[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    Honestly, THE BEST! plugin that has ever come across minecraft. I love it and use it all the time.

    This has probably been mentioned, but may i suggest as well as the disc command, i.e. "/b d" there is a square option as well, i.e. /b q so people can dig out in squares for better accuracy. Just an opinion, thanks for this awesome plugin anyway :)
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    /b vd ( Voxel Disc )
    Although I'm not sure if thats in the release that is out now

    Yeah, I don't thing 3.2 has these. I might release a new version today
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    plusnine's not here so I'm not going to update the main thread nor the title, but for those of you watching the thread I'll release a new version of sniper which I know you guys been waiting for for quite a while now ;)
    I just downloaded CB [677] and the plugin worked just fine without any errors.

    Before I throw the link out, I've got some things to say:

    This new sniper is a LOT different than what you guys might be used to, it might be a big change. There is nothing scary in here its mostly different for a programmer and not noticeable for the end-user.

    Neverthless, I want you all to imagine that a brush is like a box, and this box sits in a room amongst other boxes each one of them labeled-- box b, box d, box vr, box o -- and thats what you type after /b. You type the label of a box. Each individual box is different, and most importantly every box has an instruction manual inside of it. To view this manual you will want to look inside the box and look for the manual.
    /b e info
    Search^ Box 'e' Information sheet

    So, I want all of you not to be afraid and read a Brush's information if you don't know what to look for inside your box.

    This thread will not be updated with new instructions and such anymore. We have an amazing wiki page with anything you would like to know on our wiki website

    There are a few things that aren't on there, for example:

    There is a new command /paint (number)
    () - optional
    typing /paint while looking at a painting will scroll the painting to the next painting in the painting index.
    typing /paint 10 while looking at a painting will set that painting to the one at position 10 of the painting index.
    You have to be within arms reach of the painting for this to work.

    There is a brush equivalent of this /b paint
    The arrow will scroll the painting forward while the powder will scroll it backwards

    Something new in 4.6 is liteSniper ( yep, liteSniper)
    in plugins/VoxelSniper there will be two new files after you run the new version for the first time
    One of them is a configuration file in which you can set a liteSniper's Restricted blocks and maximum brush size
    And the other being a list of liteSnipers
    You may add someone as a liteSniper for the duration of the server's uptime ( untill the server restarts, or reloads) by using the /addlitesniper [name] command
    name can be partial

    uhh, the rest should be on the wiki

    Right if you want a list of the brushes try:
    /vs brushes
    /vs brusheslong

    Good luck:
    ^ VoxelSniper v4.616
    CB [677]

    Attached the file in .zip to this post in case DropBox decides to act up.

    Oh also, there is 41 brushes now (30 of which are mine) ;D

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    Cannot wait to try this out! +[diamond]!
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    Woohoo! You rock, przerwap!
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    Hehe, thanks :3

    Make sure to try my new favorite brush:
    Erosion Brush

    Since the parameters of the brush can be quite confusing we made a few presets of the parameters. To view how to access these presets view the info of the Erosion brush
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    thank you for the release, loving the new brushes, especially the clone brush...

    One quick question as I couldn't find the answer on the wiki, can we change the dimensions of the the various disc, ball and voxel brushes? Something like a voxel disc brush that is 3 wide, but a larger number like 20 in length?
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    That does sound really cool (though I was most excited for the voxel disc and face brushes :D).
    BTW, what are these brushes, "secret" and "lolz"?
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    lolz was made by DivineRage and its harmless so you can try it at no risk, I wont tell u what it is though :p

    as for the secret brush, thats a prototype of something that I'm working on. Something that WorldEdit CANT do
    The brush has no undo functionality and you can only use it if you know how to turn it on ;) which requires understanding of my "boxes" speech
    as to what it does: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1025&t=110951&p=3984582#p3978788
    And if you want to try it out than you would need to know that the brush requires a parameter of a number. That number is an angle

    Do you mean the /b command?
    it doubles as a /b [size] where size is an integer

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    OK, I understand, but everytime I try, it throws this error:
    Invalid parameters! (Parameter error)
    Is not a valid statement
    For input string: "info"
    ... changes each time I try.

    Looks really cool, though, if I understand correctly.
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    Yes, but does it copy, like the clone stamp? Or does it do something like WorldEdit's wood axe selection want?

    Or, maybe it could do something I'm completely not expecting... That, I suppose, seems most likely.

