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    Current release: 1.2 (568)

    Old versions: 1.1 | 1.0

    This plugin allows you to change the color of the text on a sign by looking at it and scrolling the mousewheel.
    Nothing more, nothing less.


    • Aim your cursor at a sign and use your mousewheel to change the color.
    • Cyclic scrolling (backwards or forwards) through the list of colors.
    • All 16 colors are available.
    • Set the color of each line seperately by sneaking (holding Shift) and selecting the line number, then release shift and scroll to change the color.
      • For example: Look at the sign and press Shift+2 to select the second line. Now start scrolling to change the color of the second line.
      • Select any other number (5-0) to select all lines
    - Download ColorSign at the top of this page and put it in your plugins folder.
    - And you're done!

    Known bugs:
    - None yet! :D

    To do:
    - Nothing yet



    24/03/11: v1.2 (568)
    • Set colors per line by sneaking!
    24/03/11: v1.1 (568)
    • Small bugfix (15 characters per line)
    • Updated to recommended build
    03/03/11: v1.0 (477)
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    I much approve of this! :)
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    Tfs Halo

    very awesome :p
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    Need a permission support.
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    Permission 2.4+ support would be vundabar!
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    Yeah !
    Permissions AND databases (I mean MySQL) would be great :p
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    WARNING: Breaks Lockette chest protection.
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    Not everything needs MYSQL - very few things do - please dont bloat a plugin unneededly
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    And attn @blaatz0r,

    The best way to ensure compatibility with Lockette and Craftbook and the like is to not alter signs where the first line of the sign is something within square brackets. (Usually square brackets, though I've seen other brackets used.)
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    @Kainzo : Yeah you're maybe right :p
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    Perhaps those plugins should simply ignore colors?
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    I have to agree with Dutchy here. I can't fix my plugin so it checks for every possible text combination that another plugin uses.

    Notify the creator of your broken plugins and tell them to do this in their code:

    import org.bukkit.ChatColor;
    // Read text from the sign
    String[] lines = sign.getLines();
    // Just loop over all the lines
    for (String line : lines) {
    // When you're processing each single line to check for a pattern or something, strip chatcolors first like this:
    String lineWithoutColour = ChatColor.stripColor(l);
    // Then do further processing using the lineWithoutColour variable
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    Very Nice. Only one Problem I've had with it though. Whenever I make something on Craftbook ex. A Gate When I or someone else accidentally presses keys 1-9 or uses their scroll wheel. The Gate no longer works with that sign. Not sure if this is your problem or Craftbook's.
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    I can do this, as long as you can ensure that when adding color codes you don't truncate the actual text of a sign.

    This would be very bad for security plugins if there is text removed, as signs only have 15 characters per line. (Text of signs are truncated to 15 chars when the server is stopped and reloaded.) Do you check for this already?
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    We currently do not check for the length of the line. A color code is two characters, so I'll put this on the todo list to check for line.length() <= 13.
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    Oh, by the way, you might want to make sure that line.length() > 0 as well, if you don't already.
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    Lockette 1.3 now strips color codes from the signs it uses~
  21. Serious? This is a mod that changes the color of a sign. Why would it need any kind of a database? If every mod used SQL half the servers would lag a lot, and the other half would close down - even some large Hosting companies don't support mySQL. Even for a mod that stores data, such as player settings, would be best done flatfile and only something expecting over 10,000 transactions regularly would even benefit from SQL.
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    Would be awesome if the plugin kept track of who placed the signs and only allowed the owner of the sign to change the color. HashMap that dumps to flatfile would be ideal.
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    Unlikely that we will build this. For one simple reason: it's very easy to get around this restriction by breaking the sign and placing a new one.
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    o true. lol. Permissions would be fantastic
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    Updated to recommended build.

    Edit: you can now set the color of each line seperately by sneaking and pressing the line number (Shift+1 through Shift+4). Press any other number to select all lines.
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    Nice work, seems perfectly compatible with Lockette now. :3
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    Will this work if I update to craftbukkit 602?
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    Tested to be working with 617 :)

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