[EDIT/FUN/MISC] EverGreen v 1.1 - Get it green everywhere [935-1000]

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    Version: 1.1
    Official Website (updated first) : EverGreen

    This plugin doesn't speed up the spreading of grass but makes it possible to make dirt to grass by planting seeds on it without tilling the land. If it's already green than you'll plant long grass. In a desert you'll plant dead shrubs. When you place new dirt next to grass it'll also become grass. So you'll never see that dirty dirt anymore on the surface.
    There is also a support for different ways for permissions. In all plugins of mine using devbukkit 770+ will have a property called permissions with four different options :
    1. CONFIG - Only use the plugin's configuration-file
    2. BUKKIT - Use bukkit's build-in permission-system
    3. PLUGIN - Use the permissions plugin
    4. OP - Only operators can use the plugin
    To change the range and the possibilty for everyone to use it (ignoring the Permissions) edit the '/plugins/EverGreen/config.yml'. Original file:
    Show Original Configuration
    permissions: OP
    allcandothis: true
    radius: 2
    Video from me about Version 1.0.
    Show Video
    Show Permission Nodes

    • evergreen.useseeds - Ability to use seeds to make it everywhere green

    Version 1.1 (Download)
    • added Multi-Permission-Support
    • fixed a bug, that not all blocks that are transparent are handled that they are. So they weren't processed
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 770 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 1000
    Version 1.0 (Download)
    • Permission-Nodes added
    • Seeds as tool
    • Added file for configurations
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 746 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 935
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Video added.
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    Updated to cb1000. And a little bugfix ;)
    Any wishes for new features ?
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    Maybe a command for this? :D
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    what shall this command do ?

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