[EDIT] FlatEarth v0.8 - makes bedrock flat, multiworld/nether [1.1-R1]

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    Flatearth - makes bedrock flat
    Version: 0.8
    Download (JAR / ZIP)
    Source code
    CraftBukkit: supports latest recommended build and tested with up to #1833
    Description and usage:

    • A simple plugin that makes bedrock flat (like Bedrock Gap Insurance by msleeper) on command within a specified radius.
    • Removes all blocks around you in a specified radius except of bedrock.
    • Multiworld and Nether support.
    • Both commands are usable by OPs only!
    • /flatearth - flattens bedrock in a radius of 8 blocks - "flatearth.flatearth"
    • /flatearth [radius] - same like above but within a specified radius - "flatearth.flatearth"
    • /freespace - replaces EVERYTHING except of bedrock with air in a radius of 8 blocks - "flatearth.freespace"
    • /freespace [radius] - like above but within a specified radius - "flatearth.freespace"
    you can enable onPlayerMove for players and groups using this permissions node "flatearth.onmove".
    if you want to enable onPlayerMove for all players, use the node in the default group and inherit from it.

    Version 0.8
    • had to remove Permissions 2.x/3.x and Groupmanager support (Permissions 2/3 will never return, Groupmanager support will be readded with next version along with Superperms and bPermissions.)
    • updated for latest CraftBukkit [1.1-R1, 1.1-R2]
    • updated for latest PermissionsEx [1.17, 1.18]
    • added configuration parameters for block to replace bedrock (normalblock and netherblock, respective the envoironment. normalblock default 1, netherblock default 87)
    Version 0.7
    • Added support for PermissionsEx, Permissions and GroupManager
    Version 0.6
    • re-added onPlayerMove, since all of you wanted that. Default radius 8 blocks. This also supports Normal and Nether worlds, while in Nether the roof bedrock will be flatted too.
    Version 0.5
    • Changed configuration options, separate settings for flatearth and freespace, since freespace takes more resources. default values are maxflatradius: 250, maxfreeradius: 50
    Version 0.4
    • Added isChunkLoaded check, to stop generating new chunks if radius is engaging them.
    • Added configuration option maxradius, if not set default maxradius is 500.
    Version 0.3
    • Not released testing version
    Version 0.2
    • Initial release
    • Permissions support (as soon as bukkit provides a permission system).
    • Flatting bedrock on command in all already existing chunks (for initial flatting the world).
    • Flatting bedrock in new chunks when they get generated.
    • Function to make a flat world with ability to provide block type(s) and height level parameters
    • Suggestions and improvement ideas are appreciated.
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    2 questions.

    One: So the plugin basically creates a thin layer of bedrock blocks at the highest bedrock layer and then deletes all the other blocks underneath it?

    Two: Do you think you could adjust it so all randomly generated chunks (or any chunks already generated instead or something) could auto-flatten? Or is that out of your control?

    Three (I know I said 2): Does setting the radius to 9999999999 cause the game to generate chunks, or just flatten already existing ones?
    I could definitely find a use for this, but I'd rather avoid inconsistancies.
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    One: yes. but it doesnt delete the blocks, it replaces them by normal stone (normal world) or netherstone (nether).
    normal worlds have bedrock on the bottom 5 layers. nether has on bottom and top 5 layers bedrock.
    the whole world is going from layer 0 to 127 (128 layers).

    Two: yes, this will come in future also. while actually onChunkLoad is not usable, i will make onCommand flatting all already generated chunks. and onPlayerMove toggleable by command.

