[EDIT/FUN/GEN] TimeSign 1.2 - Easy time change using different techniques [1000]

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    Version: 1.2
    Official Website (updated first) : TimeSign

    This plugin adds the ability to change the time via signs, watchs and commands.
    Place a sign with this pattern (case insensitive):
    1. [timesign]
    2. <Nothing>|<0-24000>|<Name>
    3. Doesn't matter
    4. Doesnt' matter
    If the second line is blank, it'll display the current time on the sign. This also sets up the sign for a time change. If you typed in a number between 0 and 24000 it'll change the world's time to this value. You can also use a name that represents a time for example : midnight for 18000.
    The names are listed in '/plugins/TimeSign/TimeSign.cfg'. You can simply add your own times by adding a line : <name>=<0-24000>. Since Version 1.2 they're stored in the config.yml under the 'times'-node.
    To change the time with a watch just right-click on a block with the watch in the hand. It'll only swap between morning and evening.
    Since 1.1 is the /times-command. Just type /times to get the world's time. To change the time just add a name or a number between 0-24000 after the command.
    Since 1.2 there is also a redstone and piston support. So you can activate a sign with pushing on the sign or by direct redstone power. Now you can also change the time of a specific world using the command. Just use the world name as first parameter.
    There is also a support for different ways for permissions. In all plugins of mine using devbukkit 770+ will have a property called permissions with four different options :
    1. CONFIG - Only use the plugin's configuration-file
    2. BUKKIT - Use bukkit's build-in permission-system
    3. PLUGIN - Use the permissions plugin
    4. OP - Only operators can use the plugin
    To change the messages edit the '/plugins/TimeSign/config.yml'. Original file:
    Show Original Configuration
        morning : 0
        evening : 12500
        noon : 6250
    permissions: OP
    trans_noworld: The world "$w$" does not exist.
    trans_notimenoworld: Name isn't listed and there is no world with this name.
    trans_playergetworldtime: It's $t$ in "$w$".
    trans_changeto: I just changed the time to $t$.
    trans_changeworldto: I just changed the time of "$w$" to $t$.
    trans_playergettime: It's $t$ in your world.
    trans_notime: Name isn't listed.
    trans_noperms: You don't have the permissionto do this.
    trans_nopermswatch: You don't have the permission to use a TimeSignWatch.
    trans_watchtomorning: I just changed the time to morning with this cool watch.
    trans_watchtoevening: I just changed the time to evening with this cool watch.
    Video from me about version 1.0 (Notice the subtitles in German and English) and a video about version 1.2.
    Show Video
    Show Permission Nodes

    • timesign.use - Ability to use signs to change the time
    • timesign.usecommand - Ability to use the '/times'-command
    • timesign.usewatch - Ability to use the watch to change the time

    Version 1.2 (Download)
    • added multi-permissions
    • added multiworld-support
    • added redstone and piston-support
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 770 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 1000
    Version 1.1 (Download)
    • added the '/times' command as tool
    • added 'timesign.usecommand'-node
    • added file for messages
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 704 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 818
    Show old versions

    Version 1 (Download)
    • Sign and watch as tool for a time change
    • Permission-Nodes added
    • File for time names
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 668 and Permissions 2.7 for Craftbukkit 733

    Allready tested on 860. Works fine.

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    Changelog needs to show two versions without a spoiler.

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    At the moment i have command sign and mothernature, why would i switch?
    What interesting feature can you offer, Mothernature does weather aswell.
    If so i would be happy to switch.
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    Don't know, what features do you wish ? It's also my first plugin so be kind ;)
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    Update to CB1000. Enjoy the new things ;)
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    Made a special video how you can use TimeSign in an other way as described ;)
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    i am not sure but i cant watch your video with out getting motion sickness. i cant seem to get the sign to work with restone power. but cant watch the vidoe with out getting dizzy
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    What is your problem ?

    It's only working since TimeSign 1.2.
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    the redstones power line will not trigger a sign but i can still right click it to change the time
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    And why are you commenting on the video ?

    Is 'redstone_can_sign' enabled (set on 'true') ? Otherwise try with pistons and check 'piston_can_sign'.
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    doesn't work for redstone can't get it to work =(
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    Please don't reply the whole first post. I'm watching my threads. Also post your configuration.
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    Can you add an option to disable posting? So it doesnt say "I changed the time to morning with the watch".
    Its annoying

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    Edited title to reflect single rb
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    what ?
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    Long time no see JoshuaBehrens. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.
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    md_5 Thanks for your hint, but I think I won't have time again for this, because actually I have no pc that is able to run minecraft so I can't test. So feel free to deactivate my other plugins, too. If there aren't already.

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