[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Could we have multiworld support, as in the option to disable VoxelSniper on our survival world.
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    Thinking the same thing.
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    Voxel Box

    [SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][quote="Altobot, post: 554033"]Hey guy, verry nice plugin, but I cant use the commands.
    Im in the snipers.txt, but when I enter /vs range 5 the console just says:
    Example:/vs -- gives the sniper's settings in a printout.
    No command is working, the console gives just examples over examples. please help![/quote]

    Make sure you installed the snipers.txt in the proper place, in the /plugins directory, and you are using one line per name with proper capitalization.
    [FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][quote="Moorleiche2k, post: 554165"]assumingly you installed both world edit and voxel. both are conflicting as it appeared on my system. if its not worldedit check for other pluggins and install first voxel and then one after another until the error happens again. then you kinow the incompatible pluggin ;)[/quote]
    World Edit and VoxelSniper do not conflict, I would suggest trying to delete and reinstall VoxelSniper on your server.[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][quote="leomilitz, post: 555789"]Could you make a way to set de max depth of the oceanator?[/quote]
    The oceanator works by taking an inverse of the landscape and filling it with water at the sea level. If you want more information on how the OCEANATOR 5000 brush works, I would check out [URL='http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#The_OCEANATOR_5000']the section on that brush on the VoxelSniper page on the VoxelWiki.[/URL][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][quote="TehJammers, post: 557329"]best plugin :D

    Been using it no problems for many months now, only trouble is that LiteSnipers found an exploit today where they can place banned blocks by moving quiet far away and ctrl-clicking.

    Not an enormous issue since I trust them (for now dun dunnn) but put it in as a low priority check-stuff-out thing![/quote]
    Thanks for reporting that bug! I've notified przerwap and the other developers, and a fix should be in the works.[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)][quote="kulopto, post: 557401"]please make an ore generation tool. It would generate ores based on the games code. It would be really nice for when you delete tons of land and replace it with something or adding in land[/quote]
    You can play with your [B]splatter ball[/B] brush's settings (on a very low setting) to create new ores in terraformed regions. I would set my seed to something very low, the growth percentage to a low number (depending on how large you want the ore deposits to be) and the recursions to a number based on how commonly you want to ores to be found. Play with this in some open space, and remember, ores are more common than you may think![/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]

    VoxelSniper, as well as the other VoxelPlugins have their own permissions system to globally allow a user (on snipers.txt) to snipe. We do not currently support multiworld permissions, as there is currently no need for it on The Voxel Box. However, this may be something to be found down the road of updates.
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    Hi, I just downloaded this plugin but I am missing the snipers.txt file can I just amke a doc called that or are there config options i need?
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    Voxel Box

    After putting VoxelSniper,jar in your plugins folder, create a text document called "snipers.txt" in the plugins folder as well, and put one username per line, with proper capitalization as the name is seen in game. If there are problems, try running your server without VoxelSniper and the running it again having reinstalled VoxelSniper. If there's still more problems, feel free to reply with any questions you have.
    Hey, thanks for the video! It's always great to see the community creating videos and educating each other, and it's amazing to see przerwap's plugins go so far!
    ps. It's now listed on the wiki under a beginner tutorial for removing trees: http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#Video_Tutorials. Thanks again for making that!
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    @Voxel Box

    Hi Voxel, this is a very powerful tool and I'm trying to get a hang of it. I've been spending the last few hours learning and testing the commands.

    What would be a good way of forming shallow water beds? I see you have an oceanator tool which does deep natural oceans however, I'm trying to form more shallow natural looking beds. What I've been trying is using the melting brush and smoothen the edges however the melting wares away at the terrain a bit too much (probably because of the settings).

    Is there a more precise way of going about this?

    Also, in a lot of your creations (such as the overhanging canyons) they're made out of a few essential blocks. Is it possible to build some caves/mining pits underneath these with voxel tool?
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    Voxel Box

    A good way to lower ocean depth (in my opinion) is to do these commands:
    /b over all d2
    /v 8
    /b 10

    Click around and you can deepen oceans/lakes. It doesn't quite work on hills though, so I would use the ball brush and overlay brush to terraform whatever you need.

