out then back in (such as when using /b d i on tallgrass), use the u extra (in this case /b d iu)

    QUICKFIX 5.019

    Oops, 5.018 let Litesnipers use everything. Please upgrade.

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    This plugin has really grown to be better than worldedit, the only problem is since its not as promoted, not as many plugins "integrate" themselves.
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    No-physics doesn't work for me... It just shows client-side (others can't see it), and it pops off after a certain amount of time.

    Does it require any additional plugins?
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    Just came here to say how unbelievably awesome your plugin is. It's significantly helped the growth of our server and will continue to do so with more and more updates in the future. Thank-you guys for developing and maintaining such an great plugin. Ease of use, effectiveness, flexibility and power all in one package. Thanks guys!
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    Nice plugin, but no physic don't work for me, i've "This brush doesn't take any extras parameters while i'll type /b s mp like on the wiki, i have last bukkit 1060 and last VoxelSniper revision :/

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