[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Your a liteSniper >_>
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    I can't seem to download this... every time I click "get it here" it redirects me to a wiki page with apparently NO downloads. This is starting to irritate me, as I spent 2 hours learning how to create a Bukkit server just to use Voxelsniper only to learn that I can't friggin download it. Is there something I'm not seeing? Please help
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    i thought that at first but i didnt get a snipers.txt D:
    i tried to make one and put my name in it but it didnt change anything
    anything i did wrong? and i guess i wasted my time going down the list and all that :p
    EDIT before even posting:
    I thought the snipers.txt was in the VoxelSniper folder but it was hidden among my list of plugins lol
    thanks for the quick reply!

    theres a download link on the right at the top, in the box with all the other information
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    @R2D2Warrior Yes, I see that now. Thanks
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    Hey some of the commands dont work for me like /b e <Whatever> and also like /b sb g3333
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    For some reason when i reload all permissions with the command it makes some of the brushes not work (example:/b jockey) saying that its "not a valid brush" or something like that and i have to restart server to get it working again
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    You are on bolth Snipers.txt and liteSnipers.txt
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    Whats the difference? which ones better?
    EDIT:also sorry for double post
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    FML >_<
    Would you please fucking spend 5 minutes reading the goddamn documentation?!
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    I guess ive just been reading through like 20 different pluggins tuts trying to get a private server started and guess im getting lazy.
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    Wow, that download link was hidden very well!
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  14. I don't know if anyone's asked this, but oh well here goes. You should add a hollow ball and hollow voxel. The commands would prob be like this. /b vh and /b bh. Just a thought :D
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    The wiki seems to be offline for some reason.
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    I do have some in game issues about voxel or i might did something wrong in installation settings, but i really doubt this because i followed exatly what is written. My problem is i have an arrow in my hand tried out to type any commands and got only the info of it must i add some perms or chat related plug? help please xp
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    Leo Liu

    Hello. I'm having an error. Everytime I type in a command, it gives the examples... This has happened with every one of your Voxel Plugins.
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    The NoPysics Brush Desont work for Minecart Tracks And Sand
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    Your doin it rong. Place solid block ... place physics affected block on top/side using no-physics Brush snipe the first laid solid block to some other material of your liking, for example air, or fence.
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    Hey guy, verry nice plugin, but I cant use the commands.
    Im in the snipers.txt, but when I enter /vs range 5 the console just says:
    Example:/vs -- gives the sniper's settings in a printout.
    No command is working, the console gives just examples over examples. please help!
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    is the wiki/manual up to date?
    /v vdf is actually /b vdf and even then it seems to provide the funtion of /b vd or /b d.
    (interestingly it created right after setting up the server walls with the size we wanted, but after changing the brush it just behaved like /b vd or /b d as stated above).

    maybe its due to my system - i use a 64bit with java 1.7.0-b147.
    tested exclusively with bukkit and voxel.

    greetingsand thank you

    ps.: maybe you should drop a note to all the guys out there that they HAVE to provide infos of installed pluggins and/or system specs that you/we know what the conditions are. there seem to be lots of questions out there which seem to be similar to mine, but simply not helpful due to a lack of infos. i would simply delete their questions until they accept the way of providing infos..

    assumingly you installed both world edit and voxel. both are conflicting as it appeared on my system. if its not worldedit check for other pluggins and install first voxel and then one after another until the error happens again. then you kinow the incompatible pluggin ;)

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    Could you make a way to set de max depth of the oceanator?
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    best plugin :D

    Been using it no problems for many months now, only trouble is that LiteSnipers found an exploit today where they can place banned blocks by moving quiet far away and ctrl-clicking.

    Not an enormous issue since I trust them (for now dun dunnn) but put it in as a low priority check-stuff-out thing!
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    please make an ore generation tool. It would generate ores based on the games code. It would be really nice for when you delete tons of land and replace it with something or adding in land
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    I can't find snipers.txt, where is it. btw i play on mac...
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    It will be in the plugins/ folder on your server.
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    Its not there, i only have the VoxelSniper folder
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    It's not in the VoxelSniper folder. It should be in the plugins folder. What did the server log say when you ran VoxelSniper for the first time? If it's not generating at all, just make it yourself.
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    Found it now, I was being a dumb count and unarchiving the voxelsniper.jar
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    Hey VoxelSniper..Made a Pretty Good Tutorial on the Deforestation Brush.. Feel Free to use it on the Wiki.
    - Dubz
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    i DEMAND VoxelTronix

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