[EDIT] Delete Blocks v0.3 - Delete Blocks Instantly [Permissions][740 - 766]

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    Delete Blocks - Delete Blocks Instantly!
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin is used to remove blocks quickly and easily.
    To use, use the command /delete or /deleteblock and all blocks clicked afterwards will be instantly removed. Type /delete once again to stop. The blocks will all be instantly transferred into your inventory, as is! That means that when you break stone, you get stone and when you break glass, you get glass!
    You can choose whether to delete items like doors, buttons, and levers in the plugins/DeleteBlock/config.dat file.
    Also, please make sure you have permissions installed, since this plugin requires it at the moment. Will be fixed at a later time.
    The permissions command is: deleteblock.use

    • Instantly Deletes Blocks
    • And Inserts Them Into Your Inventory
    • It's That Easy!!!
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 0.3
    • Fixed signs and beds. Added option whether to destroy interactive blocks or not (like doors, buttons, and levers). Disabled by default.
    Version 0.2
    • You actually get doors from destroying doors, and not halves of doors.
    Version 0.1
    • Plugin Released
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    would you suggest blast pic Wich i already have or this
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    Can this break Bedrock and do i need to download permissions?
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    I've been using this extensively on my server and I like it a lot. I did notice a bug though: sandstone or wooden slabs are transferred into inventory as stone slabs. I haven't tried cobblestone but I suspect the same thing will happen.
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    defiantly helped on my server, there was a glitch where no-one could delete anything. Got this, problem solved until 1.6 and a new server build... thanks!
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    Gabriel Moon

    thank you so much
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    Awesome plugin - i use it all the time, but it deletes hatches even with interactives set to false.
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    Everytime I start the server I get
    [INFO] While loading Delete Block (plugins/DeleteBlock.jar) found old-data folder: plugins/DeleteBlock next to the new one: plugins/Delete Block
    It's just a glitch.
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    Hmmmm :(
    If i put the essentials or iConomy (or both) plugin on my server , delet blocks do not work anymore in any ways !
    What can i do ?
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    This would be a much better option to the instabreak plugin i am currently using but it would be nice if you had a select tool option
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    comes up with "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" on got-bukkit-0.0.0-904-g9277096-b963jnks (MC: 1.7.2) any idea what might be happening?
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    Does this still work with Craftbukkit 1000?

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