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    Labyrinth - Create generic random labyrinths (mazes):
    Version: v0.1
    Download: Download latest version here

    This plugin is still work in progress. I release it to get your opinions about it and further suggestions.

    The idea about it

    It should become a little in-game-game. Server admins should be able to define an area (placeholder) for the labyrinth. Then up to 4 (maybe more, depends on the size of the labyrinth) can start a game to compete with each other. When the players are ready, a random labyrinth gets spawned in the admin-defined area. Players can then go traversing it to find treasures/chests, fight mobs (or each other), evade traps or reach the center or finding the exit as fast as possible...whatever... Anything that makes fun. ;)

    Suggestions are welcome! I will add them to the planned features if i find them usefull.
    But please have a look at the upcoming-feature-list first if your feature suggestion is already mentioned.

    2011-05-16_01.10.11.jpg 2011-05-16_01.10.18.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.17.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.53.jpg

    See it in action:

    Here is another video of creating a bigger labyrinth:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Features:
    • Create (and rollback) random labyrinths of dynamic size
    • Permission support (but not required!)
    Upcoming Features:

    • Defining entries/exits
    • Grief protection
    • Escape protection *evil*
    • Persistance
    • In-Game functionality (generic chests, doors, mobs, traps, fake exits etc.)
    • More detailed permission nodes
    • Improving constructing algorithm
    • Improving torch distribution
    • Customization (complexity, materials, height, roof etc.)
    • Configuration options
    • Artifacts (rooms, water places)
    • Template or seed support
    • Polygonal mantles
    • Multi-Level labyrinths
    • Hypermazes (3D labyrinths)
    • Implementing different constructing algorithms
    How to use

    It's easy!
    1. Use the /labybounds commands to define the bounds of your labyrinth.
    2. Then create it with /labyconstruct
    3. If you like to remove the latest created labyrinth and restore the previous terrain, use the /labyrollback command
    Warning: Rollback is currently only possible for the LATEST created labyrinth and only if you didn't reload your plugin manager or restart your server!

    • /labybounds
      • Punch then a block for defining the first corner of your labyrinth
      • Punch then a second block for defining the second corner
      • The distance between the two corners defines the diagonal of the labyrinth
      • When defining the corners, the Y-coordinate (elevation) from the first corner is used for both position
    • /labyconstruct [height]
      • Creates the labyrinth between the two positions you defined before
      • height = (optional) The height of the labyrinth exclusive the floor and the ceiling, can be between 2 and 5. Default is 2.
    • /labyrollback
      • Removes the latest labyrinth and restores the previous terrain

    Just Copy Labyrinth.jar in your plugin directory and reload your server or plugin manager.


    There is NO configuration needed or possible yet. I will add some options later.


    Permission nodes for Permissions plugin by TheYeti.
    Last tested version: v3.1.4
    • labyrinth.*
      • Allows everthing
    If Permissions is not installed, fallback to ops.txt is used!

    Known Bugs
    • Torches remain laying on the floor when rolling back a labyrinth
    • StackOverflowError when bounds are to big. Don't push it to hard man! :p Or adjust your JVM option -Xss

    Version 0.1 (May 16, 2011)
    • Initial release
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

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    Very nice, you already manifested some of the upcomming features (traps, multiple levels) ;)
    Looks great! Now imagine that being randomly regenerated from time to time and yourself locked in, only one way out.

    Mhh i'm also thinking about intercepting all teleport commands from other plugins like /tp /warp /home /goto and canceling them :p Making you REALLY trapped in!