    EDIT: OOHHHHHH, I see. Wow, that's crazy. just about messed up what I was workin on because it took so long to finish what it was doing...
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    Well, it will take in any Degree of rotation, not like WE with its constrained 90* rotation. Its still a young brush but with the cheap fill method we used it sorta looks good; needs cleanup, but looks good. Than again I don't see anyone else making plugins that can rotate things at 30* of rotation ;)

    How big a brush were you trying?
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    Sorry, I phrased my original post poorly. Right now if for example you use the plain disc brush with a size of 3 (/b 3), then the resulting round disc would be 7 across as intended. What I'm asking for (and think would be very helpful), is the ability to define two different radii in order to make oval discs instead of round discs. So if I could use the same disc brush, but set the size of the radius to be 3 in one direction, and 5 in the perpendicular, then I'd get an oval that's 7 x 11 essentially. The same principle applies to the voxel disc brushes, where instead of perfect squares I'd be interested in making rectangles and being able to define both the length and width of the brush.
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    Haha, I accidentally used a 30 size brush because I tried to set the degree of rotation wrong (I used /b 30 instead of what it was supposed to be), and didn't set it back smaller before using it. And, because it was taking so long (up to 10 seconds per rotation) I ended up doing 10-15 at one time XD. Luckily, what I was working on was symmetrical, and I could just WorldEdit it back the way it was supposed to be.
    Oooh, now that does sound useful.
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    Voxel Box

    the thread's updated with the relevant release information for VS 4.5 sorry it took me a while to get to this; i've been out of town and away from the internet for several days.

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    X 8P X

    will the other voxels get updated soon to 677 as well?
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    Voxel Box

    Sniper appears to be suffering from the same minecraft-bukkit-clien-block-update nonsense. We are looking into the matter and hope to have it resolved before too long. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, creative servers can check out our newest public plugin offering, VoxelMimic:

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    Hey przerwap!
    First, i want to thank you for this amazing, epic, best-of-all-time plugin. I use it really often, i love it, my users love it, thanks! Biggest thanks for the erosion-brush, this one is pretty hot! After seeing the images of your Sniper-Created valleys (vallies? who knows) on your wiki i started experimenting around with an own valley. LOVE IT ♥

    Well, since your to-do-list seems pretty long i have little hope to get this one idea i have implemented. You used your own aliases for the erosion brush, so i thought that this would be very practical for all of us. Like, for example is use /b br /b 12 /vr 12 /v 2 really often. It would be pretty handy to create an alias for this. It could be written in a txt-file like this:

    name: Sandremover
    /b br
    /b 12
    /vr 12
    /v 2

    and if i enter /b Sandremover ingame all the settings would be applied.

    Also, on your wiki you exampled the "Deforestator":
    • /b br - activates the Ball Replace Brush
    • /b 10 - sets the brush size to 10
    • /v 0 - sets your brush to paint air blocks
    • /vr 17 - sets your Ball Replace Brush to paint over Log blocks
    • /b br 18 - sets your brush to also paint over Leaf blocks.

    If i enter /b br 18 it gives me an invalid parameter error. Yes, i am up to date.
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    This is a pretty good idea, but you must remember that all you have to do to remove sand is /d or /v 0 and /b br Than simply Crouch+RightClick on the sand in front of you to set the sand to be your replace material. But I can see how this could be usefull. If I do this, it will end up not being a SniperCentered command but something as an alias tool
    [unfinished] Had to leave
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    That would be much sweeter. Thanks :)
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    I am having a few issues. First, the multiple replace function is great, but it seems to sometimes grab the type of block you are looking at as well...for example, right now I am trying to replace 8 and 9 (water & standing water) and I am looking at sand. Well, 12 (sand) keeps showing up in the list as well, and it seems to only be the luck of the draw that I can get ONLY 8 and 9 in the replace list.

    Second, the voxel disc brush works as expected...the voxel disc replace brush does not. It is the same as the disc replace brush, except does not accept the "true" modifier.

    Third, that voxel disc replace brush and the face replace brushes do not accept defining multiple materials to be replaced, but it seems like they would (if this is intended lemme know).

    Otherwise, greatest. tool. ever.
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    Yar, the Multi-replace never was quite functional nor finished because I got distracted by other things, and therefore it was only on /b dr for testing
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    Does this work with RB 733? I'm guessing no since it says 677. If so is there a certain day u expect to update it? o:
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    Ah, that makes sense then. Here's hoping it gets extended to the others, as it is a fantastic addition.

    It seems to work for me without issue, except for the issues I stated that seem to be bugs with VS itself.
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    Yeah, it is a nice thing to have. I'm rewriting all the Disc Ball Voxel brushes from scratch as we speak to get them to a more structurally sound structure.
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    You Tease :p
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    Well... You can't hide the truth :p

    Just look at it ... so .. plastic ..
    Compared to the rugged Earth-like formations created with a few brush-strokes of VoxelSniper
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    Beautiful aren't they :D

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