[EDIT/FUN] RainbowWool v1.0 - Makes your world more colorful - especially for artists [953]

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    Version: 1.0
    Official Website (updated first) : RainbowWool

    This plugin makes it possible to craft always white wool, brush wool(combination with previous color available) bleach wool and get the color of it. Use the brightness-tool(no real tool with an item) for changing grayscaled wool and the rainbow-tool to change the color along the rainbow.
    To change the public abilities and the bleach-tool edit the '/plugins/RainbowWool/config.yml'. Original file:
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    all_can_scroll: true
    all_can_color: true
    all_can_melt: true
    all_can_bleach: true
    #can also be an id - unusable value deactivates bleaching and cause a warning
    bleachitem: BONE
    destroy_to_bleach: false
    register_recipes: true
    Video from me about version 1.0 and a video about version 1.2.
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    Show Permission Nodes

    • rainbowwool.colorblocks - Ability to brush
    • rainbowwool.bleachblocks - Ability to bleach blocks and receive their color
    • rainbowwool.colorbyscrolling - Ability to change the color using the rainbow- and the brightness-function
    • rainbowwool.meltcolor - Ability to brush with some kind of transparency

    Version 1.0 (Download)
    • Added recipes, configuration-file, permission-nodes
    • Wool-brush, melt-brush and scrolling color change
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 754 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 953
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    Not bad! Can you make then compatible with redstone in anyway? XD (REDSTONES ARE AWESOME)
    Like use redstone to trigger the colour changes.

    Also, put them into sections. Features and those stuff.
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    Into sections ? What do you think about. An example ?

    Redstone is something that I can't handle so good. For this you can look at the last seconds of the second video of MonsterHatchery, but I already thought of it and maybe can handle it.
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    what excactly does this plugin do?
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    watch the video
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    Very nice!

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