    You can use VoxelSniper with any blocktype you want.
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    A long time ago, you guys said 'No VoxelSniper permissions support until an official permissions system for bukkit is released.' Well, we have one now.... can haz permissionz? And multiworld, PLEASE.
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    where's the download link?

    nm found it, in little tiny text.
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    in the video about using voxelport+voxelsniper he creates the portal area really easily by using the disc tool, but never seems to move when making the stone floor and glass layers. How does he do this? I couldnt find any way to do it the way he did, and every time I tried to use the disc tool it just replaced the floor. any help with this would be awesome. The video goes by too quickyl to see what he types for commands.
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    Try using the gunpowder tool. It creates a new, separate block attached to the face of the block you are targetting, and creates a disk from there.
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    thats perfect!! thanks so much! I didnt see that info on the wiki, that was exactly what I was looking for!
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    No problem, even though its one of the first things in the VoxelSniper basics section.
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    Voxel Box

    This should be coming eventually. Thanks for your concern.
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    Great plugin. Just fantastic. Cannot thank you enough for the work and dedication put into this. I've been using it since it first came out, but I've never had this issue before. Whenever I type "/b 3" for example, it'll say "Example: /b 4 -- sets a brush radius size of 5 (11 spaces across)."

    The command isn't executed and I cannot use voxelsniper. I am a sniper in the text file, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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    Voxel Box

    Thanks for your love for the plugin. It's przerwap's and the brush developer's dedication that keeps this plugin alive and thriving.

    There's suddenly something wrong with you on the snipers.txt, I believe. Maybe a nice re-install of VoxelSniper could do the trick?
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    I'm getting an issue when using this plugin where specifying which block Ids to replace doesn't seem to work properly;

    After reloading the plugin:
    /b dr 3
    -> Replace / Include material(s) set to: 0
    /b dr 4
    -> Replace / Include material(s) set to: 3,4,
    /b dr 0
    -> Replace / Include material(s) set to: 0,3,4,

    Using the defaults command (/d) does not fix this.
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    Voxel Box

    /b dr clear should do the trick.
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    ok so when I set my brush to disk (by typing /v d), it come up with this:

    /v 0-94
    EXAMPLE: /v 1- loads the sniper with stone blocks.

    when I try to put air in it it does the same thing. I have done anything to the file, just downloaded it. what do i do?
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    Voxel Box

    Installation and Permissions

    • Unarchive VoxelSniper.jar and snipers.txt into your bukkit server's "plugins" folder.
      • Tip: 99.9% of failed sniper installations are due to improper placement or setup of the plugin's snipers.txt file. Go over the instructions carefully to make sure your installation is done properly before asking for support.
    • Tip: If you are a Windows user, remember that your OS hides your file extensions from you by default. If your OS is hiding your file names from you, the snipers.txt file you create will actually be named snipers.txt.txt! It is highly recommended to take appropriate steps to see the proper file extensions in your OS so you know what exactly what files and file names you are working with.
    Only licensed individuals may use the VoxelSniper tool! Make sure your account is set up to be able to use the commands as you install the plugin.​
    VoxelSniper Licenses

    A VoxelSniper License lets a player use all the brushes and commands in the VoxelSniper arsenal.
    • In the aforementioned snipers.txt file, Add the Minecraft account names of players to whom you wish to give a VoxelSniper License.
    • Enter the names of players into snipers.txt, one-per-line. The names read from snipers.txt are case-sensitive.
      • Note: VoxelSniper should be treated as a loaded gun. You can do an intense amount of damage to a city, map, or world really, really quickly with it. Do not hand this tool out to people you do not trust.

    Hope this helps (it's from the VoxelWiki).
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    I do not current'y have a file named "snipers.txt" in my Voxelsniper folder in my plugins. should i create one there?
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    Okay, I guess I missed that somewhere, thanks.
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    ok so the video on how to make a simple road tells me to select the disk brush, I need to type in "/v d". well whenever I type that in it tells me that d is not valid. what's going on?
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    That's because you are using the wrong command. /v is for selecting material (v for voxel material). /b is the one you are supposed to use (b for brush). Also, VoxelSniper updated since that video. Try using the command /b vd (brush: voxel disk). It will create a square disk instead of a circular one, better for roads.
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    Voxel Box

    Yes, read the installation instructions.
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    I cant use /b e melt like I used to be able too. I'm running CB #1060 and the latest voxelsniper version. I have myself as a sniper and a litesniper. I can't even do /b e. I havent tried the other brushes but the basic ones work. Please help if you understand why this is happening.
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    Probably because you are in the Lite Snipers as well. Lite Snipers don't have access to /b e, so being resticted by Lite probably overrides Snipers somehow, so just take yourself out of Lite.
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    Voxel Box

    Yup, that is the problem. You need to only be in snipers.txt if you want to be doing all the brushes. Delete your name from the litesniper file and you should be able to enjoy VoxelSniper again :)
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    Thank you that seems to work. :p
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    Voxel Box

    Sweet, hope you enjoy the plugin! :D

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