    Muahahahaha that would be evil :D
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    @_skyler_ i like the way you think >:.)
    i for got to show one screeny there a one-way-entrance hit a button opens the door u walk in a selftriggered ic from falsebook closes the door the door is made of mossy-cobblestone so ur lost and u dont even know were the entrance was!
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    @woodzy I guess we have a similar evil attitude :p
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    @_skyler_ u got teamspeak or skype :D
    send me a PM i have to leave here in a bit ill be back in about 3-4 hours
    i'd love to be a LIVE testing server for you im a LIVE testing server for a fue plugins all ready
    (logblock, LWC)
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    This plugin is very promising with a lot of awesome improvements listed!
    Some more ideas :
    - Creation of random sized rooms (which sizes, how much)
    - Parameter for width of the corridors
    - Parameter for the floor/ceiling/walls material types
    - Parameter to mix 1/2/3/4 materials for the floor/ceiling/walls (for example, define walls as a mix of cobblestone and mossy-cobblestone, the floor as a mix of dirt, cobblestone and double-slabs and ceiling as a mix of rock and dirt... :)
    - Adding mob spawns limited to zombies/squeletons (like Ventaus said)
    - Automatic generation of traps and more traps (without TNT but with netherhack in fire - thanx to Falsebook - , dispensers, simple pits in the dark, pits opened with pressure plates, ...) ! >:D
    - Parameters for treasures (how much, where, what items inside)

    I would love this and will install it ! :)
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    Uhhh...it's about 100x300 and underground. No way to really show it.
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    work fine this is a nice plugin but i don't know, your video show you to make a bigger maze and i can just make a 22*24 block size for the max lenght et width on my server.
    Do you have an idea or solution?

    ps: sorry for my english
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    This is an Aawesome plugin to my server but in the next update could you make it one block higer ?
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    As i said, it's a recursive algorithm so far. Means it uses your JVM stack. You can increase it with JVM start option -Xss. But i will rewrite that, making the algorithm using an internal stack or just use an iterative algorithm...

    No, you can do it then. It will be configurable.

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  11. add a config for the materials (I would want mine to be bedrock walls floor and ceiling and no torches)

    oh and maybe add a way to just type the size in the command?
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  12. Hi, really a nice plugin!!
    I´d like to report some bugs:
    Beds an doors just pop out on the rollback (and flowers and mushrooms probably too, but i did not test this). Stairs are restored, but they all face the same direction. The content of chests will pop out on creation of the labyrinth. The damage-value of any block will be deleted, so wooden steps will be rolled back as stone steps f.e.
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    Thanks! I i will probably fix that in the next release.
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    This is very nice; I love it!
    It could work for my friend's idea of dungeons, where I could use this to make a gigantic maze with lots of enemies and a chest full of stuff at the end...
    That reminds me, can this be used deep underground, or would it cause porblems if I didn't clear enough space?...
    Or do you manually define the area it spawns in, like the Prison plugin?
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    You are able to define the area where it should get created. And you don't need to clear that space, it gets cleared automatically.
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    Is there chests in these labyrinths? I can't find any in the ones I spawn!
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    I would say RTFM but i rather say: Please read the description before asking such questions. ;)
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    YES! thank you so much, i stacked a bunch of them on top of each other and its epic, they are each 2 tall (the glass gets taken out when its stacked) except two levels that are 4 tall, i added my own chest in and door protection so once in you cant get out :p 11 floors all 62 width and 47 length... the third floor is the farthest anyone has gotten so i had to add more ladders, but it obviously hasnt helped...
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    The download link is not working ? or is it just me ?
    Edit: it works prefectly :)
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    Great Mod love it. Your amazing!
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    SO freaking EXCITED about THE update ;)
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    Just posting to say I'm still excited and interested in your plugin!
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    what's the different between Hypermazes and Multi level mazes?
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    Multi-level-mazes are several 2D mazes stacked on each other...how Tarnacki showed us above.
    Hypermazes look like this.
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    wait are you adding hypermazes first? or like monsters and treasure for the update? because i reaaaallly need monsters and treasure please and for treasure you could you make it so people could only get it once for a set amount of time and it regenerates the tresure and when you make it it spawns a certain amount of treasure per amount of space? (kinda complicated, just wondering) thanks
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    it there a possibility to have a congif for custom walls floor and ceiling materials? Also, maybe support for several stories? like 3 floors
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    @_skyler_ oh come on man please dont give up on this!!!
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    @woodzy : if he does give up someone will pick it up and work more on it... can't let this go to waste... it needs to be updated to latest version soon hopefully nore features will be added
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    This will be the most amazing plugin for Minecraft ever once it gets more of the features.

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