    Three: indeed, good and important point, thanks for pointing me on that. i will test that tonight a bit more intensive. but first test have shown, that it does NOT generate new chunks, which is good. but i am not sure on that, will report.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 9:07 PM ---
    ok, tested with the value above. it does not generate chunks it try to generate chunks :-/ and throws an exception error. hang on for update!
    i will first limit the radius to some maximum value, and next step (probably tomorrow) will add if chunkLoaded.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 10:24 PM ---
    added isChunkLoaded, running a test with a radius 0f 10.000, it actually takes long time because debug messages are passed to chat. but it works flawlessly. we need a limit to the radius.and this command is to use wisely, that is why OPs only.
    in normal case nobody needs everywhere a flat bedrock, only if somebody builds near bedrock, he can ask the OP to flat an area for his buildings. now i can imagine how ressource eating it was, when every player had flatting on move.
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    finally it works perfect, if you have a powerfull server, you can set maxflatradius to 1000 or even more, maxfreeradius 300-500 (this is more ressourcehoggy, be carefull)
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    Thanks a lot for updating this!
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    I`ll wait for support when chunk loads it flat's earth it self (is that possible to do?)
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    yes, i will add that *probably* tonight. cant promise, have to update my server and do few other things in RL :p
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    Or I'd like it to at least automatically add the bedrock "floor" to the very bottom layer like msleeper's plugin used to do, so that when I accidentally remove the bedrock of an entire area, I can drop down and walk around and it will automatically fill in the layer...
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    flatearth command makes exactly this, on command. but how do you accidentaly remove bedrock? with other plugins like worldedit or something?
    also msleepers bukkit version doesnt add/flat bedrock onPlayerMove. hmod version did.

    please tell me whats wrong with onCommand flatting bedrock? (except that is currently only usable by OPs, permissions support on todo) why you want your whole world to have flat bedrock? normally you need flat bedrock only on places where you really dig down to bedrock and build something on the most bottom level. for this purpose you just execute the command and have your area flat and gap free. if you accidentally removed bedrock with worldedit, try /flatearth 123 to close the gap (where 123 is the radius around your position).

    this would be at least a solution for you until i implement flatting bedrock worldwide and on chunk generation.

    btw. this is also possible with worldedit, use wand to specify the area, then //set 7 (7 is the id of bedrock)

    onPlayerMove i will not implement anymore. it is too resource hungry when you have 20+ players online, even on fast machines!

    please check todo list and be patient :p
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    Could you make it work like the old one? I want completely flat bedrock, WITHOUT the need of manually executing the command constantly.
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    the old version didnt made all bedrock flat, only around you in a radius of 8 blocks, while you are running.
    i will make a lot of features, but the new version will not be onPlyerMove anymore, never!
    read todo, this will be the options, nothing else.
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    Give us something to make the currently generated bedrock flat then, regardless of how. I want all the bedrock (in areas accessed / seen) to be completely flat

    I do not want a single inch of bedrock that a player could touch to be jagged. I liked that about the old one. It would dynamically adjust based on the players, and for us it was -never- a problem.

    I'd prefer it like that.
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    there you go....
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    Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it! <3
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    Seems to be good on 493.. Will play around with it more. THX :)
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    *happy* thanks for response!

    btw. worldwide flatting is still in the making, i am a bit short in sparetime.
    but this will be cool when its done :)

    i am also planning some api, so you can make plugins to flatearth that will be able to do something worldwide also.
    flatearth it self will only have worldwide bedrock flatting, but you could then write a small plugin, that is i.e. flatting the world it self. or even what you want else. i am making that just for fun to earn java skills, so dont expect it very soon. but you are welcome to fork it github.
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    Thanks for the quick updates!
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    Does this work on 612+?
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    It works for me. Manually checked in a freshly generated chunk to confirm.
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    yes it does, there were no changes in bukkit events that affect flatearth. sorry, i forgot to update the OP, will do so now.
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    Thannks :D
    Works perfectly!
    Was very helpful, cause I just wanted to make a small part of the world flat :p
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    1. DO NOT quote my whole post. edit your post and remove the quote!
    2. DO NOT report shit, its not the mod that crashed your freands server but the inability to run a server -.-
    3. READ forum rules and guidelines how to report issues. edit your post and correct the issue reporting
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    hello it is not working on my sever am i doing something with the download?
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    Does this work on 733 yet?
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    does it work on 798?
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    ofcourse :p
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    Thanks! will download it now. No offense but can you make the command a separated plugin, or add permissions support.
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    v0.7 - added PermissionsEx, Permissions and GroupManager support.

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