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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Lord Chaos

    So any ETA on this for 733? We are starting a new server, but need to Fix terrain and we need Voxelsniper. :)
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    although they don;t support it for 733, I am running it on 733 with no problems at all :D
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    When I type /b oc it says ''No such brush''. Also doing /u tells me nothing to undo. I'm testing this with 733.

    Ok it seems the command was changed to /b o without the documentation being changed so I found out why :)

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    Lord Chaos

    Nice to know...btw, how do you actually get the brushes, aka, the object your character holds in their hand.
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    Voxel Box

    I've gotten a couple of questions about how the structure in prz' screenshot above was made.

    Here's a quick video tutorial showing you exactly how much fun the erosion brush can be once you're used to it:

    We're working on an update for the newest bukkit builds with some other bug fixes, so stay tuned for those.

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    Works great with 740 :)
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    Lord Chaos

    Anyone? Every video they're holding a kind of arrow, but don't know how to get that or what tool to use to use Voxelsniper. There's no command to give a "brush"...is there any specific tool you have to use?
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    Arrow and Gunpowder, pretty sure its in the first Post, and Definitely on the wiki (www.voxelwiki.com)
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    it seems crazy but is there any way to make the oceanator bigger?
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    The gunpowder does a 3x3 Chunk area and the Ocean selection can do ... well as much as your server can handle at a time. It won't crash the server but it would hang it for a while. Basically you select two chunks and all the chunks in a rectangle in between them get oceanated.
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    anytime i type /b idr or anything that deals with voxel sniper it just tell me the examples and doesnt let me use it
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    Did you read the instalation guide? And put your name on the snipers.txt list
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    Eagerly awaiting more fun brushes! Splattering sounds great ;)

    Thanks for the fantastic plugin, as you know we more and more go over to use it.

    A quick question: The new version adds a 'Snipers Light' thing - is that yet in use and if yes, what does it do / restrict?
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    sniperLite is like a baby brother of VoxelSniper within itself. the the Lite can only use replace / fill brushes and has a configurable max brush size along with a configurable 'allowed blocks' list. Other than that its just like regular sniper, uses the same commands etc.
  16. Ok, so the onething i dont get is how to click... I did everything you said but i cant seem to make anything happen. Is there a specific button i have to hit to make this work? I typed in the commands correctly, its just not working. (And i made it so i was allowed to use it in the txt.
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    Right click?
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    Hi, I've been receiving the (quite amusing) error "No such block Id D:<" upon using id's the OBVIOUSLY exist (/v 1, /v 12, etc.) It was working quite well on the same build yesterday. The only thing that really has changed on my server was my migration from MineOS to MineOS+, but it does not make much sense to affect the plugin like this.
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    Does your w/e MineOS is ... create or modify a file called "items.txt" in the root folder?
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    is voxelsniper gonna get updated soon?
    also the wiki with how to use voxel is missing....
    dos this mean that the plugin is dead?
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    the wiki is not missing, http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/index.php/VoxelSniper
    and I believe this plugin is far from dead considering the number of brushes they are developing now
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    Mhmm, sure is Alive. FailTroll is Fail.

    Anyway... Unless plusnine wants to make a video prior, Sniper will be updated today to the public.
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    OMFG IT IS ME AGAIN!!!!:p i fucking love you all WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima install it ofc!!! right now ill tell u how it goes if i get it right:p if i can read the install guide!!!! i tell u how it goes:p love you WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and can i add how like big amount i want my arrow to remove?? it only removes 1 block and i want to remove alot more please answer quick love it wanna use it!!!!!!!!!!:p and when i use the gunpowder and i right clikc or left click nothing happens and i tested use /B and 60 but when i right or left click whit the brush nothing happens what is it for?

    how much is like 10 or 18 or 8 raidus i can't that stuff Radius:S can some1 teach me or osmething bytheway i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will fucking donate when i can if u can wait 3 years:p but please explain

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    Yes it does. I just realized that I'm not up to date with your godly plugin :confused: I'll see if it works once I figure out which plugin is raping my server -__-
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    3d Rotation brush?
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    Yeah we got one of those ;)

    I'll move that file to plugins/VoxelSniper
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    I downloaded the plugin and it still says version 4.616 and not 4.621.
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    Blah, i wish i wouldn't lag like hell on voxelbox, i really want to visit the lowlands to take a inspiring look at your voxelsniper-creations. I am really impressed from the few screenshots and the video i saw (and i don't like the VoxelPort-Wait-an-hour-mechanics :p)
    Well, the update is nice as hell, i like the new stuff :)

    Just some little more suggestions:
    I really like that you can now snipe through water, but can you add some more water/lava-stuff? Maybe a /fixwater-command like worldedit has it, so i can completly get rid of it? It's really the only function i need from worldedit since i got used to voxelsniper. Maybe not add it as command, but as brush, so we can use the long-range-mechanic for it. I am aware of the ice-disc-method, but its a little bit unpractical compared to worldedit.

    A better way of removing water would also be nice. It sucks to click-spam with /b br /v 0 /vr 8/9 until all water is gone... is this possible in a better way?
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    why do all my mobs spawns inside a block and dies?? bug maybe? fix please!
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    Its minecraft-time, therefore 1 hour = 50 seconds realtime.
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    Oh, then it must have been lagrelated or something, i stood there for 5 minutes and then i got bored of waiting :D
    Look at my edit, made some suggestions.
    And the link seems broken. :)

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